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  1. dragonxx

    feel depressed!

    looks to me its a sissy boy with pink hair and a purse who likes to play with dolls. where is the manliness exactly? the joining in of bullying a girl then feeling bad and standing up for her? or ratting to the staff after the whole thing was over in order to get a pat on the back and feel like a hero? lol. anyway, the OP has made several posts with the same theme of the victim mentality, and manning up is a part of getting out of that mentality. Complaining repeatedly just makes it worse. I suppose at the end of the video the dude 'manned up' by finally giving up his obsession with collecting and dressing dolls, ill give him that.
  2. dragonxx

    The Theory Of Evolution

    We know the simplest genetic sequence is like ~200 genes long or thereabout, how we got to ~200 genes from nothing is a 'mystery', which is fine. But I'd like to know the explanation for how genetic material increases through evolution after having those ~200 genes? Not looking for an explanation involving duplication unless it would explain how unique genetic material comes about that produces a new sustainable life form.
  3. dragonxx

    feel depressed!

    sounds like you are going through puberty, no offence. you need to man up. "When you find yourself in a room surrounded by your enemies you tell yourself. I am not locked in here with you, you are locked in here with me. This is the kind of mindset you should have if you want to succeed in life. Get rid of that victim mentality. " -b. lee
  4. I use olive oil for my head hair and beard now and then. I feel it gives my hair more vitality. I also try to eat a lot of greens to keep my hair healthy looking.
  5. dragonxx

    Breaking His Months of Silence

    "terror chief" "terror group" terror terror terror but Israel? they're a normal country not inflicting any terror on anyone. I never get used to the bias in the media, it'll always irritate me. anyway, may Allah give Sayed Nasrallah and his soldiers the strength to wreak havoc on the enemies of Allah and His creatures. Real man.
  6. dragonxx

    How do you draw X's?

    Well for as long as I can remember my friends along with myself are 7s. Pretty sure that's how we were taught in grade school... I don't think it has a meaning just a fun thing to note
  7. dragonxx

    Sexist adverts

    Hahahahah yes, I posted that video a while back on another thread somewhere, I lost it, absolutely hilarious, this just makes it funnier in the context of the gillette ad
  8. dragonxx


    Certainly not. Another thing to note is, we don't know the level of hypocrisy the person is guilty of. Is it professing belief in God but inside disbelieving? Or is it another, lesser form of hypocrisy? The former definitely would not be forgiven, but the latter has a chance for forgiveness leading me to believe its the latter form; should the person repent, or if his good deeds outdid some of his bad deeds, or if there was intercession from others, or a combination, etc. then there is no reason why that would be unjust. Imagine a person who wasn't entirely hypocritical but also didn't really perform much good deeds in relation to helping other people, and he/she ends up with no intercessors; this person would still have to answer for the bad deeds which another person can be forgiven for due to intercession. Just some thoughts to consider, hope it helps.
  9. dragonxx


    Fair question, but we don't know all the facts behind the story, and we don't even have the Arabic text as english translations can cause some meaning to be lost. So are we really in a place to judge whether or not it was just to forgive that person? Or perhaps it's a completely fabricated hadith? Who knows. I do know though intercession (by the permission of Allah) can go a very long way, though admittedly I have no proof that it extends to hypocrisy, perhaps someone else can address this.
  10. dragonxx


    Looks to me that the people that prayed for him were permitted by Allah to act as intercessors, and through the intercessions the person in question was forgiven and saved.
  11. dragonxx

    Sexist adverts

    Haha no problem, you'd have to be familiar with the meme culture. To keep it respectful, it's basically making fun at men who are weak with no personality, 'beta' males essentially. Of course! Totally agree, anything like that in excess is toxic, I'm just pointing out the term "toxic masculinity" inherently implies a negativity to all masculine traits. Most people don't consciously realize this inherent, demeaning connotation. Edit: another funny thing to note, they've been actively removing top comments and pinning other comments, as well as removing dislikes lol. Goes to show most people aren't happy with gillette imposing their warped moral compass on everyone.
  12. dragonxx

    Sexist adverts

    This absolutely killed me.
  13. dragonxx

    Sexist adverts

    I'd like if the media created the picture of toxic femininity, and make an advert discouraging such behaviour as showing one's butt like a mule everywhere she goes, showing cleavage, having rude speech, crying a lot, arguing with everyone for the sake of arguing, yelling excessively and dramatically, etc. An advert telling other women not cool don't show your butt because just like speech can harm you mentally from the content of their (men's) words, vision can harm men mentally by what they perceive. lol.
  14. dragonxx

    Sexist adverts

    I don't really take offence, I find it rather hilarious that gillette is trying to be the moral compass of men. They immediately open with "bullying!". Lol. Funny how they compare children playfully wrestling (which they imply in and of itself is negative, which is not true) to issues like sexual assault and rape. At one point a guy says "smile pretty" or whatever, we don't know the context and some guy waltz in saying not cool as if he did something wrong. They were clearly at a house party and all knew each other, why assume negativity? I wonder if a girl can say "smile cutie" to a guy the same way, would we make a similar commercial? Another point, a guy wants to approach a woman he thinks she is pretty, and a guy waltz in saying not cool as if the dude was about to rape her rather than just say hello. Perhaps the half-naked girl can say 'sorry not interested in talking to males I've never met before' if the guy says hello? And if he tries to put his hands on her or say something disgusting, THEN perhaps intervene? Why paint it as if men have grotesque intentions and saying hello is equivalent to sexual assault? Why line up a bunch of men as if they're all bad people who are rapists and most of whom encourage such behaviour? Why is the kid crying getting comforted by his mother and not the father? As if the father doesn't care or is never home? Etc. Etc. At the end of the day, the term "toxic masculinity" is sexist in and of itself because it masculinity is bad, and that men should be more feminine like women, and this is what the advert pushes as if it's on the moral high-ground.
  15. dragonxx


    https://www.thestar.com/news/Canada/2019/01/17/quebec-woman-who-carried-on-relationship-with-young-child-avoids-jail-time.html We've got a judge, a grown/educated person of authority, comparing a homosexual, pedophilic, predatory relationship between a 40 year old married woman and a 12 year old girl similar to a relationship between normal adults. The 12 year old girl is convinced she is in love 4 years later at the age of 16. At 18, she will be free to act on what she was groomed to do. She apparently thinks she is lesbian although she seemingly was never with a man.