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  1. dragonxx

    Pakistani women and hijab

    Sadly, it's not just in pakistani culture. I've observed it quite a bit in the new age of Arab culture, where it's a mix of Arab and Western standards. In a nutshell, I know families whose parents pray 5 times a day right on time (including fajr), and yet discourage their daughters from wearing hijab, telling them to not be so extreme/not embarrass them (usually I noticed it's the mother who does the discouraging, while the father is indifferent/encouraging). It's really weird this new age.
  2. i remember posting on a similar topic, ill look to see if i can find it and repost here, maybe it will help edit: here
  3. dragonxx

    Shirk in obediance

    Good topic/questions, never thought about it this way, interested in what others have to say. Right now, I'd like to think the answer to those two questions are no. But perhaps disbelieving in their God-given authority, or "giving" their God-given authority to someone else are different stories. But what do you mean by obey? Obeying their direct orders? Or obeying the laws that Allah has ordered them to lay out? Or are these two things the same?
  4. dragonxx

    Shias in Doha, Qatar

    All I'm saying is to exercise caution and not advertise his faith. Calm down.
  5. dragonxx

    Shias in Doha, Qatar

    Publicly there is no need to make his beliefs apparent, like at work, don't go praying in front of people, pray alone. Don't go around asking random people for a shia community, because you might ask the wrong person and they could mark you, etc. It's not a shia-friendly gov't/city at all. People lost their jobs for their beliefs quite literally. Some people get deported. Others assaulted. Etc.
  6. dragonxx

    Shias in Doha, Qatar

    Just wanted to say I have a few friends living there. Don't make it publicly known that your shia, choose carefully where you pray in public, etc. Doha doesn't have the friendliest bunch, especially towards foreigners. Stay safe!
  7. dragonxx

    LGBTQY ?

    The study is not generalizable to the population meaning the study was conducted in a very limited setting in a specific population, and there is no evidence that the results presented are consistent across the world. I wonder if they study was done in a city like San Francisco how the results would change? I made a few other jot points on why the study is very weak, I don't care to elaborate tbh because it would take too much time. Appraising literature is something I do as part of my living, so yes, I'm aware. But to clarify, what I stated isn't merely an assumption, it's common knowledge. And because it's common knowledge I won't bother to provide evidence, whoever is interested can look it up for themselves because I don't care enough to go through the hassle of proving my point. Nor do I care to subscribe to journals to find hidden literature on such a sensitive topic that is most certainly censored.
  8. dragonxx

    LGBTQY ?

    No need. A simple appraisal is all that's needed. These studies are not generalizable to the population at all, at least the ones you referenced. The example I provided is certainly justifiable based off the methods and results the study published. The study you linked was published in 1993, when homosexuality was far less accepted than it is now, meaning how the individual may identify would be far more likely hetero than homo (i.e being a child abuser on top of being a homosexual would make them feel worse). Far fewer people identified as "homosexual". There was only 200 something people included, a fraction of which weren't even actual cases of child abuse. There wasn't blinding. The doctor based his results on his particular experience in his population - no evidence of reproducibility, etc. etc. I'd be happy to do an appraisal of such studies if there was any benefit in doing so, but there's no point.
  9. dragonxx

    LGBTQY ?

    This is a very biased representation. Sample bias, observer bias, you name it, it's all there. Any one of these biases make the data unreliable due to the significance of its impact. One example of the bias, just to illustrate; it would be like saying AIDS is more prevalent in the heterosexual population, thus homosexuality doesn't increase the risk of contracting AIDS. This is obviously false; we know homosexuality is a risk factor for AIDS while heterosexuality isn't; it's just that there are far more who identify as heterosexuals than homosexuals, and that's why there are more heterosexual cases. We all know that all child molesters aren't "homosexual" and that people who are "heterosexual" commit the same acts, but to say that individuals who act on homosexual sentiments are less likely than heterosexuals to act on other deviant acts is ludicrous.
  10. dragonxx

    LGBTQY ?

    Your argument was that parents will never let pedophilia happen because they care/know what's good for their children. My point is some parents are complete fools, and the example I gave shows their foolishness. So no, 'parents' aren't the reason that pedophilia isn't publicly accepted, that's all I'm saying.
  11. dragonxx

    LGBTQY ?

    Just because it's taboo, it doesn't matter. It was just literally 100 years ago that even in europe and the west homosexuals were hunted down and killed for their sexual practices. Being 'taboo' is a moot argument because there are 100s of things that were once taboo and yet here we are. And like I said there are groups of parents who want their children to be exposed to sex, their sex no less, so that they "mature", so it's not really so taboo anyway in this day and age. Yes it's a minority group, but the problem is the minority group having their practices accepted in society, as that will encourage more people to "experiment". Also right now, the age where it would be considered pedophilia for an elderly person to engage in intercourse is children below 18 years of age, who's to say that age won't change? You don't think some 15 year old know-it-all will come out and state his/her love for an older person and the 'age' for pedophilia will be pushed lower and lower?
  12. I find this wording interesting, as it implies a generalization. I've spent nearly a decade in the middle-east, and you'd be surprised at the amount of virgin women (and their sunni families) who were ok with a permanent marriage & a high dowry, despite knowing fully that the suitor is planning to have intercourse and divorce the woman (usually a prince does this, and he does this often to multiple women, the women are happy for the easy money sadly). Now, do all people use permanent marriage as such? Nope. We can apply the same logic in the use of Mut'a marriage, no need to generalize.
  13. dragonxx

    LGBTQY ?

    I strongly disagree. There are currently mothers and fathers advocating that parents walk naked in front of their children as if it's normal, as well as have sex in the presence of their children.
  14. dragonxx

    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    If the same logic applies to the creator, then your existence would no longer be reality due to the endless nature of that premise. There must be a start point in order to bring about the thoughts you're having at this very second, and that start point is an uncreated being.
  15. dragonxx

    The Nature of Atheistic Doubt

    Yup you were super clear haha just echoing to drive the point home =P