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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. so God presents Himself from form to form across time? the creator created something that subjugated the creator? i.e. He is subjected to time? AND He has "form"? cool. can God throw you out of His domain/kingdom? Not 'obliterate you out of existence', but that you exist, and exist outside of His Kingdom, is that possible, can God make that happen? obviously not... likewise... No, God cannot do that. He can inspire them, He can create a voice to speak to them, He can wire them, He can do whatever He wants TO them, but He cannot BE them or be encompassed by them. This is not limiting God, this shows his limitlessness. this is not simply human logic, this is the description of God. To ascribe limiting descriptions to God is denial of God.
  2. can't love without hate. thus the love you speak of is not sincere
  3. Thanks. It is a custom rampant in arab culture, particularly bedouin, and does make some things very tough for members of their community. Wanted to be sure, as sometimes certain customs are derived from hadiths and/or quran. For example do we know if there were any celebrations within the year after the passing of Sayedna Hamza or other family figures from the Aimmah? Probably not but if someone has come across something that may be helpful feel free to post.
  4. Certainly when a family member dies, one does not feel or want to engage in any form of celebration for an extended period of time. However as per Arab customs, one cannot celebrate anything for 1 year after a family member passes away. Meaning if someone celebrates something such as attending an event, birthday, wedding, etc. 10 months after a family member's death, it is unacceptable, careless, etc. Does this 1-year wait time come from an Islamic basis? Is there anything islamically that would be against mandatorily having to wait 1 year for any sort of celebration, i.e. hadiths? Or is there no stance on this as far as Islam is concerned?
  5. While I am sure there are diseases of spirituality beyond our understanding, similar to some mental/physical diseases (ex. intercourse in certain ways can lead to insanity or physical defects in the child), another way to look at it is a person born out of wedlock means the parents do not care for the sanctity of religion and are very likely to raise the child in an environment which is neglectful of many things religion finds important. Thus they inherit the ill manners of their parents, such as not being thankful to God, swearing, consuming alcohol etc. etc. An analogy would be, a person who grows up in a household with alcohol consumption is more likely to drink alcohol at an earlier point in their life than a person who is not raised in a household with alcohol. Or a household with guns carries a higher risk of suicide than a household without guns. etc. etc.
  6. you are missing the crux of the issue, you are focused on dissecting morality peripherally and are not recognizing that no matter which way you cut it, morality is subjective and depends on the majority population; this will never change. therefore there will never be the justice you seem to seek outside of God. and yes, evil exists and God exists, for God created evil, hence why we pray to God to protect us from the evil He created. At the same time, people have the freewill to choose how to use the faculties bestowed upon them for the transient period of time granted to them.
  7. lol tell that to the nazis, US, kkk, saudi, ussr, north korea, parts of africa, extreme republicans, skin heads, israel etc. etc. ur living in fairytale land if you think humans are smart enough to formulate moral laws. even if we were smart enough, we are far too selfish to do that. whoever is in power at the end of the day will look out first for himself his family his friends etc. favours will be called in left right and centre. being smart enough means nothing, and no we are not collectively smart enough anyway nor will we ever be. what you need to do is travel to yemen or something and get a real taste of life rather than the fairy tale land you are living in where we are apparently smarter than our ancestors and we aren't the same barbarians they were etc.
  8. which would make me wonder if he were similar why he would divorce innumerable women considering the Prophet (pbuhf) didn't divorce wives so bad that ayat was sent down about them. "Marry and do not divorce because surely divorce shakes the very Throne of God" "Allah loves no permissible like marriage, and Allah hates no permissible like divorce." Imam Hasan ((عليه السلام)) is far above shaking the throne of Allah for no good reason even once let alone that many times.
  9. the following are some characteristics which those two wives seemed to lack
  10. It does indeed. Shows intention of her malice, that despite the warning she received she went onwards. Her going back doesn't show intention of repenting, it shows intention of self-preservation. Even if she did go back, no doubt she would've done the same thing another day.
  11. quranist's are a paradox because in every language the Qur'an makes it clear hadiths are needed to have proper completion of religious practice. as for Shia/Sunni, pick the ones they both agree on and are graded by both as "saheeh" and "mutawaatir" and therein you will find the truth.
  12. there is one of your primary problems. stop being hopeless in God and asking for curses etc. otherwise Allah will leave you in your current state. That is because you are not believing in the Mercy of Allah and therefore this is tantamount to disbelief in Allah, I.e. kufr. Regardless of what happens, you must have hope in Allah because there is no limit to what He can forgive, and once you accept that you will be overwhelmed with sincerity and remorse should you truly want to change.
  13. haven't seen the hadith say "the biggest sect represents the right path". I think this last part is an added fabrication. especially given the Qur'an always says "most people disbelieved, except a few". Qur'an>hadith when hadith goes against Qur'an. In the Qur'an it is explained that there are hypocrites that God has not given the Prophet (pbuhf) that they're hypocrites, only God knew. That's God's decision. There are also the famous hadiths that remark about how many companions turn traitors after the death of the Prophet (pbuhf), therefore if they became traitors after he died, it would not make sense to judge them and make enemies out of them before they turn evil. He is supposed to be a mercy to mankind, not a dictator who slashes down anyone who is suspect. Ask them where they get it from. My understanding is that their 'ulama consciously interpret the Quranic verse in order to reconcile it with the ones they revere, otherwise it would bring shame to those who they revere who did not understand and even changed the meaning of the Qur'an. Then there is the laymen who were brought up on a certain belief and no way can most of them imagine the people they idolized all their lives committed such a foolish act as to change basic religious principles. You just said it. Earthly material is allowed. That is because A. The Prophet (pbuhf) did so, B. we are created from Earth and to Earth we will return C. Allah created the Earth (natural), whereas humans made the 'unnatural' material (carpets, synthetic items, etc.). Common sense. You cannot have a fallible human being deliver an infallible message, otherwise the infallible message will be rendered full off errors which is obviously an insult toward Allah who is Perfect. Likewise, a fallible human being cannot protect an infallible message, because again the fallible human being will make errors in interpretation of the message. Therefore the Imams and Prophets must be infallible of sin and error. This is mentioned properly in the Qur'an where Allah says on several occasions that He purified them, protected them, etc. Shaytan also admits to this by admitting he will not be able to influence the few people who are true slaves of Allah. other questions are too bulky to respond to. sorry.
  14. 3 main things for me; Logic, Love, Hate It's logical (as per Qur'an) God chooses the leader. "Verily, your guardian (wali) is Allah, His Messenger, and the believers—those who perform the prayers and give zakat (alms) while bowing down (ruku)." Qur'an 5:55 It's logical (as a believer in Allah) to love those who Allah chose. "Say: I don’t ask you any wage except to love my near kin. And if anyone earns any good We shall give Him an increase of good” Qur'an 42:23 It's logical to hate those who fight against Allah's chosen ones. "Those who denied/disbelieved, and died while disbelieving, on them are the curse of Allah, the angels, and mankind all. They will be in (curse) forever. And their penalty will not be lightened, nor will they be respited." Qur'an 2:161-2
  15. even if you don't practice it, just learning it is not allowed. The "stories" you hear from people should suffice. Furthermore, if you try to simply learn and not use it, the jinn will not allow you to simply walk away. For example, the moment you acquire a book about black magic you are setting yourself up for a horror movie. The shaytan is cunning, however by following Allah's warnings he is easy to outsmart. Qur'an says don't learn, means don't learn, no matter what. Go expand your knowledge on things that you will actually use in your life. As for protection from black magic, the Qur'an and hadiths of Ahlul Bayt ((عليه السلام)) are certainly enough to guide you, or do you doubt the root of your own faith?
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