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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam Alaikum,

    There is a group of volunteers who subtitles Shia lectures, the YouTube link is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEgIPLYOKQgvDHCbIFWr_-Q

    Also, to be updated when there is a new subtitled lecture, you can follow them via their social media:

    - Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: ShiaAccess

    I hope you will find it useful and please share to promote awareness,


  2. Salam Aleikum not really! Because I am converted from catholic to shia. No matter christians or muslimes. That are the same without difference! You think that is typical way of Muslime! That isnt true! It depends serious on character of people! All what I respond to your asking that is common and true! I know some christians people whether man or woman with strong character loves the another with sickness or disability! What has that got to do with anything? Muslime or Christian back and forth? You want to know about that and I give you respond as woman first then as believer or Muslima whatever you want to mention. It is a fact that you arent the person who think in this way because you cant imagine to love anyone with serious sickness or disability. Really it isnt my place to say like that. It is ok that you cant accept that. Each to their own! But my next respond is my way as Muslime in this case then I see christians and muslimes have the same aim to pray to God / Allah to give effort going to paradise after death. I say always looking isnt everything because I know about what I talk because woman or man want to marry the "perfect" partner. The most imagined partner physically is hollow without content and with increased age beauty will go away. Empty and meaningless but character is for long life. It depends on of view of anyone to see in his partner. I can maintain that every woman is special on his kind by way of Allah! Allah swt. hasnt created for nothing. We shall see the way Allah does first. Subhana-illah! Wasalam forgive me!
  3. Salam Aleikum I dont care about that whether my husband has medical issue or ability. Really on this earth nobody is perfect. I admire strong woman and man who marry someone with medical issue or disability but because of special character. In this life we all have to go through all lessons and obstacles. Everything in this life is like light or heavy examination which we have to try to pass. Allah swt. test how much we give effort with our good action. I am disabled too and my husband know my disability but he dont care about my disability and loves me so as I am. It is very important for him that he can share with me the same faith to Allah swt.! That is why he wanted to marry me. My husband and I understand each other very good. He never let me feel I am disabled. I am precious for him. He loves to be my husband forever. He is proud to have me as his muslima wife. Really no matter before or after. It is always in this marriage that his partner get disablity or heavy serious sickness. Or of heavy disabled kid and so further! Or the husband got serious accident where his face is defaced forever. Alot of partner went away therefore and cant manage such obstacles. That is never love! That is why asking isnt before marriage! Marriage is the serious meaning for good and bad time so and sickness! Marriage isnt like only sunrise! Alot of obstacles will come through all marriage between man and woman! Before man and woman want to get wed they shall consider thorough whether they will manage big serious obstacles or not! That is the same issue before and after marriage! Honesty and trust so as the love together are the most important condition for marriage between man and woman! Just in paradise we all will be perfect without errors and issues! Allah swt. will reward us if we give much effort to do the best for our lives in this earth! Subhana-illah! Wasalam
  4. Salam Aleikum yes the way of Allah is inscrutable. We all dont grasp why now or in the beginning for example Muslime since birth or later than as adult like you and me and another converted Sisters and Brothers. I had imagined the another way about Islam but I was dísabused by my husband. He had teached me what is Islam really? I was very impressed and wanted to know more about Islam. I never had thought I would convert from catholic church to Shia Muslima. When I look back to my past I never get how and why it is going now and not before. I really wish I could come into contact with Islam more earlier. But Allah had shown me the way to Islam by my husband. I thank Allah for this way even if later. Really I had collected alot experiences as related to religion. I want to extend my knowledge about Islam and especially Shia. That will and is my way now and in future! Subhana-illah! Wasalam
  5. Salam Aleikum thank you for this very interesting link dear Sister. I could read 8 actually Marjas. But some links of Marjas cant open. For example about Sayyed Shirazi. I dont know the reason. I will study further. How I can compare Marjas with Fatwas? What you would advise me to do first? To brother Reza: It is interesting that your Marja Shirazi is the most knowledgeable and learned. Might you have his own site where I can read his Fatwas? Or information or report? Alhamdullilah!
  6. Salam Aleikum thank you for your link! Very informativ! I didnt know exactly story of Abraham. Very interesting! Good to know! I can share this story of Abraham my friends and my kids. I see where progery from Abraham were going. Sara with Isaak and Hagar with Ismael! Everything rooted Arabian and Jews. Mohammad from Ismael and Jesus from Isaak. Allah swt. will reward you dear brother! Wasalam
  7. Salam Aleikum ok I try to explain what I mean with the asking. I mean every Muslime / Muslima follows to own Marja for example Sayedd Sistani or Sayedd Khamenei or another Marja. There are 8 Marjas. Every Muslime shall decide for his Marja and if Muslime had decided for certaintely Marja. Why this decision for this Marja? What this certaintely Marja has feature which convince Muslime for his Marja? It is difficult to write in right English. I will ask Muslime Brother to translate my German in English! I hope you understand now! Wasalam forgive me!
  8. Salam Aleikum yes sure Sayedd Sistani is the most knowledgeable. But it are maybe another reason for those choice for Sistani? I am interesting to extend my know about Marja. Might sister and brother tell me about her / his Marja! That would be nice to know near change of views here. For example I had heard from deaf sister why she had decided for Khamenei because of very strict rules same with her deaf husband. I had thought Khamenei isnt much stricht with rules because I had read sometimes good and touching stories about him. I like his stories and had imagined him as gracious and humble man. Maybe I will get occasion to know more about Sistani because I want to take Sistani as my Marja because of my husband. It is simple to discuss or talk with my husband about the same Marja. I hope to get opportunitiy to learn about different Marjas through Forum here. Wasalam
  9. Salam Aleikum thank you your advisement with choice of own Marja! My own husband follows Sayedd Sistani and I thought I could do the same as my own husband. But my own husband meant I shall take little time to study actually Marjas to decide better. It is very difficult for me to decide for Marja. At the moment I would decide for Sistani and will study the another Marja Khameni. You had written there are 4 different actually Marjas? Really? I thought actually in the world are 8 Marjas? Can you call such name of acutally Marjas? Wasalam
  10. Salam Aleikum yes I am bavarian woman! Ja ich bin eine bayerische Frau! Bavaria is a very nice country of Germany! Bayern ist ein sehr schönes Land in Deutschland. Yes I had changed my name! My name was in arabian letters. I have big issue to log in to this forum. Therefore I wasnt here since long time till last week. I had begged webmaster to change my name because of arabian name. Ja ich habe meinen Namen geändet. Mein Name war in arabische Buchstaben. Ich hatte großes Problem beim Einloggen in diesem Forum. Deshalb war ich lang nicht hier bis vor einer Woche. Ich hatte dem Administrator gebetet, meinen Namen wegen dem arabischen Namen zu ändern. Yes Munich is very nice and I am there two or tree times a week. Ja München ist sehr schön und ich bin dort zwei- oder dreimal die Woche. Oh you are German too and are converted too. Very nice! Welcome! You are brother or sister? Oh Du bist auch ein Deutscher und konvertiert. Oh yes I have alot questions. Because you are converted too, I want to know about Marja! At the moment I am busy to search for my own Marja! How long you had taken till you had decided to choice your Marja and why? My own husband follows Marja Sayed Sistani! And you? Oh ja ich habe viele Fragen. Weil Du auch konvertiert bist, möchte ich über Marja wissen! Im Moment bin ich beschäftigt nach meinem Marja zu suchen. Wie lange hast Du gebraucht bis Du Deinen Marja gewählt hast und warum? Mein eigener Ehemann folgt Marja Sayed Sistani! Und Du? Waslam
  11. Salam Aleikum I want to know what kind of Marja you follow and why? There are different Marjas, actually 8 Marjas. I am on search for my own Marja but I dont know to choice my own Marja. Maybe I shall use the same Marja as my own husband. He follows Sayedd Sistani. I havent hear about him but the most about Khamenei. It would be very interesting to know what kind Marja is yours and why? Wasalam forgive me!
  12. Salam Aleikum thank you for this link! That is very great but I dont live in Hamburg! Unfortuntately! I live in south germany close to border of Austria! Not far away from Munich! Such informations to know are precious always! Subhana-illah! Wasalam!
  13. Salam Aleikum my positive experiences are drinking alot WATER! That is the best and the most important advisement which I can give you and another brothers and sisters! It is very important too to aviod carbohydrates especially WHEAT, RICE!!! Potatoes are very good but it shall eaten natural without fat! Meat and vegetable are very good and give you alot protein for burning of fat in your body! And sugar isnt good for your body! Better you take honey if you want to have little sweet. That is good but you need to save it! And the another point is important too you need to move little. Every day just 5 minutes gym! It will help you to be fit and to help your body with burning! You will lose your weight on every case! I lost alot weight to make this diet! Very good! It is challenge to avoid WHEAT and SUGAR!! MMight Allah swt. with you! I wish you good luck with losing of your weight! If you have some asking let me know I will respond you of course! Alhamdullilah! Wasalam
  14. Salam Aleikum thank you for your concern! I thank Allah swt. that it was going well with everything. We had spent Xmas very nice and we had eaten first German Dish. Later we had handing out of presents at Christmas. Girls were thrilled about gifts and my husband and I just wanted the joy for girls. My brother was coming to us and my husband talked alot with my brother. Very nice conversations full of laughing and understanding. I was very happy about development because my husband and my brother liked each other and are similar in their kind! That was why they understood each other naturally. Thank Allah I have very nice understanding brother. I am very sure he will understand my decision to be Muslima and he will support me with my bigotted parent. Insallah! I will need little time with coming out and I need really little time because I want to pray to Allah swt. alot to give me courage to go this way. Subhana-ilah! Wasalam
  15. Salam Aleikum I had taken little time to give you respond of your first asking and had begged brother to help me with translation from German in English. Really your asking is very old since manhood. Everyone ask the same as you and all brothers and sisters about Universe! I have three different aspects: Human Aspect In your childhood, did you not have the feeling that you were not alone. That there was something to which you could turn to? I did have that feeling and even more. Before I knew what Islam was, I knew there was an Almighty who watched everything. As I child I wanted things, the Question, however, was to whom should I turn to for my wishes? To my parents - No! To my relatives - No! To a human being - No! All by myself, with no one close to me, have I uttered my wishes. Sort of self-talk, I have instinctiveley placed my wishes to someone I didnt know. It wasnt someone with a form, it was someone in my heart. Something told me that there was something I could turn to, someone with whom I could feel safe and find relief. It was a friend, a protector, whom I didnt know. Often before I went to bed I would think of me and about a higher power who would fullfill my wishes. Have you ever looked up to the sky and asked yourself if someone was looking at you from up there in heaven? Whether there is something, that in itself is invisible, but sees you and stays with you, even though you cant see or know what it is - except to a small extent. Where does this instinct come from, the idea that you could turn to this Unseen that you can neither see nor experience? It is hidden deep inside every human being. It just needs to be awakened. Cultural Aspect Several other things occurred to me with the passage of time and as things developd. And no matter what their origin, why do people feel the need to submit to something higher, to bow down to Him and turn to Him in full submission and hope. There are many religions on earth, all striving to serve this higher authority, to please Him, to submit to Him and to make Him happy. Where does this impuls come from? It is rooted deep in our hearts, it is part of our being. We are fortunate, however, to have the good fortune to receive His revelation and the right path - Islam. Perhaps other religions have been born out of man°s despair, as they didnt know exactly who to turn to. Thus they invented their gods and their religion. What I find interesting is that all religions have so much in common. Indians, Incas, Aztecs, Hindus, Nords, Buddhists and simple people - they all speak of life ater death, all believe in it. Is that just a coincence? Another part of these religions is the soul and the pursuit of something better. Coincidence again? The existence of Paradise or for that matter a place where man can find his rest. Just a coincidence? The existence of other beings - Jinns for us, spirits and demons for others. Is that a coincidence? That sould be enough for now (otherwise it will be a bit too much) Scientific Aspect It is really possible that the natural constellations that exisit on our planet today are just a freak of nature? How is it possible that the eco-system would be so dependent on all living specis? Every single species helps nature find its balance. If a species were to die out, man will have to face considerable problems. Why indeed? Everything has a place in the order of things. Everything has a sense. Looking at the constellations that surround our earth in space, you can see straight away that we are very lucky. Or shall I say - Subhana-Ilah. Is it just chance that if the earth would to move little forward 1 cm just, the earth would burn. Is it just chance that if the earth was just a little bit bigger, we would be crushed? Is it just chance that if the earth were to stop rotating, we would be flattened? Is it just chance that if the earth were to move faster, the entire world would sink into chaos and we would have no place there? Is it just chance that if the moon was closer, the earth would sink in chaos? Is it just chance that if the moon was just a little further away, the earth would be all messed up? That is too many coincences really for it to be a coincidence at all. Why do the water not mix? Why aer they separate even though they have their borders? Why cant bumblebees fly? It they cant fly in according to laws of aerodynamics? How do the tectonic plates hold together? Is it really possible that they have acquired their capabilities all on their own? Is it just a series of coincidences holding everything in its place? And there are alot of other things and a lot to write about. How can it be that some animals help others? How can it be that there are plants that warn others of dangers and turn their sweet leaves bitter? How can it be that some plants protect some animals and in return the animals clean the plants. How can it be that animals grow their own food and produce them? Really all just an accident? Psycholigical Aspect Why do people look up to a Supreme Being when they need help. I once saw a program with a hidden camera. The victims were people of both the sexes and all ages. It was meant to scare people (I think it was in the USA or Mexico). That is what was done. In a much visited high rise, a stuntman was hanged and splattered with blood. The lift was so manipulated that he went down and never came up again. They were forced to get out and find their way up. The first person was young woman, scantily dressed with too much of her flesh for all to see. She didnt appear to be very religious. They way she behaved mad me think. When she saw that she coldnt get to the top, she knelt down and prayed. WHY?? This was repeated several times with the same result each time. Even a prostitute knelt down to pray. Regardless how we try to ignore Him, untilately we all turn to God. Psychologists have discovered that prostration has a soothing effect on people. If someone prostrates as Muslims do, he finds peace and refreshed. The feeling of depression is greatly reduced. Chance? There is a lot more to say and would make this post too big. That is what I would post here. You see there are interesting different aspects. I hope it will inspire to think about universe and God! The second asking is very difficult because I am German. It is forbidden to do that! I know you want to help to reduce much pain from your Mom. That is very good and honourable. In this forum you had got some advisement from brothers and sisters and will help you to decide better! Allah swt. will be with you in your difficutl time! Might Allah swt. give you strength! Alhamdullilah! Wasalam
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