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  1. If you do go with the sunni choice, stipulate in the marriage contract the children adopt shia beliefs, and that should he decide to dishonour this agreement later on, then you have the right of divorce and keeping the children or something to that effect make sure you are protected. a man of principle will have no issue with you making certain stipulations in the marriage contract. but then again i doubt a sunni man of principle would marry a shia. thus i encourage your patience to seek a shia partner
  2. Circular argument - a guide who misguides, more "relatable" or not, is inexcusable coming from God. God's authority on Earth: "Whoops, sorry, I realized I didn't know how to divide inheritance between you 6 brothers and 3 sisters, my bad. Sucks for you sisters, I gave the brothers extra portions which they've already spent. But hey, at least you can feel more relatable to me as you wallow in poverty!=)" Jokes aside, here is an example - it's the same type of expression a Christian would use in defence when saying God came in the form of Jesus to share and take our pain/sins, be relatable, etc. Yeah sure... except you don't have God anymore, you have a limited entity who even engages in human behaviour including excretory functions...
  3. No because that would contradict the prerequisite I mentioned that God is perfect. Perfection precludes mistakes. Going along with 313_Waiter's theme, what kind of God sends a guide who misguides? =P In a more relatable way, would you pour acid on your eyes? No because it's easy for you to perceive the potential harm and torment that would result. Likewise, when you're a Prophet of God, or God's chosen one, or God's chosen guide, you perceive even the most minor sins in the same way. Imam Ali ibn Hussein ((عليه السلام)) used to shake every time he performed wudhu in fear of standing before Allah. It's all about the insight. Contrast the toddler exploring the dangers of a fire to the adult who has experienced its effects.
  4. For me it was logic. Humans are fools. God is perfect. God sent Islam to guide us fools. The Guide can't be a fool or it'll be a fool guiding fools (look at history's world leaders both in Muslim majority and muslim minority countries) Thus the Guide must be perfect After the Prophet (pbuhf), Ali ibn Abi Talib ((عليه السلام)) historically is the only human who meets this criteria of being perfect and selected by God through His Prophet (pbuhf) Quran and Hadith confirmed this to me. So this is why.
  5. Maybe... haha. I read it a long time ago. Could've even been a sunni source so not totally sure =P, but I really wouldn't be surprised. I'll look to see if we have a source and post anything i find.
  6. Takeover of this will probably be the prelude to the destruction of the Kaaba which we know is going to happen.
  7. https://www.cmaj.ca/content/193/50/E1923 https://twitter.com/CMAJ?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author trash. but not surprising. many people in powerful positions despite clearly harbouring and exercising obscene bias against other human beings. someone needs to publish how western culture promoting their daughters wives mothers to pursue pornographic and other sexual careers is the real fuel to rape-culture. maybe then they'll retract the above article.
  8. not surprising, not the first time and nor the last unfortunately.
  9. Just some highlights I wanted to really echo, unfortunate it will bounce off the skull of some
  10. Full access and understanding of the teachings? If that's true, then what do you need a leader for as I said above? So yeah, definitely a correct analogy, you're just completely missing the point. I cannot show you. See how easy it is to give a direct answer? What proof is it that you're looking for in regards to P1? Where do you derive these prerequisites from, for instance, Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) by your criteria seems to have been unsuccessful in teaching matters of Halal/Haram for many years. Is that his fault? Or is that because people weren't interested to be taught? "Ask me before you lose me" Tell me, does the Prophet lead Friday prayer for people on a different continent? Would he have been able to teach you matters of halal/haram directly while you're on a different continent? I really don't understand your point. Perhaps I am not understanding something very basic, if so, enlighten me. Indeed a serious matter, and I have laid out logical arguments which you have circumvented, instead choosing to focus on technical arguments that posters above have already answered. Therefore it appears we have reached an impasse as neither my approach nor the approach of others have lead to fruition dear brother!
  11. This is a separate discussion because Sayed Sistani isn't the Imam. We are talking about the Imam of the people. Indeed, along with additional matters. All of which require complete/perfect knowledge of Quran/Ahlulbayt. When the Sun is hidden behind the clouds, it is the deficiency of the perceiver that he disbelieves in the Sun's existence. Nonetheless, even conceding to your point, people choosing an Imam to follow is inconsistent with Quran in and of itself as I keep explaining repeatedly, thus you would also be wrong in your ways. Well I guess me, you, and every convert who lived in Europe 1400 years ago are in the same boat, aren't we! Except our school is not nihilistic about it. The idea is to struggle throughout one's life and purify oneself progressively with what we have available to us. It's not supposed to be easy. Deep down you are frustrated nobody is feeding you the easy answers and so you turn to an illusion to fulfill yourself. Like I said, had you been living a muslim somewhere overseas like in the New World 1400 years ago, you'd probably have said the Prophet (pbuhf) or Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) are unavailable to tell you directly whether the third testimony is correct or incorrect, and so you'd have turned your back as a result, the same way you are now.
  12. @Zaidism my dear brother, I whole-heartedly disagree with you. You are not recognizing my calls to the fault in your logic and I will demonstrate this again: You claim that the Imam is only to be obeyed if he is consistent with Quran and Sunnah. You claim that the people should be the judge of this such that if the Imam fails to conduct himself appropriately, the people should not follow him (i.e. the people determine the leader which you embarrassingly try to circumvent repeatedly). The issue here is that the Imam should be the one holding the people accountable, not the other way around. In other words, the people are generally incapable of consistently and non-erroneously making correct judgements according to Quran and Sunnah of Rasoolallah. It is not in their capacity, with their limited understanding of the Quran/Sunnah, to select an Imam with complete knowledge of Quran/Sunnah to lead them. Rather, it is the Imam who illuminates the people with his complete knowledge. Therefore Allah, His Prophet (pbuhf) and subsequently Imams of Ahlul-Bayt ((عليه السلام)) select the Imam of the people. By this logic, there can only be one individual, and that is our Imam who is in a form of occultation just like how Jesus ((عليه السلام)) and Khidr ((عليه السلام)) were in occultation. I fail to understand your difficulty in understanding this concept. This statement demonstrates to me brother that you are unfortunately very haughty, and over-estimating yourself. It is almost as if you are claiming you and others in your school have complete knowledge of Islam such that you are able to select an Imam according to your "complete" understanding of Quran/Sunnah, and hold the Imam accountable. In which case, you and your likes might as well all be leaders given your complete assessment of Quran/Sunnah, and flawless implementation of said assessments. How is it that an individual with incomplete knowledge is able to appreciate and correctly appoint the leadership of someone with superior, complete knowledge?
  13. So BASICALLY what you're saying is that the people determine who the individual is with the aforementioned qualities... lol. If you don't see the problem in that... you evidently haven't reflected on history, where 100s of instances exist when a group of people "searched" for someone "qualified" only to have a hitler lead them. People are unreliable. They can't identify who has such qualities. They can't tell the difference between a male and female, and you expect them to "search" successfully for someone who meets Professor Zaidism's interpretation of what the correct qualities are, assuming everyone can accept your interpretation in the first place! Meanwhile more than half the human race is walking, if not posting pictures of themselves, with their bare bums showing like donkeys! Do you still not see the problem with letting the people "decide" "search" "determine" or whatever gymnastic word you want to use in an effort to save face? You claim its "different" How are the two examples here any different? Anyone can rise up and claim to be an Imam. Anyone can portray the Prof Zaidism qualities with enough support, ESPECIALLY in modern age. In effect, anyone can select anyone. That's even WITH assuming everyone subscribes to your interpretation of Islam, as opposed to the interpretations and commands provided by Ahlul-Bayt ((عليه السلام)). Allah selected His leader on this Earth every single time, from the start until now. In what world do you think that your genius Prof interpretations of the people "searching" and determining the Imam will supersede this fact?
  14. Dear brother, instead of typing all this, a few words would have sufficed to address my question, without a need to shift any goalpost anywhere. Regardless, my question is highly relevant to the occultation; it's all about Imam selection in any era, including ours Who determines that he truly carries the aforementioned qualities? The people? or someone specific? Himself? Who? It'll take only 1-3 words max to answer this simple question...
  15. You're not answering the question brother. Who makes the determination? Is it the people as you later say? Surely you can give me a straight answer. Is it the people who choose (based on the criteria you posted) or not?
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