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  1. Indeed, I was hoping for the OP to answer though =P. But I suppose my follow-up question was, does chest beating fall under religious practice? i.e. is it something professed as a part of Islam?
  2. Makes sense, I suppose this is why I haven't come across any actual explanations besides buzzwords. But... Would this mean that while it's not yet proven, it has yet to be disproven? Does Jupiter also affect climate, by extension, on Earth for instance? Why shouldn't changes in movement and speed also lead to tectonic shifts through inertia? This is all new to me so excuse my simplistic questions. Tbh overall still sounds like astrology to me more than anything, i.e. lucky guess. But I'd rather not exclude a possibility of interplanetary effects if it's not yet something disproven.
  3. very nice, reminds me of the quote "you presume you are a small entity, but within you is enfolded the entire Universe" - attributed to Imam Ali ((عليه السلام))
  4. Continuous prayers to our brethren suffering through these times. The images and videos are genuinely heart-wrenching. I had never come across "critical planet geometry" until I came across this gentleman on twitter. He apparently gained over 800k followers over 24h from his relatively accurate prediction. For muslims, this should be relevant because it brings up something I think may be islamically important - astrology. Of course, from this gentleman's perspective, there are theories that gravitational or electromagnetic forces may be responsible for earthquakes on Earth based off the spacial orientation of other planets in our solar system, thus potentially (classical) scientific based predictions - that's fine. But what I was wondering, is this just simply coincidental and not a legitimate concept, and he is unknowingly practicing astrology, in which case his predictions should be completely ignored? Anyone have an understanding of what 'critical planet geometry' really is? Explanations that I've come across are vague.
  5. Salam everyone. Leaving aside what inspired this post, I figured it may be of benefit I share my thoughts regarding this. I am hoping, at least, there will be increased self-awareness and foresight for those who choose to partake in these seemingly innocent celebrations. I will try to be concise. Best to start with this video link (arabic only): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXIJiiGS46c, which in summary explains that apparently the opinion of Sayed Sistani is that ultimately it's halal to celebrate Valentine's Day so long as forbidden acts are not involved. Couldn't really find any other sources of fatwas. I don't disagree with this premise on a fundamental level, however not all halal acts are necessarily advisable (by 'acts' here, I'm more referring to excitement, planning, decorating, celebrating, i.e. making it a thing of significance, as opposed to a minor playful interactions). I will highlight only 3 reasons for brevity why muslims should avoid V-day acts: 1. V-day is religious in its origin and anti-Islamic in (popular) practice It's apparently a non-islamic religious celebration at its root. That alone should be sufficient enough that it should not be prioritized in an Islamic household. But to explain further, propagating religious (and Western culture) celebrations, which in common day is often associated with impermissible expressions of love and establishment of forbidden-type relationships is problematic in my view. 2. Don't underestimate what I call generational dilution These types of practices are what lead to the dilution and even alteration of one's religion in generations to come, which you may have to answer for on Judgement day. An example of this can be highlighted by visiting parts of Syria for instance (my prayers with all muslim brothers/sisters suffering from the earthquakes); there exist families with Shia names and roots directly from Ahlulbayt ((عليه السلام)) yet they are the most staunch of Salafis. Why? Schools are teaching one thing, and families are planning Valentine's Day --> generational dilution (and eventual loss) of Shia knowledge, practices, beliefs. I highlight generational above to illustrate this takes time to happen. You may not appreciate that, right now, there is any ill effect towards your religion, let alone your children from celebrating Valentine's Day under the guise of love. But understand your foresight and self-awareness are limited. As V-day celebration is engrained in you, it imprints onto your children, and by the time they're old they may be taking up Christmas/other non-Islamic holidays. Perhaps a century later the great grand-children are visiting churches, singing Christmas carols, or getting baptized. Think that's extreme? Ask the Salafi named AbdulHussein son of AbdulHassan. 3. Islam is a way of life, so let us get that sorted first Still halal though, right? Can't tell your family to not be excited, planning weeks and weeks ahead to celebrate something halal. Well, at this point, let us discuss more reasons about why not Valentine's Day celebrations AFTER we are knowledgeable and whole-heartedly practicing Islamic celebrations first. Not just Eid el-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, but also Eid al-Mubahila and Eid al-Ghadeer. Also the birth of each of the illustrious members of Ahlulbayt ((عليه السلام)) who have suffered endlessly for us to live in free expression of the true Islamic faith. The day Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) and Sayeda Fatemia ((عليه السلام)) were married (there's your Shianetine day). Educational activities for children (and adults...). Baked goods. Flowers. Expressions of love. Remembrance. Once excitement for our religion and culture is imprinted into the family structure, then let us "get excited" and discuss partaking in celebrations that come from other religions and certain cultures that in modern day practice are contrary to the spirit of Islam. The leader of a household has a duty to ensure true Islam propagates for decades to come, not just selfishly think about oneself and immediate family. Re: Imam Hussein ((عليه السلام)). If despite this, for some of you Valentine's Day is a 'sentimental' or 'family' tradition "necessary" to enjoy, beware the slippery slope so you may at least educate those who come after you regarding actually important celebrations, like the unparalleled significance of Eid al-Ghadeer for instance.
  6. If you do go with the sunni choice, stipulate in the marriage contract the children adopt shia beliefs, and that should he decide to dishonour this agreement later on, then you have the right of divorce and keeping the children or something to that effect make sure you are protected. a man of principle will have no issue with you making certain stipulations in the marriage contract. but then again i doubt a sunni man of principle would marry a shia. thus i encourage your patience to seek a shia partner
  7. Circular argument - a guide who misguides, more "relatable" or not, is inexcusable coming from God. God's authority on Earth: "Whoops, sorry, I realized I didn't know how to divide inheritance between you 6 brothers and 3 sisters, my bad. Sucks for you sisters, I gave the brothers extra portions which they've already spent. But hey, at least you can feel more relatable to me as you wallow in poverty!=)" Jokes aside, here is an example - it's the same type of expression a Christian would use in defence when saying God came in the form of Jesus to share and take our pain/sins, be relatable, etc. Yeah sure... except you don't have God anymore, you have a limited entity who even engages in human behaviour including excretory functions...
  8. No because that would contradict the prerequisite I mentioned that God is perfect. Perfection precludes mistakes. Going along with 313_Waiter's theme, what kind of God sends a guide who misguides? =P In a more relatable way, would you pour acid on your eyes? No because it's easy for you to perceive the potential harm and torment that would result. Likewise, when you're a Prophet of God, or God's chosen one, or God's chosen guide, you perceive even the most minor sins in the same way. Imam Ali ibn Hussein ((عليه السلام)) used to shake every time he performed wudhu in fear of standing before Allah. It's all about the insight. Contrast the toddler exploring the dangers of a fire to the adult who has experienced its effects.
  9. For me it was logic. Humans are fools. God is perfect. God sent Islam to guide us fools. The Guide can't be a fool or it'll be a fool guiding fools (look at history's world leaders both in Muslim majority and muslim minority countries) Thus the Guide must be perfect After the Prophet (pbuhf), Ali ibn Abi Talib ((عليه السلام)) historically is the only human who meets this criteria of being perfect and selected by God through His Prophet (pbuhf) Quran and Hadith confirmed this to me. So this is why.
  10. Maybe... haha. I read it a long time ago. Could've even been a sunni source so not totally sure =P, but I really wouldn't be surprised. I'll look to see if we have a source and post anything i find.
  11. Takeover of this will probably be the prelude to the destruction of the Kaaba which we know is going to happen.
  12. https://www.cmaj.ca/content/193/50/E1923 https://twitter.com/CMAJ?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author trash. but not surprising. many people in powerful positions despite clearly harbouring and exercising obscene bias against other human beings. someone needs to publish how western culture promoting their daughters wives mothers to pursue pornographic and other sexual careers is the real fuel to rape-culture. maybe then they'll retract the above article.
  13. not surprising, not the first time and nor the last unfortunately.
  14. Just some highlights I wanted to really echo, unfortunate it will bounce off the skull of some
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