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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Very easy to do, it just wouldn't be legal. Throw you on the boat in the middle of the ocean, that small hope you have you will be saved from starvation or drowning, there is a proof of God without the use of words.
  2. There are many jobs which don't require a degree, and they are just as honourable as any job with a degree, provided it brings forth halal income. It is extremely difficult, particularly with a criminal record, to get a job, but not impossible and there are 100s of real life examples of this. Further, never lose hope, never enter despair, because that is questioning the ability of Allah and therefore losing faith in Allah. Allah created the universe and all living things within it, can He not bring to you His creation? Despair is the reason you will never be married, not "Allah's plan". O
  3. i don't know. i don't know. i did not describe myself, i used "we", referring to any who holds belief of Allah dearly and strives towards perfection despite knowing perfection for the average human will never be achieved. I will say you are forgetting concepts, as Cool pointed out, such as one who goes to sleep in a state of wudhu it is as if he spent the night in prayer. Guess I'm at 33% at least. Lol. So no, you are not the only one, all the disbelievers are on board with you =)
  4. Elhamdillah. Many of us have been blessed and we have not yet been afflicted by any of that. And sometimes, life feels like an eternity. Yet we still worship Allah. So why would that change in 1000 years? It will only get stronger. Unfortunately, those who lack faith deny this possibility, because the possibility did not exist in the first place. So of course, it is difficult for them to accept it thereafter.
  5. By the human earning favour; coming back to the example of the killer and the killed, the killer (assuming he killed unjustly, obviously), will have no favour compared to the killed (who, perhaps, died fighting a tyrant) Exactly. Favouritism is a consequence of level of worship achieved by the human. Indeed, it is a very big question, who does God love? The obedient one or the disobedient one? Big question but easy answer. A truly awkward question is why would God love a tyrant as unconditionally as a kind-hearted righteous human being? Indeed, if God has chosen not to love a
  6. I like to think of it as a chessboard (ironically). There are certain limits, however there is a certain level of freewill. You cannot walk off the chessboard, but you can do whatever while on the chessboard, within its set of rules. As the Imams ((عليه السلام)) provide an example, it is as though you are standing on one leg only while the other leg is raised; the former representing your freewill and the latter representing predestination. It is neither here nor there, it is in the middle. Do we have complete free will? No. Is everything predestined? No. The answ
  7. Please Dave, I expected a more thoughtful reply. I did not say, imply, or allude that God expects 100%. God has favourites, and the opposite of favourites. Not everyone reaches the same level and not everyone is recompensed with the same reward for simply identifying with a monotheistic religion. God loving everyone... that is not fair, not logical, and most importantly, unjust. The killer and the killed will never be the same.
  8. Sure. Not arguing with anyone. However what you say does not relate to the category of people I referred to. They don't have love, they don't have light, they won't go to heaven, they will be in hell and even there they will be fighting amongst each other. Allah has some love for yazid (l.a), really? The nature of the "light" may not be different for him, but certainly Allah has withdrawn any and all light from such a black heart whether that heart is 'transparent' or 'opaque'. Punishment only will ensue. I will say though, that of course the human must earn their way to paradise. Ye
  9. No point in studying for a medical licensing exam if everyone will end up with a 100% anyway. Let alone someone who cheats on the exam and is caught red-handed... forget failing him and banning him from ever being a doctor in the country. This is called injustice. And we know justice is with God and God is with justice. But if what you say truly makes sense to you, I suppose you don't mind paying and being treated by a doctor who did 0 studying, all cheating. Good luck in heaven sir. I on the other hand don't want to be in a heaven where people are still killing each other; that's n
  10. usually truly religious people aren't avaricious. As someone who worships Allah, why keep billions and billions that you don't use and that you won't ever use when you could instead give it to starving humans. in fact, billionaires CAN'T use all that money even if they wanted to because they already have every luxury they're interested in, yet avarice prevails in their hearts. Something that will never prevail in the heart of a religious person. On top of what notme posted, you get what's described in this article: https://newint.org/blog/2017/05/24/how-the-world-keep
  11. don't take what i said out of context... i never stated "at the beginning" there was love. I went along with your eccentric perception of God for the sake of argument, and given my point was proven, I'm not interested in entertaining further.
  12. I suppose its understandable for someone who use to identify as shia to believe yazid(la), shirma (la) and their likes didn't die in a state of the worst evil, and go on to insinuate that there is a marja who agrees with this view.
  13. He is the First for whom there was no 'before' so that there could be anything before Him. He is the Last for whom there is no 'after' so that there could be anything after Him. He prevents the pupils of the eyes from seeing Him or perceiving Him. Time does not change over Him, so as to admit of any change of condition about Him. He is not in any place so as to allow Him movement (from one place to another). Then look on, questioner; be confined to those of His attributes which the Qur'an had described and seek light from the effulgence of its guidance. Leave to Allah that knowledge
  14. Same as the usual question of why God created evil. Regardless of the answer, we can all agree that Allah doesn't love anything about evil. Even if I were to concede to your point that at some point, yazid (la) was loved to some degree, there is no doubt that by the time he reached the end of his life, there is no love for him. This is unanimous for Shia as you know. Thus, again, point proven that not everyone can be loved by God. Admitting God has love for evil and evil acts/people is senseless, because a human can contend on the day of Judgement; "Oh God, I did that which you love
  15. Regardless, coming back to my first question to @Dave follower of The Way, to which you responded He is Love, some humans being deprived of Allah's love means that Allah does not love everyone. It's ludicrous to even fathom that fools like Yazid (la) have love from God.
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