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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, The green movement would not dare to come out on the 25th of Bahman. The people hate them too much now.
  2. Wa alaikum salam

    I heard that on this site somewhere, apparently S. Shirazi (i'm not sure which one) said you may not pray behind S. Khamenei or anyone who follows him, because they are not 'just'. I'll try and find it and get back to you. ws

  3. Salam! Maulana Taqi Rahimyan Saab at Idara e Jaferiya Tooting (urdu) last half of Ramadhan inshAllah
  4. Actually I think its because he is not saying the vote counting is wrong, rather that the whole thing was a scam. But you are right....shame on him
  5. Salam Dear Sis, Regarding hijab this is a very simple yet beautifull explanation of hijab in Islam. http://www.al-islam.org/hijab/ This is also a lecture about Hijab. http://www.shiatv.net/view_video.php?viewk...fa0c517ad0d557a I hope this is all usefull :) Regarding the marriage issue the best thing would probably be is to ask a shia scholar. Im sure some brotheres or sisters can point you in the right direction aswell.
  6. Wasalam hehe played for Surrey so got picked from that and now they just call me back for any international fixture...
  7. (bismillah) (salam) Over the past few days I have been training with New Zealand and West Indians at the Oval in their pre tournamaent training. Luckily I will be training with all the teams all through out the tournament so if you are ever down at the Oval on match days, give me a wave! I thought I would upload these pictures of me bowling in the nets...
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Holding onto Light Looking into the darkness Hoping for light I sank deeper in sorrow With no freedom or flight I looked deep inside me To find myself again To free me from this suffering To get rid of the pain I felt so far from myself Yet I felt pain in my chest My soul wanted to be free It had been left oppressed My body smiled and it laughed But my tears flowed as I cried What kept me going still ticked But a massive part of me died But this ticking was blurred My beating heart seemed dark As my soul left me for dead It left a poisonous mark And the gash that was there No one else could see Yet its presence overwhelmed And took over me It killed me slowly I was being deceived Showing darkness as light Lies as truth I believed Now I lived for this world I forgot what life is The unseen mattered not I saw matter exists This matter corrupted me Blurring the truth I could not think for myself Turned me old in my youth Once when I was down I looked for darkness again Looked again for fake freedom But I felt a new pain This pain left me breathless Struck me deep in my heart Struck me a crippling blow And started to tear me apart The first pain that I felt Took my dying soul This new pain took the world Its love took my control Neglecting my soul I already left it behind Ignorance covered my thought And controlled my mind I was losing that which I thought Would always keep me free But just like I left my soul This world left me How could I have been so blind Leaving the truth Thank God truth called back And I went back to my youth And that is when I realized It is when you feel secure You start to forget Allah Because you stand on a floor But it is when that ground Is gone from under your feet You remember true hope The one that makes you complete I remember again how I left Allah But He never left me I locked myself in a prison Yet He was there with the key Through the air that I breathed And the food that I ate All his blessings were there Yet I could not think straight From now where I stand Fourteen beacons I see Helping me stay strong Their stories keeping me free Their stories keeping me standing Their stories giving me light My life seemed dark to me Now even the night shines bright Once someone close to me said Rays from the sun keep the world alive Now I say to you dear friend These pure rays let you thrive S.M.A.J Feel free to comment :)
  9. (bismillah) (salam) Stepping Forward Dreams are there to be lived Potential’s there to be moulded Your heart is there to believe Your destiny is unfolded Know life and live true Dive deep where there’s light Seek love that is pure Find freedom in flight Find hope in the lost Happiness in sorrow Leave grief and move forward Let others follow Make your own destiny Is what they always say Work hard at what you do And remember to pray For God gave you power And every breath that you take Without the strength of faith Your foundations will shake You need to be firm You need to be steadfast Stand tall in your tests Make your victories vast Work hard on yourself Make sure everything counts Become the best you can be Climb your tallest mounts Break all your barriers Break all limiting walls Let yourself be free Lift yourself from your falls Keep your aim focused Do not go astray Do not fall for fake life So on your path you can stay Do not fall for the pleasures That last just a while And neglect your true life By making them worthwhile This world is for a moment Free yourself from its lust Understand who you are To live life, this is must For you can be forever Make your life into a story Make your mark in the present They will remember your glory So reach out for your purpose And that is to be free And work hard for your dreams And become what you want to be.
  10. I have no idea whether the story is true or not but can I just point out bro tauqeers highlight of ignorance in his previous post. First time I have heard theat the credibility of someone is judged by them NOT bieng scholars and Ayatullahs. Mir Anees is an amazing poet and an absolute legend no doubt. According to this bro tho, if you are a good poet, you are reliable, well can I just remind you that yazid was also a good poet, you rely on him to?
  11. (bismillah) (salam) I run towards life Dropping towards death I open my eyes for this world Blinding my sight I hear the soft spoken sounds Deafening my ears I taste sweeter then honey Turning my mouth sour I reach towards the brightest star I dig deeper into the darkness ..... I feel freedom of my body Destroying my fragile soal... --------------------------------------- To enjoy life we must understand what life is. Please dont neglect your soul.
  12. Thankyou Spriglief :) Anymore suggestions for names pleasE?
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