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  1. These are all exist in our FIGHH. Olamas almost know these matters. For Example: Shahid Thani (around 600 years ago) was saying his Fatavas for all 5 Islamic groups: Shias Maleki Hanafi Shafee Hanbali
  2. السلام علیک ایها الامام الشهید و ابن الشهید اشهد انک قد اقمت الصلاه و آتیت الزکاه و امرت بالمعروف و نهیت عن المنکر Peace be Upon you , You are Shahid and son of Shahid I testify that you Prayed (Eghama Al Salat) and Paid the Zakat and ordered to Ma'roof and denied from Monkar...
  3. Dear All B&S, Al Salam Aleykom, I need to know what is exactly the Daesh? What do they believe? Who are they? Do they have same believes with all Ahle Sunnat? Can a sunni simply converts to a Daeshi? I really don't know how Daesh appeared and what is their Goal except Destroying Islam.!
  4. As a Shia, FOR FINISHING THE PRAYER: you can of course turn your head to right and see your right side and say "Asalamo Alaykom va Rahmatollah" and then turn your head to left and say this السلام علیکم و رحمه الله و (برکاته )ـــ No Problem at all. We usually say 3 Takbirs but both are true.
  5. This is the result of putting the Mofasser of Quran away... Disparity until ....
  6. In this thread, I didn't try to mention the philosophy of naming or why changes happened to Islamic group names. Of course I was trying to see what was the FAMOUS usage of SHIA word between the people that time. More details: All the words have Main Meanings (Veritable). ما وضع له معنی And have also Virtual meanings. معنای مجازی Sometimes, the main meanings will spread between people and sometimes the Virtual meanings. In both conditions, a word meaning can get change during the time. The old meaning can be Virtual and The New Meaning can be Veritable or reverse or both can be Virtual or… This happens a lot, So, it is not a big deal… For example, Salat in Arabic was meaning "Prayer" before Islam and after islam converted to special verbs. Or Zakat or Khoms or etc. Or Sa'at was meaning: "the other world" and now means watch ! This happens in other languages too. Shia Word has the same story, Rasolollah (salawatollah alayh) set the Shia word for special follower of Velayat. But the word, spread in the Arabs with another meaning. and then converted to another meaning....
  7. I am very glad from your powerful answers. The answer which I wanted to tell is inside your answers and from all the answers the one which is very strong is that: Of course the one who really killed Imam husain (as) was Caliphs and the one who did it was Shimr Lanatollah Alayh BUT we can not ignor that Kuffies (which they were Shia) caused this and helped the army and even killed some. -------- BUT, the answer is just a WORD MEANING: Kuffies were Shia Now We are Shia too. But, 1360 Years ago: Shia word meaned: The people who beleived in Abubakr, Omar, (and most) Othman and THEY accepted Imam Ali (as) as fourth Caliph. 1360 Years ago, Rafidie meaned: The People who DIDN'T beleive in first and second and third Caliph AT ALL, and they beleived that the First Caliph after Rasoolollah (pbuh) was Imam Ali (as) This Rafidie word is exactly the meaning of Shia NOW but not 1360 Years ago. 1360 Years ago: Most Rafidie word: The people who beleived that they also should curse the 3 first Caliphs because of their guilt to get the place of Velayat ( اشد رفضا So, Yes, Shias invited Imam Husain (as) BUT THEY WERE ACTUALLY SUNNIES in our current word meanings. ---------------- FYI: Rafidie doesn't have a good meaning, this naming came from Sunnies. We say it just to make the things Clear. Not to accept it.
  8. Salam Aleykom, I heared from Sunni brothers that Kuffi Shias killed Imam Husain (as) not sunnies. What do you think about this Claim ? Of course I can answer too but I want to hear from you first...
  9. Salam Aleykom Touching the body is not WAJIB in Ghusl. It is Mostahab. So the important thing is to reach the water to the body. --------------- In the Ghusl you need to make sure that the Water reaches to all the Body skin. The matter is that you NEED TO MAKE SURE. It doesn't mean that in the REALITY it has to be Done. ---- What i mean...? Here is a story from Imam Sadegh (alayhe alsalam): by my naration! Someday , when Imam Sadegh (alayhe alsalam) was going to exit from the Bath (Public Bath) after his Ghusl , one of his students told Imam that your back is DRY. (this means that Imam didn't wet his back during the Ghusl) Imam (alayhe alsalam) told his student: WHY YOU INVOLVE YOUR SELF IN SOME THING WHICH IS NOT RELATED TO YOU... Then Imam (alayhe alsalam) came back to do the Ghusl again. ----- So, we need to do what we need to do. IN GHUSL we don't need REAL obeying. We need just to follow our duties based on our Yaghin.
  10. Dear Brother, Salam Aleykom Quran is God's word. No Doubt. I am asking clearly: IS QURAN ENOUGH to be GUIDED ? To reach to all Ahkams? Every sane will say: NO. What do you say on this?> ------------------ 2. Your hearings about shia believes in several Qurans are WRONG. Shia Says we have JUST 1 Quran. Which is the same with the Quran in our hands. Maybe there are 2 points: 2-1) The descent order of Ayas are different with the current Quran. Which is 100% True. No doubt. 2-2) There was a Quran wrote by Imam Ali Raziallah Anh which INCLUDED Tafsir. Which we don't have it now. It is not a second Quran. It is a TAFSIR. not another Quran. OK? ---------------- 3. Did I say "your scholars all cheated the Ahadith?>>>>???"!!!!????!!! I am asking this: What happened to Ahadith in the BLACK 100 FORBIDDEN Years of narration and writing????!!! :excl: --------------- Hope to hear from you again!!!!
  11. Dear Shikran Salam Aleykom How did you reach to this point from my words????!!!! The Quran we have is the God words, not 1 character more, not less. We prove this from various ways. One of the ways is our Imam's confirmation on current Quran. and other ways.... Dear Panzerwaffe, Salam Aleykom The First one who denied narrating hadith was Umar r.a The First one who falsificated (false editing = TAHRIF) a hadith after Rasolalah (pbuh) was Abubakr r.a And the Hadith was about denying inheritance for a Prophet! Which is against Quran and our Sunnat. Denying the narration was a way to hide the truth, to change the religion and to import self ideas. By Umar r.a and support of Abubakr r.a So the earlier caliphes had enough space to do every thing. It was a good way to manipulate the religion inorder to control the society as they wish. anything I missed?
  12. There is 1 thing ALL SUNNIES AND SHEIS SHOULD NOTICE: If we merge all common Fatwas of 4 main Sunnies religion and compare them with Shiat fatwas we will find only 80 differences and it means we have 95% common understanding from Quran and Ahadith. THis is very Important
  13. Yes, most people in the world are following Ay Sistani H.A BUT in Iran, some people. Because we have got strong Ulamas here which of course each one has their own followers. Most Popular Ulamas in Iran: Ay Khamenei (specially that followers of Ay Khomeini is following him now) Ay Sistani Ay Makarem Ay Bahjat (passed away) Ay Vahid Ay Noori Ay Tabrizi Ay Shobeiri >>> Most Famous man as Aalam in Osul, Figgh, Rejal as experts say. He is not famous but Super Scientific. I discussed with him so many of my questions. Ay Rohani Ay Fazel (passed away)
  14. For Men: wearing Special clothes, exclusively for women like earrings is Haram and For Women: wearing Special clothes, exclusively for men like men hat is Haram These 2 Hokms related to the Culture of each area. For Example in scotland men wear skirts and it is OK, but skirt in UK is exclusively for women. ------------------------------- And, Wearing common clothe is O.K.
  15. He didn't write the Quran, he burned the Qurans and allowed just 1 publish to be distributed. This is a better sentence. We believe in Quran and we prove Quran is ANTI MANIPULATION. The same Quran is publishing in Saudi or Iraq or Iran or Lebanon. You can simply search Shia believes about Quran. 99% of Shees Olama say that Quran doesn't have any Tahreef. Is this 99% enough or you need 100% just? What we say is that: Imam Ali (Raziallah Anho) wrote a Tafsir and the tafsir is not in our hands now. Quran is the same. 1 example: یا أَیهَا الرَّسُولُ بَلِّغْ مَا أُنْزِلَ إِلَیکَ مِنْ رَبِّکَ وَإِنْ لَمْ تَفْعَلْ فَمَا بَلَّغْتَ رِسَالَتَهُ وَاللَّهُ یعْصِمُکَ مِنَ النَّاسِ إِنَّ اللَّهَ لَا یهْدِی الْقَوْمَ الْکَافِرِینَ(المائده/۶۷) O messenger, deliver what was sent down to you from your Lord, and if you do not then you have not delivered His message; and God will protect you from the people. God does not guide the disbelieving people.) 76 ( ------------------- in Ibn Abi Hatam Tafsir, Dorolmanthor, Alkashf Zamakhshari , ..... from Sunnies tafassir, they say: O messenger, deliver what was sent down ABOUT ALI to you from your Lord.... یا أیها الرسول بلغ ما أنزل إلیک من ربک ” فی علی بن أبی طالب”. Is this a Tahrif? As Sunnies say so... Or it is a Taffsir???!! Imam Ali's (ra) Quran included the Tafassir and descriptions of Quran versus. OFF TOPIC GO SEARCH , you will find my brother. Not Always bro. Lets answer my question. Your religion is under question mark...???
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