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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. A lot of the middle eastern countries don't allow real human body dissection. Some universities based in the middle east will import real humans that have been covered with a substance to make them appear plastic; these models are used to teach in place of dissections - obviously illegal but the government don't know. I don't think real human dissections are imperative for studying medicine in this day and age - with the technology there are many a models that can be made replicating the average human anatomy, as well as programs. Yes it may not be as effective as cadavers, but it is
  2. How is that an easy answer, the Prophet (pbuhf) was not present at the time and the people fell into falsehood. You fail to grasp a simple analogy, What are you even talking about? It's illustrating, very simply for you, the people are the ones who leave the guide, not the other way around as you seem to suggest with the Imam of our time. Nobody had a problem with it when Prophet Jesus was the guide to mankind, but suddenly it's a problem with the current Imam and guide to mankind. The Prophet (pbuhf) was not the guide for the Injeel, so not sure what point you are making with your commen
  3. Did Prophet Jesus ((عليه السلام)) also not "fulfill his duties" when he gave up on the people (trying to kill him) and was taken into occultation by Allah? And do the sunnis not agree that Prophet Jesus has a role to play in the future when the time is right? So all this time he stayed "hidden" while the people he was supposed to guide corrupted the Injeel and he did nothing to stop it?
  4. Indeed, though the attention span of the current generation does not allow anything short of rapidity.
  5. We are in the age of rapid technology and social media. That needs to be compressed into a 10 second video clip.
  6. Unfortunately there is no proof of this yet. There still isn't anything published that proves the vaccine reduces risk of transmission. The vaccine will just help ensure you don't land in the hospital. As for people freaking out about dying from the vaccine; that can happen from any medication given to you at any hospital. Anyone could have an allergic reaction to anything. Yes, covid is a whole different beast compared to other viruses so the vaccine naturally may have side-effects that are a little more frequent than other vaccines, but it is about risk-reward. And, at least in first wo
  7. Who will emerge victorious? Lets hope the redditors. Diamond hands Hold the line Side note, they're actually hilarious, but indeed do have strong mental fortitude for those redditors who have made 100s of 1000s and have not sold their shares.
  8. Quran: “There is no compulsion in religion” Thus the hadith is probably unacceptable/rejected, or misinterpreted. There are established "war" criteria such as not to be the aggressor, if the enemy wants peace to accept peace rather than go to war, etc. Thus I don't think it was a threat of sending the army to slaughter a nation or force them to submission. Perhaps it had other meaning, such as showing the various armies the Prophet had under his command, by Allah's permission, where there are not only humans but jinn and other creatures as well, if the queen took that as a threat th
  9. Just for your interest you have a lot of false hadiths, but here are some that are more likely truthful https://islampfr.com/martyrdom-prophet-muhammad/
  10. I was under the impression that Sheikh Mufid in particular was of the opinion that the Prophet (pbuhf) died from poison, admittedly i don't know his position collectively on Ahlul-Bayt ((عليه السلام)).
  11. I am referring to prominent honours, not every little small or worldly "honour". Martyrdom isn't just any small honour that most people easily achieve. It is a religious honour, and it is up there with distinctions like Prophethood, Imamah, etc. After all, a true martyr is guaranteed the highest paradise. It's a problem that the Prophet (pbuhf) dies of natural causes at home when the quran says "Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are living. With their Lord they have provision." "Those who leave their homes in the cause of Allah, and are th
  12. Context seems to elude you. Strange when the Prophet (pbuhf) was being pelted with rocks by children until he was covered in blood from head to toe there was no "protection" there. Strange he was covered in scars from the multitude of battles; one would think your definition of "no harm" to the Prophet implies he would not have a single scratch all his life. As you like to say "nice spin".
  13. Natural causes does not make sense for a simple logical reason. The Prophet (pbuhf) is a completely eminent human being. To be completely eminent entails all eminent honours be bestowed. Death by natural causes negates the eminent honour of death by martyrdom, implying others have an honourable title the Prophet (pbuhf) lacks, God forbid. Therefore the Prophet (pbuhf) must have been martyred to be bestowed the honour, and none can have an honour which the Prophet (pbuhf) does not. How it happened is up for debate but evidently, there is shade thrown on some treacherous
  14. Problem is all the quotes i mentioned except the last one are from their literature, and those who have read them knowingly disregard them to suit their personal interests and try to convince themselves they're right, when deep down they know there is a big question mark on the companions when Imam Ali calls out the descent into wickedness right after the Prophet dies, and only 50 years after the Prophet dies, his grandson is killed by a massive army - this does not occur suddenly, it was nurtured by those who tried to appear closest to the Prophet, ex. Battle of Jamal.
  15. As we have read 1000 times, “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate”. Only one way to the Prophet's decree. “Tomorrow I will give my flag to a man who loves Allah and His messenger, ever going forward and never retreating, Allah had tested his heart with the faith”. And so it was given to Ali (notably after ibn abu quhafa and ibn al khattab failed horribly to capture khaybar, retreated as they did in Hunayn) Mind, body, soul all is declared the most superior and submissive to Allah, yet they put him as 4th. Doesn't matter though how much they try to convince themselves
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