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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So you have issue with beef bacon I suppose? Further, the Prophet (pbuhf) and his family dressed a particular way, why not imitate them? Why imitate the attire of "kuffar" with their ripped jeans and all? The mafia wears suits, best stay clear of such attire lest you are accused of feeling inferior. This isn't inherently sinful. Nor does it prove that he is more likely to smoke. Thus you are making an issue out of a non-issue. In all seriousness, I understand the premise of not likening oneself to evil. However, a fizzy drink, a can, are not inherently evil, and NOT exclusively associated with alcoholic drinks only.
  2. Side point: what if the doctor him/herself is delusional? Or is coerced by the state to submit to something contrary to truth? There are universal truths which are simply undeniable, this includes people WITHOUT ambiguous genitalia belonging to their corresponding gender. Male + female = baby, regardless of what the brain thinks. It does not take a doctor to understand this just as it doesn't take a mathematician to understand 2+2=4. A delusion is a belief incongruent with reality. A man capable of impregnating a woman, believing he is female, is incongruent with reality. Therefore he has the delusion of gender dysphoria, which does NOT apply to those with ambiguous genitalia given they do not fit the definition of gender dysphoria. No circular argument here. I am unsure why Sayed Khomeini is equating those with genetically abnormal biology (intersex/hermaphrodites) with persons of normal biology and delusional belief (i.e. gender dysphoria), in fact I doubt he was being inclusive of these two groups within the same verdict. I certainly agree with you and Abu Hadi, though as Abu Hadi elaborated, we have the framework to determine the correct ruling. Certainly 1400 years ago they did not deal with using computers for example, and the temptations which come along with it. Though obviously, we have the framework to point out enjoying explicit material is sinful. Likewise, a man likening himself to a woman or vice versa, whatever the method (expressive, hormonal, surgical), is a no-no.
  3. Just did a quick google search, I'd have two concerns; does it truly not contain even a speck of alcohol, because it seems there are other drinks that claim 0% but really it's just <0.03%, meaning there is still some alcohol, the second concern I have is how is it made, i.e. in a factory which is contaminated with alcoholic drinks? I suppose its also best to ensure there are no secretive ingredients as well which would otherwise be haram.
  4. that's paradoxical =P Non alcoholic drink*. Or... just a drink. Anyway @ OP I don't see an issue with it, though I am not particularly inclined to buy it, I may or may not try it. For those who claim it is imitating the kuffar, you best hop off everything made by kuffar, from clothes to their cheese to cars and halal beef bacon, and whatever else. Perhaps your shoes are an imitation of kuffar culture for all you know. Don't half of us work in a mixed gender work setting, i.e. kuffar culture? Say bye to your pay check I guess. See how ridiculous that mentality can get?
  5. fair point This sounds reasonable, though I don't think the term "gender dysphoria" you used later in your paragraph applies here, because labelling it as gender dysphoria seems to validate the people who have clear male or female biology but carry the delusion that they are of the opposite sex. Intersex is unclear biological sex, so it's invalid that they have a mismatch between their sex and gender when their sex is unclear. This to me is a very very important distinction which can make or break your position. I don't think it's a new issue regardless of accessibility to surgery, because my understanding is that there are several ahadith I came across previously which curse the man who acts like a female for example. There were cross dressers, delusional people, and what not back then too. Doesn't make sense that a religion for all times does not address the issues of all times. Also I wonder of the applicability, if any, of the following verse in this discussion:
  6. This doesn't seem to make sense given people born with ambiguous genitalia don't even have the capacity to communicate this let alone understand the implications. I am pretty sure there is a hadith that says whichever genitalia the child urinates from, that is his gender. And of course such a person can have sex reassignment surgery (which is really not reassignment, just removal of the "additional" genitalia). Brain = female gender and body = male sex with clearly XY features including the genitalia, I don't think sex reassignment surgery is permissible for these people no matter how feminine they may act or feel. I think this is what you are describing, correct me if I am wrong.
  7. Imam Ali ((عليه السلام)) once said it is better to be with good company than it is to be alone, and it is better yet to be alone than with bad company. People who would alienate a brother in faith are people of bad company.
  8. "So when Our decree came to pass, We turned them upside down and rained down upon them stones, of what had been decreed, one after another." Quran 11:82 For the crime of approaching men with desire instead of women, the earth was literally flipped on them, and they got capped with stones raining from the sky simultaneously. Let that image sink in. Thus there is nothing blasphemous about what I said. I am free to believe this just as you're free to believe same-sex relations is not egregious.
  9. Lul, calling me kaffir, munafiq, what's next? Mujrem? Indeed, unlike most others, you follow with your eyes and ears closed; they go left, you go right to where you started.
  10. Clearly you don't understand the gravity of this claim. By definition, one of us is not muslim the moment you stated this accusation. Nice assumption, however I was not referring to this incident. I alluded to incidents prior to this catastrophe you mention. Like I said, your very nature is disloyal. Islamic faith and Ahlulbayt are symbiotic.
  11. Yeah you're right, they only love the ones who hated Ahlulbayt ((عليه السلام)), but that's not the same as hating Ahlulbayt, no, it's cool, love the malicious killer and the killed. #Logic Ride or die is a concept you will never grasp. Your nature is disloyal.
  12. Well technically he was seen before he went into occultation. Why do you call such a thing an injustice to Allah? What is the injustice? "Rest assured, no one has a special relationship with God. Whoever denies me is not from my (community). The appearance of the Relief depends solely upon God. Therefore, those who propose a certain time for it are liars. As to the benefit of my existence in occultation, it is like the benefit of the sun behind the clouds where the eyes do not see it." I don't think that is a tough concept to grasp for a believer; a lot of what we call "faith" (which atheists lack) relies on this premise. The way I see the occultation is the same as what the posters above pointed out: 1-there must by definition as per Quran be a guide to mankind at all times; it doesn't restrict the nature of the way the guide guides, therefore it is not right that you state face-to-face communication is necessary to guide 2-that person must be from ahlulbayt, chosen by God via the Prophet > Imam Ali > Imam Hasan > Imam Hussein > Imam al Sajjad, and so on. 3-keeping the quote i cited above in mind, occultation fits the bill for the above two criteria, whereas a random descendant from the line of Hasan ((عليه السلام)) or Hussein ((عليه السلام)) arising after 1000s of years fails to meet the above two criteria As for the Prophet (pbuhf) not commenting on the major occultation, I don't know enough where that's true or not, but I do know that if any of the chosen guides after the Prophet state something truthful, then it is as if the Prophet (pbuhf) said it himself. Therefore Twelver position is more plausible than Zaydi?
  13. Salam brother. I just had a thought I wanted to share, we all know the verse: “Do not say regarding those who are slain in the path of God that they are dead; rather they are alive but you are not aware.” Quran 3:169 Surely these individuals have a role in the hereafter despite the fact that we don't perceive it. Although the Imam of our time is in occultation, does that necessarily prove he is inaccessible? Yes, via the conventional means we think of such as seeing, speaking directly to another human etc., he may be inaccessible in that sense. However, what about unconventional means such as inspiration by the permission of Allah? Or via dreams, etc.? Or exerting dimensional effects such that a sincere person who embarks on a rightful path is swayed towards truth? Why should we exclude these possibilities when the Quran states such things as a slain person (who dies in the way of Allah) is not dead, we simply don't perceive that they are alive through our conventional means. Perhaps some of my brothers can cut down the banter and comment on this as well, would be appreciated.
  14. I was referring more to the content of the prayer. 15min to pray thuhr/asr seems quite long compared to what is "mandatory" to say in prayer. For example, when you say salams at the end of salah, that marks the end of your prayer. To raise your hands 3 times and say Allahu akbar is a mustahab addition, not mandatory. Another example is raising your hands in dua during prayer. There are several more instances of these mustahab acts within prayer and I wager that if you figure out what's mandatory to say and what's not, then it will take less than 10 minutes easily to pray both thuhr and asr should you wish to combine the two.
  15. If you are not provided a formal lunch break or whatever, and if it will risk your job by taking 15min to pray (though I doubt anyone would get annoyed with that), I am sure then it would be desirable in such a situation for your prayers to contain only that which is mandatory, and not the extra mustahab things such as certain duas etc. Thus your prayer will be <10min.
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