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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Qa'im, she says yours was a typical muslim reply. You evaded many of the questions and didn't answer properly either. Apparently she read somewhere the prophet was lustful (astaghifrullah) towards Zayd's wife and married her because of it. You haven't answered regarding the 9 wives either. why marry 9 when only four are allowed? In fact many you haven't answered though you've asked me to google. I've told her I'd e-mail her since talking got us no where.
  2. No, haha. I sort of wish it was me. I'm easier to convince. But hard to convince out of the love for ahlalbayt and Mohammed. I gave her my username and the title of the question so she'll be checking it hopefully. Still, she's read these "reasons" before. Not sure if she meant all 566 of them.
  3. Salam sisters, thank you very much for your replies. All very useful. I will try as many as possible inshallah :D
  4. So my Christian friend has few questions. I tried answering some but think we just kept jumping from one topic to another. I don't know much enough to provide evidence and might have tossed to many "thinks" into the tank. I did it out of respect but it might have been mistaken for uncertainty. Guess I need to stop doing that. Anyhow, thought someone here might know more or be a little more persuasive. So the questions are the following: 1. Prophet's life. To her he seems sinful and couldn't be infallible nor a messenger of God. SOme of the questions she asked included: -Why did the prophet have 9 wives when we're only allowed 4? -Why have so many wives to begin with? -Why was there a whole chapter on the prophet taking Zayd's wife as his own if it's the word of God? It gives her suspicion that this was all made up by Mohammed (pbuh). -Why did the prophet kill? Killing is wrong. No one should kill let alone a messenger, even for self defence. Many prophets have killed, but they were all sinners. I tried to explain this but couldn't. Opinions and morality are different I suppose. I did say that we as human can know fact but need God to show us morale. Things that are based on opinions are taught to us by God, while facts are left for us to discover. Only He knows right from wrong. - My friend's opinion was that Jesus's disciples haven't killed anyone whilst spreading their message, why then did Mohammed (pbuh) need to kill? 2. She has read just over 200 pages of the Quran so far (English translation) and couldn't help but come up with a list of questions. -Why are there so many violent verses? Killing and the like - Why are there hateful comments towards Jews and Christians? I did mention those that are kind but my friend said she'd already known. She says she'd read that the prophet was first kind in spreading his message but once faced with opposition became forceful and aggressive. - The Quran mentions Jesus speaking while still in his cradle and later making a clay bird come to life. She says all these were gnostic tales. That Mohammed had overheard them among Jews and Christians and mistook them for their beliefs.The Quran also mentions Christians worshipping Jesus and Mary, long before some started doing so. So she says, the Quran (i.e.. our God) doesn't seem to know what the Jews and Christians believe in. - If the Quran is the word of God why doesn't it have any specific critic on what the Jews and Christians believe in? - Why isn't it specific in saying for example, that the visions seen by Paul James where all false or any other meaningful argument against what Christians believe in (quoted her) - Is the Quran context dependent? If so, how can it be if it's the word of God? If it's THE word of God it's meant to be for all people and for all nations. It's not supposed to lose meaning in translation. (I said this was her opinion, but it didn't seem convincing. Perhaps one of you can convince her?) - Why does the Quran say we believe in the same God when we don't? Trinity. Allah promised Jesus that his disciplines be successful in spreading the message. But the message the disciples sent was that Jesus was God and died for us on the cross. So how can this be? 3. Christianity, Bible, Torah and Muslims: - Why do Muslims believe bible was corrupted? If so, when, why and by whom? If it's before Mohammed why did the prophet put his hand on the Torah and Ingeel and say this was the word of God. If it's after Mohammed, then there are manuscripts (e.g. dead sea scrolls) that pre-date Mohammed that say Jesus had said he was God himself. 43% have the original manuscripts in the new testament, she said (the Christian friend). - If Muslims can reject that Jesus is God based on the assumption that the Torah and bible are corrupted, then the Christians can reject Mohammed on the basis of the following: Deuteronomy 18:20 "20'But the prophet who speaks a word presumptuously in My name which I have not commanded him to speak, or which he speaks in the name of other gods, that prophet shall die.' 21" - Muslims claim Mohammed was prophesied in the Bible and Torah to come, but no where did she find proof. Even if, how can this be if Muslims claim it was corrupted. (I said not all was corrupted. She said I couldn't accept what I agree with and reject all I disagree with on the basis it were corrupted. Wouldn't make sense). - Why did God deceive all into thinking Jesus died on the cross? And how can Christianity emerge from the cross. Islam cannot explain that, why the cross lead to the spread of Christianity. 4. Also she wanted me to read this website and give an opinion: http://www.debate.org.uk/debate-topics/apologetic/question/ Long but hope you can help. Thank you and jazakum Allah kheir
  5. I do! I finally finished the last episode of AoT anime on netflix, and good God I absolutely loved it! Now reading the manga. I've finished reading naruto manga (though I'm sure i missed a few chapters), I liked it too. But I feel like hashimoto dragged the story on for a little too long. I'll check if netflix has naruto shippudden. If so, might start watching it too! I've watched and read plenty more. You probably have too. :D
  6. Jazakumu Allah kheir By plat i meant braid, sorry. I could do that and tuck it under my shirt, but i don't like my hijab to look flat at the back. Also, don't like the feel of my hair against my back for half a day. How do I make a flat bun?
  7. Will the coach driver let me take my pillow with me onto the bus? That was on my mind.
  8. I'm not going to answer with a home remedy. If you have, or simply suspect a blood clot in your leg, don't go to your general practitioner but the hospital immediately! DVT can turn serious very quickly. It can become an embolism or indicate general clotting- clotting elsewhere. Worse case scenario,brain clot (stroke). Although a clot in any organ can be fatal or leave you with permanent damage. If you have a clot you need to be treated with anticoagulants, (probably) statins and maybe a few other things. I'd also recommend getting tested for blood diseases like antiphospholipid. Foods containing vit K are not recommended. Though once given a dosage dont change your diet. Because, for example if you are put on wafarin, changing your vit.K consumption changes your INR. They'd have to change your dosr again and again. Best of luck. May God be with you and protect you
  9. Salamun 3alaikum dear sisters I hope you are all well inshallah :) So story is, I have been riding my bike everywhere for the past 2 years during term time without a helmet. Recently my mother decided to come visit. Once she's found out I cycle without a helmet she became a little angry, upset and very worried. So i decided to leave appearances and choose mother's comfort and my safety instead. Only problem is, I have very long hair (few inches below my waist). I usually need to tie it up into a bun and support it with a normal clip (gets heavy). With a helmet, I could maybe plat my hair and tuck it under my shirt, but having my hair under my shirt for 10-12hrs 5 days a week gets uncomfortable. Plus, looks weird. I don't like the way the back of my head would look flat. I thought maybe plat it, leave early and redo my hair and headscarf at uni toilets? But that's too much of a hassle every day. My last resort was asking sisters who may be in the same position; what do/would you do?
  10. this is a difficult one. I think women like this need a mentality change. Hijab does hide beauty and for some women, seeing others being complimented while they're ignored hurts, knowing that they could outdo the other. However this is a shallow way of thinking and is exactly why the hijab is necessary. We shouldn't compete over limited things like appearance (genetics), but rather compete to develop ourselves spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Although many hijabis compete with another even with the hijab on. Many are also still judged on physical appearance. Suppose this is why plastic surgery rates are high in Iran. At times it's a little different. Wearing the hijab in the west, makes you much more approachable by muslim men and a bull's eye target for discrimination from others. This can leave you feeling vulnerable and alone. What makes it worse, muslim women rarely help another out. Many rather gossip about trivial things, like the hijabi girl who laughed too loudly or wore too much make up. Sometimes it feels like muslim women who wear the hijab are not carrying a light scarf around their head but a large boulder across their backs. Every minute action can and mostly is judged. Being free of that, is comforting. Only, without these "judgements" you don't reflect on yourself as much and don't work to improve yourself. It could easily lead to more sinning. So I do understand why a women would want to take off the hijab. Your friend is on a journey, just like you and I. If she needs to take off the hijab to realise something, let her be. If God wills, she'll return to the true path. This is not your problem. As her friend, you can only advise her and help trigger a change in her mentality. Though change takes time, not days or weeks, but months or even years! Be blunt and tell her your thoughts. But don't make her feel attacked. Be kind and gentle with your words. Reassure her you mean to help and would support her either way. Be with her every step of the way and maybe you'll find a window to pull her back to a stronger submission to her Lord. I thought I might mention, taking off the hijab does not mean she's any less of a muslim. I believe it doesn't take away or add from iman. It's a little like a tool that helps you build a stronger iman :) Regardless, your lord made it obligatory so you should practice it. Whether you do or don't, that's your free choice.
  11. Let's help a few brothers and sisters strengthen their iman. It is quite hard to hold onto religion in our time, especially in the west as all finds explanation through science. All while divine books are explained as part of the evolution of our intelligence/knowledge (God of the gaps). Even the moral lessons and actions are no longer viewed as divine but barbaric or simply ancient. Rather than arguing which religion speaks the truth, let's start with the origin of it- the Almighty. My proof is fitra, though for many this isn't proof enough. Even for myself at times my feelings sway, though thankfully my rope to God never snaps. Some claim it is caused by indoctrination/condition from a young age. However, if so, why do many members of non-religious families turn to religion? Then comes the idea of cultures and our way of thinking. Anyhow, what is yours?
  12. I won't use law or the like to answer, but logic. I'll keep it short. Not wearing a seatbelt doesn't only harm you, but could do others. If your body flew out of your windscreen and onto another car obstructing its view, it could lead to another accident. Or in a head-on collision, your body could sling forward at such speed, it could cause severe/fatal trauma to the "receiving end" ,e.g. person in passenger/driver seat of the car in front. If you sit in the back, you could harm those in front. You would most definitely (potentially) hurt yourself in case of an accident, but you could also hurt others. So I think it's fair for it to be illegal. A better question would be, why is suicide illegal? Or better yet, why is assisted suicide illegal (euthanasia)?
  13. My father and I were just debating this topic. He was of the opinion that eternal hellfire is just, stating "We aren't superior to God in mercy or judgement. If he says it'll happen then it's most just." I understood this, but I didn't understand why. I am of the opinion that no one is truly evil. One man's Hero is another man's terrorist. To achieve greatness, sacrifices must be made. I tried to use these quotes to explain the actions of people like Hitler and Saddam. My father disagreed. He brought up ISIS and their lack of empathy/humanity. I explained "No man would kill himself knowingly committing evil in such way; without giving himself time to repent. They're indoctrinated donkeys made to act like sheep." I did suggest God may have meant something other than eternal, but my father argued other words could've been used. Though he did say some verses say eternally, some say to stay and others say till God removes them (?). I don't remember the exact verses/(arabic)words he used, but that's roughly it. He also argued using iblees as an example. Iblees knows His Lord is the Truth, yet still chose to disobey and will continue to do so. He will be in Hell eternally. I said "shaytan isn't a human. We're not evil, we're weak, gullible and stupid." My dad laughed and said "Iblees learned much from Omar." I couldn't reply anymore. It made me think of people who continue to disobey even in the hereafter as deserving of eternal punishment. Yet I knew (and as on this thread), we regret our actions on the Day. So what then? How about atheist who committ sins due to their lack of faith (alcohol, sex, pork etc.) but do well in every other aspect? Do they deserve eternal hell for shikr?
  14. Shelters in the country of my residence do not accept fulltime workers as candidates :( I don't want to adopt dogs- too dependent, too pricey, too dirty and najis. I still find some cute, e.g. toy (teacup) poodle. I was just curious. A sunni friend of mine owns a husky and a shia friend of a friend owns a small dachshund, so I wanted to know whether buying from breeders and whether toy breeds were halal.
  15. You can touch them, but you need to wash your hands afterwards. If you touch anything wet on them (e.g. wet fur), or their snout- you're najis (impure) and need to wash your hands. If they wet anything in your household, to make it pure again you need to wash it with sand once and water thrice. It is done so, to prevent the spread of disease (e.g. tapeworm). This is all according to my understanding. You should check with your marji3 :)
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