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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. w/salaam. I am back here, the author a lady, named Zahra Khan. And alhamdulillaah in good condition. Yes I already do know/agree that Al Zulqarnain is the Cyrus himself. And all the things I have discovered in my research DO NOT contradict the above narration by Hzrt Salman Al Farsi and information of Cyrus as well. Infact I assume any researcher who is interested on this topic wont be able find succes without this narration by Hzrt Salman Al Farsi. Yes I have enough evidents and yes my post was intended to reach some Shia Scholars for verification via/with the help of some interested members on this forum. Unfortunately I am finding reaching a Shia Scholar all by myself a task next to impossible. Forget about verification of my researchwork. Sadly, most of the time all I have been doing after my this post is explaining myself to the forum members who are questioning my work itself. If Allaah wills and I reach some Shia Scholar and if he approves my research and permits me to publish it I will inshaAllaah inform you all. Till today, few of the trustworthy Shia friends I have shared my research with all of them have advised me to be patient enough till the right time, since they too felt that its a very 'HUSH HUSH' thing I have discovered; and I can’t describe it in more words.
  2. Salamu Aleykum! Hi do you know how I can contact you! Please 

    1. EndTimesCodes


      w/salaam brother how can i help u?


  3. There is a HIDDEN PORTAL which opens at JABALQAF/QOHEQAF...
  4. asSalaam alaikum... hey i am a 'sister' under username-EndTimesCodes... little busy nowadays... but soon join ur post soon... inshaAllaah... if u really want i may share that secret location/kingdom of Imam Ali (as) or Zulqarnain/Khidr... with u
  5. asSalaam; i know about that location... please go through my research post about this topic... i have been looking for someone who is really truly deeply interested in knowing that location.
  6. asSalaam alaikum all... Following is the whole big narration with the help of which i did my researchwork and i am still in search of a Shia Researcher to verify my work... i again request to members on this forum please help by discussing/sharing about this topic to your Seniors/Professors/Researchers if you know of who might be really truly interested in this work... after all its a matter of KINGDOM OF IMAM ALI (as) on this PLANET EARTH hidden in our plain sight... where there is JABALQAF which is a true originator of all EATHQUAKES of the EARTH, 2 VALLEYS OF YAJUJ MAJUJ's BARRIER where Yajuj Majuj the powerful creations which are NOT FROM ADAM are barred underground , AL KHIDR's LOCATION, and also where there is that real RISING and SETTING place of the SUN which Quran talks about... and much more mysteries... here is that narration... And one of our Imamiya scholars has reported in a book of his called Manhaj Al Tehqeeq Ila Sawa’ Al Tareeq, (It has been narrated) from Salman Al-Farsy as having said, ‘We were seated with Amir-ul-Momineen asws at his house when they (the people) pledged their allegiances to Umar Bin Al-Khattab. It was I, and Al-Hassan asws, and Al-Husayn asws, and Muhammad Bin Hanafiyya, and Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr, and Ammar Bin Yaasir, and Al-Miqdad Bin Al-Aswad Al-Kindy as. So his son Al-Hassan asws said to him : ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws, Suleyman as asked his as Lord azwj for a Kingdom which was not befitting for anyone after him, so he was Given that. So do you possess from what Sulayman as Bin Dawood possessed?’ So he said: ‘By the One Who Split the seed and Formed the person, Sulayman Bin Dawood as asked Allah azwj Mighty and Majestic for the Kingdom, so He azwj Gave it to him, and your father possesses what no one possesses after Rasool-Allah saww, before him, nor will anyone possess after him’. So Al-Hassan asws said: ‘We would like you to show us from what Allah azwj has Graced you with, from the prestige’. So he said: ‘I shall do it, if Allah azwj so Desires it’. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws stood up, performed ablution and Prayed two Cycles, and supplicated to Allah azwj Mighty and Majestic with a supplication, which no one understood. Then he gestured towards the West. So it was not long before a Cloud came across, and stopped at the House. And by its side was another Cloud. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘O you cloud! Descend by the Permission of Allah azwj!’ So it descended, and it was saying, ‘There is no god except for Allah azwj, and that Muhammad is Rasool-Allah saww, and you are his Caliph and his Successor. The one doubts regarding you has strayed from the way of the Salvation’. Then the cloud stuck to the ground as if it was a sticky mat. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘Be seated upon the Cloud!’ So we sat upon it, and it took us from our places. Then he gestured towards the other Cloud, so it descended, and it was saying the speech of the first Cloud, and Amir-ul-Momineen asws seated himself upon it, then spoke some words, and gestured to the two Clouds to travel towards the West. So it was the wind, which entered underneath the two Clouds, and it raised the two Clouds along with their passengers. We swayed towards Amir-ul-Momineen asws and saw him seated upon a Chair, and the Light was radiating from his face, and his face was more radiant than the Moon’. So Al-Hassan asws said: ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! Sulayman Bin Dawood as was obeyed due to his Ring, and with what does Amir-ul-Momineen asws get obeyed?’ So he said: ‘I am the Eyes of Allah azwj in His Earth, and His Speaking Tongue among His Creatures, and I am the Light of Allah azwj which does not get extinguished. I am the Door, which comes from Him, and a Proof over His Creatures’. Then he said: ‘Would you all like me to show you the Ring of Sulayman Bin Dawood as?’ We said, ‘Yes’. So he entered his hand into his pocket, and brought out a ring of Gold, embedded with Red Sapphire, upon which was inscribed: ‘Muhammad saww and Ali asws’. Salman as said, ‘We were astounded from that’. So he said: ‘From which thing are you astounded? And what is so strange from my example? I will show you all today, what no one else would ever see’. So Al-Hassan asws said: ‘I want you to show us Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog), and the Barrier which is in between us and them’. So the wind came underneath the cloud, and we hears its bang like the bang of the Thunder, and it floated in the Air, and Amir-ul-Momineen was in front of us, until we ended up to a Mountain which was lofty in its height. And there was a Tree the leaves of which had fallen off, and its branches had dried up. So Al-Hassan asws said: ‘What is the matter with this tree which had dried up?’ So he said to him: ‘Ask it, for it would answer you’. So Al-Hassan asws said: ‘O you tree!‘What is the matter with this tree which had dried up?’ So he said to him: ‘Ask it, for it would answer you’. So Al-Hassan asws said: ‘O you tree! What is the matter with you, and what has happened with you what we see from the drought?’ But it did not answer him. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘But why are you not answering him?’ The narrator said, ‘By Allah azwj! We heard it saying, ‘At your service! At your service! O Successor of Rasool-Allah saww and his Caliph!’ Then it said, ‘O Abu Muhammad asws! Your father Amir-ul-Momineen asws comes to me every Night at the time of Dawn, and Pray two Cycles in my presence, and with abundant Glorification. So when he is free from his supplication, a white cloud comes to him, blowing out from it the Aroma of Musk, and upon it is a Chair, so he sits himself upon it so travel by it. So I was alive by his presence and his Blessings. This has been cut off from me for forty days, so this is the reason what you are seeing from me’. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws stood up, and Prayed two Cycles, and wiped his hand upon it. So it became Green and returned to its (previous) condition’. And he ordered the wind, so it went with us, and we were with an Angel whose one hand is in the West, and the other, in the East. So when the Angel look at Amir-ul-Momineen asws, he said, ‘I testify that there is no god except for Allah azwj, One with no associates to Him azwj, and I testify that Muhammad saww is His azwj servant and His azwj Rasool saww. He azwj Sent him with the Guidance and the Religion of the Truth, so that He azwj may Make it to prevail over all the Religion even though the Polytheists may be averse to it. And I testify that you are his successor, and his true Caliph, truly’. So I said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! Who is this one whose one hand is in the west, and the other hand is in the east?’ So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘This is the Angel whom Allah azwj the High has Made responsible (to bring in) the darkness of the night and the brightness of the day, and he will not stop until the Day of Judgement. And that Allah azwj the High has Made the Command of the world for me, and that the deeds of the servants as presented to me during every day, then these are raised to Allah azwj the High’. Then we went until we paused upon the barrier of Gog and Magog. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said to the wind: ‘Descend with us from what follows this mountain’, and he gestured by his hand to a mountain which was lofty in its height, and it was the mountain of Al-Khizr as. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘O Abu Muhammad asws! I am the Master of this matter over these servants’. Salman said, ‘So I saw three types (of people) – the length of one of them was of one hundred and twenty cubit; and the second, each one of them was of sixty cubits; and third, they (had such large ears that) they lie down upon one of their ears using it as a bed, and cover themselves with the other ear’. Then Amir-ul-Momineen asws ordered the wind, so it went with us to Mount Qaf. So we ended up at it, and it was emrald green, and over it was an Angel of the image of an Eagle. Then he looked at Amir-ul-Momineen asws. The Angel said, ‘Peace be upon you, O Successor of the Rasool of the Lord of the Worlds, and his Caliph, do you permit me regarding the response?’ So he responded, and said to him: ‘If you wish, speak, and if you so wish, I shall inform you about what you are to ask me about’. So the Angel said, ‘But, you should be speaking, O Amir-ul-Momineen asws’. He said: ‘You want, that I should allow you to visit Al-Khizr as’. So he said, ‘Yes’. He said: ‘I have allowed you’. So the Angel ascended after it said, ‘In the Name of Allah azwj the Beneficent, the Merciful’. Then we strolled to the mountain pleasantly, and there was the Angel who had returned to his place after having visited Al-Khizr as. So Salman as said: ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! I saw that the Angel did not visit Al-Khizr as unless he had taken your permission?’ So he said: ‘By the One Who Raised the sky without any pillars, if one of them aspired to disappear from its place for a single breath, it would not do so until I permit it. And similar to that is condition of my son Al-Hassan asws, and after him, of Al-Husayn asws, and nine from the sons of Al-Husayn asws, the ninth of them being Al-Qaim asws’. So we said, ‘What is the name of the Angel allocated to Qaf?’ So he said: ‘Tarjaeel’. So we said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! How do you come to this place every night and return?’ So he said: ‘Just as I have come with you all. By the One Who Split the seed and Formed the person, I own the Kingdoms of the Skies and the Earth. What if you were to know some of it, you would not be able to bear it in your minds. The Magnificent Names of Allah azwj are seventy-three Letters, and in the possession of Aasif Bin Barkhiya was one Letter. So he spoke by it, and Allah azwj the High Submerged what was between him and the throne of Bilquees, due to it, until he grabbed the bed. Then the earth returned to what it was, quicker than the blink of an eye. And in our possession by Allah azwj are seventy-two letters, and one Letter is with Allah azwj the High, by which He azwj Accounts for in the Hidden Knowledge. And there is no Power and no Strength except by Allah azwj, the High, the Magnificent. The one who recognises us, recognises us, and the one who denies us, denies us’. Then he stood up, and we stood up, and there was a young man in the mountain Praying in between two graves. So we said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! Who is this young man?’ So he said: ‘Salih as, the Prophet. And these two graves are of his mother and his father, and he worship Allah azwj in between the two. So when Salih as looked at him, he could not control himself until he wept, and gestured by his hand towards Amir-ul-Momineen asws. Then he returned to his Prayer and he was weeping. So Amir-ul-Momineen asws paused in his presence until he was free from his Prayer. So we said to him, ‘What makes you to weep?’ So Salih as said: ‘Amir-ul-Momineen asws was passing by me every day, so he sat, and my worship increased by looking at him. That has been cut-off from me for the past ten days, so that worried me’. We were astounded from that. So he said: ‘Do you all want me to show you Sulayman as Bin Dawood as?’ So we said, ‘Yes’. So he stood up, and we stood up with him. So he entered with us into an orchard, which we had never seen one more better than it. And in it were all the fruits and the grapes, and rivers flowing, and birds chirping upon the trees. So when the birds saw him, they came fluttering around him until we were in the middle of the orchard. And there was a couch upon which was a young man, reclining upon his back, and his hands were placed upon his chest. So Amir-ul-Momineen brought out the ring from his pocket, and made it to be in the finger of Sulayman as. So he got up and said: ‘Peace be upon you, O Amir-ul-Momineen asws, and Successor of the Rasool saww of the Lord of the Worlds. By Allah azwj! You are the greatest truthful, and the magnificent distributor. The one who attaches himself to you has succeeded, and disappoint is the one who opposes you. And I asked Allah azwj the High by you the People of the Household, so I was Given that Kingdom’. Salman as said, ‘So when we heard the speech of Sulayman as Bin Dawood as, I could not control myself until I fell down at the feet of Amir-ul-Momineen asws, kissing them. And I Praised Allah azwj the High for the abundance of His Grace, and for His Gift of the Wilayah of the People of the Household, the ones from whom Allah azwj has Kept away the uncleannesss and Purified them with a Purifying. And my companions did what I did. Then I asked Amir-ul-Momineen asws, ‘And what did he say afterwards?’ He said: ‘After it is the knowledge which did not arrive (known) to you’. So we said, ‘Can you teach us that, O Amir-ul-Momineen asws?’ So he said: ‘My knowledge, after it, is like my knowledge of the condition of this world and what is in it’. And I am the protector, the witness over it, after Rasool-Allah saww, and similar to that are the successor from my sons’. Then he said: ‘I am more aware of the ways of the skies than the ways of the earth. We are the Names, which are the hidden treasures. We are the beautiful Names by which if Allah azwj is asked by, gets Answered. We are the Names, which are inscribed upon the Throne, and the Chair, and the Paradise and the Fire. And it is from us that the Angels learnt the Glorification and the Sanctification, and the Oneness, and the Extollations of the Holiness and the Greatness. And we are the Words, which Adam received from his Lord, so He Turned to him’. He said: ‘Do you all want me to show you a stange (thing)?’ We said, ‘Yes’. He said: ‘Close your eyes’. So we closed them. Then he said: ‘Open them!’ So we opened them, and we were in a city, which we had not seen greater than it. The markets had been established in it, and there were people therein which we had not seen creatures greater than them, tall as the palm tree. We said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! Who are they?’ He said: ‘Remnants of the people of Aad. Infidels, not believing in Allah azwj the High. I liked it that I should show them to you. And this is the city and its people. I want to destroy them and they are not aware of it’. We said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! You will destroy them without a Proof?’ He said: ‘No, but, by the Proof against them’. He approached them, and appeared to them, so they undersood that he would be killing them. And we could see them, and they could see us. Then he distanced himself from them, and approached us. Then he wiped his hand upon our chests, and we were shocked. Salman as said, ‘We thought that the earth had overturned, and the sky had fallen, and that the lightning which was in it has gone out. So, not a single one of them remained in that time. We said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! What did Allah azwj do with them?’ He said: ‘Destroyed, and all of them have gone into the Fire’. We said, ‘This is a miracle which we have neither seen nor heard the like of it’. So he said: ‘Do you all want me to show you (something) stranger than that?’ We said, ‘No! We cannot tolerate the effects of another thing. Thus, upon the one who does not befriend you, and believe in your merits, and the greatness of your worth in the Presence of Allah azwj the High, be Curses of Allah azwj, and the Curses of the cursers, and the people, and the Angels altogether up to the Day of the Religion (Judgement)’. Then we asked him about the return journey back to our homelands, so he said: ‘I shall do that, if Allah azwj the High so Desires it’. And he gestured to the two clouds, so they approached us. So he said: ‘Take your places (upon these)’. So we sat upon one cloud, and he sat upon the other, and ordered the wind, so it carried us until we went in the air, to the extent that we saw the Earth like the Dirham (coin). Then these descended us in the house of Amir-ul-Momineen asws, in less than the blink of the eye. And we had reached Al-Medina at the time of Al-Zohar, and the Caller was making the call (for Prayer), and we had gone out from it at the time of the emergence of the Sun. So I said, ‘To Allah azwj are the wonders! We were at the Mount Qaf which is of the travel distance of five years, and we returned in five hours of the day?' So Amir-ul-Momineen asws said: ‘If I had wanted to, I could go through the world and the seven skies easily and return in less than a blink, I can do so, with what is in my possession from the Magnificent Names of Allah azwj’. So we said, ‘O Amir-ul-Momineen asws! By Allah azwj, you are the Great Sign, and the remarkable miracle, after your brother and son of your uncle, Rasool-Allah (saww)
  7. Its the END OF TIMES so we the Ummah needs to realise atleast now that we all have one common ENEMY since the TIME of ADAM... and that is IBLEES... Ummah needs to stand together to fight against IBLEES and ofcourse against his most favourite DAJJAL... instead of becoming EMEMY's puppets and standing by their side knowingly or unknowingly... Ummah needs to ponder deep now considering how the signs of PLANET EARTH is manifesting itself day by day changing drastically.... and the signs of WORLD POLITICS fastly moving towards WORLD WAR 3... Ummah needs to remove the LOVE OF THIS WORLD from their HEARTS and must ponder why they were sent by ALLAAH in the END OF TIMES and why they were sent as the UMMATI OF LAST OF ALL THE PROPHETS... Ummah needs to THINK and ACT accordingly how they can do their BEST in this HOLY ISLAMIC MISSION atleast for the sake of some VERSES OF QURAN which GUIDES us towards UNITY... if they have even little WISDOM and WILL... Ummah needs to acknowledge themselves their common ENEMY OF THE TIME... so that they can work/strive with unity under ONE BANNER of IMAM OF THE TIME... IMAM MAHDI (as) who will revive the ISLAM....
  8. Since recently... thinking of my Death... brings a Smile on my Face... i think of White Dress n Perfume and a Special Meeting... as if it would be a Day of Eid for me... i myself wonder a bit how this gradual change of view took place inside me...
  9. In the End... our FREEWILL will be VICTORIOUS inshaAllaah Something happened 1400 years back between our Prophet (pbuh), Ahlelbayt (pbut) and Sahabas... but we were not there... Today we read/heard both sides of the story the Sunni side... the Shia side... And yes everybody claims they follow the Prophet (pbuh) the best... Only difference is... Few of us CHOSE to stand by the Ahlelbayt of Prophet (bpuh) recognising the conspiracy of the majority Sahabas and Many of us CHOSE to stand by the majority Sahabas of Prophet (pbuh) neglecting the status of Ahlelbayt of Prophet (pbuh) CHOICE is/was always ours... FREEWILL was created for a REASON. AQL n FREEWILL of SHIAS will be justified on the Day of Judgement... inshaAllaah... So dont be confuse and bother yourself... take it easy... More n more Sunnis are choosing Shia Islam by their FREEWILL... its so inspiring... Those who are born Shias may not understand the state of mind the Sunni to Shia reverts go through. The moment we revert to Shia Islam first thing we wish in our life is that may our Family/Friends should revert to Shia/ Truth too. And this wish gives us sleepless nights too. Everybody wish to see their Parents and Siblings in Jannat too. - Ex-Sunni
  10. And i agree... saying as 'supporting' the Declaration of Prophethood is better than saying 'converting' to Islam.
  11. Correct. Everything that the 'City of Knowledge' knows then its 'Gate' knows too. Infact recently i watched in brother Mohamed Moussa's (Eleyoun) video that when Angel Jibraeel came with the first Revelation to our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) it was Jibraeel who was feeling uneasy to reveal the Ayah. Actually he was our Prophet (pbuh) who said 'Iqra/Recite' to Jibraeel and not the vice versa. Then Jibraeel recited further easily.
  12. I have found this Hadees from Sunni Website about Al Sufyani. Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: "The coming out of Sufyani is after 39." (Nuaim bin Hammad's Kitab Al Fitan) I have no idea if its available in Shia Source too. Kindly let me know. Even Yes or No reply would be helpful too.
  13. You said that you know the answers to these misconceptions but you dont know how to approach them... Anyways beautiful answers are already provided to you here above. I am going through this same situation in my life. But my some Shia friends has suggested me not to approach them (family) at all if you foresee more chances of your life becoming worse within your family after that. So you must calculate this first. And in your case if you are sure that they are a good listener and there is more chances of them to change their mind when you try to explain those misconceptions then only go for your good deed of fixing.
  14. I am an Ex-Sunni too... I too had heard this Sunni Scholars saying Imam Ali as first in the list of Children... And my Hikmat used to laugh on those Sunni Scholars even when i was a Sunni then.
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