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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is a HIDDEN PORTAL which opens at JABALQAF/QOHEQAF...
  2. asSalaam alaikum... hey i am a 'sister' under username-EndTimesCodes... little busy nowadays... but soon join ur post soon... inshaAllaah... if u really want i may share that secret location/kingdom of Imam Ali (as) or Zulqarnain/Khidr... with u
  3. asSalaam; i know about that location... please go through my research post about this topic... i have been looking for someone who is really truly deeply interested in knowing that location.
  4. Its the END OF TIMES so we the Ummah needs to realise atleast now that we all have one common ENEMY since the TIME of ADAM... and that is IBLEES... Ummah needs to stand together to fight against IBLEES and ofcourse against his most favourite DAJJAL... instead of becoming EMEMY's puppets and standing by their side knowingly or unknowingly... Ummah needs to ponder deep now considering how the signs of PLANET EARTH is manifesting itself day by day changing drastically.... and the signs of WORLD POLITICS fastly moving towards WORLD WAR 3... Ummah needs to remove the LOVE OF THIS W
  5. Since recently... thinking of my Death... brings a Smile on my Face... i think of White Dress n Perfume and a Special Meeting... as if it would be a Day of Eid for me... i myself wonder a bit how this gradual change of view took place inside me...
  6. In the End... our FREEWILL will be VICTORIOUS inshaAllaah Something happened 1400 years back between our Prophet (pbuh), Ahlelbayt (pbut) and Sahabas... but we were not there... Today we read/heard both sides of the story the Sunni side... the Shia side... And yes everybody claims they follow the Prophet (pbuh) the best... Only difference is... Few of us CHOSE to stand by the Ahlelbayt of Prophet (bpuh) recognising the conspiracy of the majority Sahabas and Many of us CHOSE to stand by the majority Sahabas of Prophet (pbuh) neglecting the status of Ahlelbayt of
  7. And i agree... saying as 'supporting' the Declaration of Prophethood is better than saying 'converting' to Islam.
  8. Correct. Everything that the 'City of Knowledge' knows then its 'Gate' knows too. Infact recently i watched in brother Mohamed Moussa's (Eleyoun) video that when Angel Jibraeel came with the first Revelation to our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) it was Jibraeel who was feeling uneasy to reveal the Ayah. Actually he was our Prophet (pbuh) who said 'Iqra/Recite' to Jibraeel and not the vice versa. Then Jibraeel recited further easily.
  9. You said that you know the answers to these misconceptions but you dont know how to approach them... Anyways beautiful answers are already provided to you here above. I am going through this same situation in my life. But my some Shia friends has suggested me not to approach them (family) at all if you foresee more chances of your life becoming worse within your family after that. So you must calculate this first. And in your case if you are sure that they are a good listener and there is more chances of them to change their mind when you try to explain those misconceptions th
  10. I am an Ex-Sunni too... I too had heard this Sunni Scholars saying Imam Ali as first in the list of Children... And my Hikmat used to laugh on those Sunni Scholars even when i was a Sunni then.
  11. EXAMPLES OF IMAM'S Inter Worlds Travel in less than Blink of an Eye... From Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Isa, from Al-Husain bin Saeed, from Muhammad bin Abi Umair, from Abi Ayub Ibrahim bin Usman Al-Khazaz, from Aban bin Taghlub who said: "I was in the presence of Abi Abdillah (Imam Sadiq) (as), when a man from Yemen came up to Him. Imam (as) said to him, "O Yemeny brother, are there scholars among you?" He said, "Yes". Imam (as) said, "What do your scholars achieve from their knowledge?" He said, "He travels in one night the travel distance of two months of t
  12. I wonder why shias scoff at that notion??? Imam Ali (as) after every Fajar Salaat used to visit JabalQaf in less than the blink of an Eye which is actually at a distance of 5 years from Al Madinah. FYI at JabalQaf there is a KINGDOM OF IMAM ALI (as). Narration by Salman al Farsi (as) [https://hubeali.com/books/English-Books/TafseerHub-e-Ali/CH18_SuraAlKahf_Verses83-110.pdf]
  13. so true... i agree with both of you... being an ex Sunni i have experienced the same too
  14. sorry... i meant only for videos available on their Eleyoun English site
  15. all his videos/lectures are worth to watch. everytime i watch his new video/lecture i feel surprised and feel more close to hidden secrets of islamic knowledge.
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