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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Why the paradoxes? How about, Jesus is in subjection to God the Father, therefore Jesus is not equal with God. How can a subject of God be equal with God? A coregency or co-principality is the situation where a monarchical position (such as king, queen, emperor or empress), normally held by only a single person, is held by two or more. Jesus is under the Father's authority, therefore Jesus cannot be a co-regent with God. He can, however, act in-line with whatever authority God gives him (this does not mean he exercises his own independent authority because as you stated he is under the Father's authority). If Jesus died, he died, he is not alive. To say he died but is alive forevermore is already the 3rd paradox. Perhaps define death in case it has different meaning to you... Let us say Jesus was present before anything else was created, how can you conclude his past is eternal, for surely the Father was present before Jesus? Meaning Jesus had a beginning because the Father was present before His Word? Thank you for the peace and blessings! All the best to you as well!
  2. Disagree if you are including humans being a part of that evolutionary process. It is very relevant whether or not Adam had apes for parents or not. The story of Jesus ((عليه السلام)) makes it abundantly clear that Adam ((عليه السلام)) could not have had apes for parents. But just to add some thoughts I think are interesting, How is it just that God commands us to be unlike animals yet that is exactly what we are? Humans, jinn, animals; all three are different and distinct. Which raises a question for us Muslims, where do Jinn fall into the evolutionary process? And the light of the Prophet (pbuhf) and Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)), their light was created before any of these creations, how can we say that such purity and perfection arose from the impurity and imperfections of a haywan (animal)? Just as ludicrous as a chaotic explosion resulting in the harmonious arrangement of the universe.
  3. That pretty much sums me up. I draw the line at human beings, and that is because I prioritize the Qur'an over human conjecture. I do believe proven science is always in-line with religion. My thought process is simple (being a layman when it comes to the theory of evolution); when evolution includes humans in the macro process, this is in contradiction to what I believe to be a truth, and so I am convinced in the future there will be clear scientific evidence that throws the theory out the window. Such events have happened in the past with other theories, no reason this should be any different. Your points about hernia are fair. Honestly, no clue. That does not mean evolution being the only potential explanation that it is the correct explanation. Islam certainly doesn't preach original sin, so you are right in thinking Muslims don't typically believe in it. I've read the hadiths in passing, I'll try and go back and find them but it's been very busy for me recently. The main view as far as I understand, there were 1000s of Adams before our Adam, and that each 'humanity' was assigned 10,000 years on Earth. Abu Hadi provided some of the reasoning about there being humanoid creatures before us from Quranic verses above.
  4. Lol it seems people here either don't know what being a "friend" entails, or they are seriously cool in investing themselves into an individual who is openly against the God which they worship. But I mean it's ok I suppose, afterall food is good with Muwaiya (l.a) while prayer is good with Ali ibn Abi Talib ((عليه السلام)).
  5. Indeed =P but also pride aside, it does not make logical sense to me that imperfect creatures would culminate into a perfect being. Whereas the perfect being can degrade themselves to imperfect beings. True, when it's unfounded. And in most cases, this would apply. However there is no denial the human species is the only intelligent species on the entire Earth. Pride or not, that is factual. To not take pride in being different to a pig is tantamount to stripping one's own dignity and intellect away. Anyway steering it away from the philosophical ideas, it comes down to the evidence as you stated, therein lies the problem itself. Different people will value certain evidences more than others, like my example, spirit of Islam being against human evolution (In my humble opinion) versus the theory of evolution suggesting otherwise. For me, the former (for now as I understand it) holds more value than the latter. We shall see if that changes as I learn more. Just a technical point here, I'd disagree with some of these points. Sure goosebumps, tail bone, etc. isn't averse to our existence. But for example hernia is, because if everyone had hernias and there was no treatment for it, and it gets incarcerated, we would eventually over a very long period of time (as evolution suggests) would die off. Besides, these are minor examples, I am sure there are more 'significant' examples that more clearly affect the ability to survive/procreate, yet these traits are alive and kicking despite seemingly being at the peak of "macroevolution".
  6. @iCenozoic I've read about all those examples and more. I do understand them. Perhaps there are explanation we aren't truly aware of. I mean there was one point 400 years ago where the majority of the West believed the Earth was flat. So who knows. Anyway it's hard for me to reconcile the idea that as a Muslim, having a Prophet whose light was created before other creations, that that same light would be instilled in the descendants of animals. Why couldn't Adam ((عليه السلام)) be created the same way Jesus ((عليه السلام)) was? Why does Islam tell us to reject whatever animal instincts we have and remain above that? It would hardly make sense that God caused humans to come forth from the very same animals we are to be different from. Etc. Etc. That's why macroevolution inclusive of humans is not something I can swallow as it appears contradictory to Islam. As for the changes in humans over the millennia, it doesn't seem to extend past microevolution which I don't really have a problem understanding. Also, just a side note, isn't interesting that in a way some of the examples you mentioned could be perceived as devolving as opposed to being the most evolved. If we are the culmination of evolution, should we not be rid of significant disadvantages of which our ancestors had the 'counter' advantage?
  7. So Jesus died. Jesus said he didn't come to judge. The word is the judge which was given to him to relay by God, I.e. God is the judge. Jesus goes on to say he has not spoken on his authority, but the Father's. Meaning he is nothing more than a messenger and Prophet of God. He repeats again, "I say as the Father has told me". He therefore knows nothing on his own. Then you say, So is your Lord Jesus or the Father who sent Jesus? Or do you worship Jesus who made it very clear that he worships the Father? Or do you give the same worship you give Jesus as you do to the Father meaning there is more than 1 God to worship? If you reply to nothing else I hope you give a clear answer to this in light of Jesus' remarks above. So if Jesus died, how can he be your Lord. Surely your Lord must be eternal (I.e. the Father). If he died, who gave him power to come back to life? Accepting the "Father" as the one and only Lord does not mean you are denying Jesus; as you quoted above Jesus came to deliver a message nothing more nothing less. So to add to what Jesus said (asserting he is God) means you are denying Jesus and his mission because you are putting words in his mouth. To accept Jesus is to accept his word and message; he is relaying the Word of His "Father" and Your "Father", the one God. To alter his message is to deny Jesus and all the suffering he went through for you for the sake of "the Father" (God). Hopefully you stop and think for a few minutes before quickly typing down a defensive reply. I do write all this with the utmost respect. All the best.
  8. on your side you are fine as long as you just end communication with her asap. for her... it's between her and Allah at this point lol.
  9. Blanket statements have implications, not necessarily precise definitions, I.e. we know it isn't explicitly mentioned all Muslims have the same struggles, however it heavily implies it. Enlighten me, as I cannot keep up with your high IQ, what am I in denial of?
  10. Sure but, when it comes to human beings, I feel the spirit of Islam would be against humans specifically "evolving" from animals. Otherwise, humans aside, I don't see a contradiction so far...
  11. Not necessarily true. Evidence from Qur'an and hadith I believe suggests that there were many 'humans' before our Adam ((عليه السلام)).
  12. 900 IQ. Actually I like the . full stop. 942 IQ. Although I am inclined to agree most Muslims in the West are similar in mindset as the guy in the trailer (as I previously mentioned), it is still anecdotal and not totally fair to represent all Arab Muslims across the Western nations without raw stats that illustrate the vast majority are in fact like the guy in the trailer. At the end of the day people are different and there are thousands across america becoming Muslim and trying to be more religious. Trailer dude should make it clear it is his unique struggles, but as Laayla pointed out he is clearly trying to make it more a blanket representation of all Muslims. And this is done for more viewership meaning more money. Therefore, in essence, he is weaponizing his beliefs and tossing his dignity in order to secure money (I.e. selling his soul).
  13. Although the majority of Christians despise lynching and murdering of innocents, KKK certainly has something to do with christianity, given such psychopaths identify as Christian.
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