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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do you religious works well ! In both personal and social scopes.
  2. آدم نباید به خاطر اعمال خوبی که انجام داده مغرور بشه تکیه بر تقوا و دانش در طریقت کافری است راهرو گر صد هنر دارد توکل بایدش اگه تو کوچه یه دیوونه ای رو دیدیم مسخرش نکنیم. چون ممکنه مقامش پیش خدا از ما خیلی بالاتر باشه فر او کروبیان را جان شدست او در این دیوانگی پنهان شدست
  3. US is under the control of Zionist financiers whose US authorities fear from them. The main problem is these Zionist financiers not Israel. Soon or late Israel won't exist enymore.
  4. that article has been edited and has a lot of lies. Drug charge was made by Zionists to deprive him from heir. Did you know that finally after Edoaro's death (the only heir of Fiat), a Jewish man (John Lapo alkane, below pic) inherited the Fiat company? In spite of that he wasn't Gianni Agnelli's son.
  5. Salam I can just say: " Oh... my god! thank you that we have toilets other than western ones in our house."
  6. Above I explained. After Zionist threats he wanted to be a refugee to Iran.
  7. There isn't a supreme friendly proof that Zionists killed him and we discuss about this problem from our point of view. We say that it's unlikely that a believing Muslim commit a suicide. He performed his religious duties well. Meanwhile before Edoardos death, according to his sayings to his best Iranian friend (Hossein Abdollahi, below picture), he was threatened several times by Zionists. In that time Fiat group had a key role in Italy's problems even in politics. Edoardo used his power several times to increase pressure on political authorities of Italy to prevent Zionists from killing Palestinians . Finally he had said to Hossein that he wants to bocome a refugee to Iran because of those threats. Edoardo had a lot of social activities and wasn't a depressed man.
  8. I created this topic to share spiritual Farsi poems. These poems have very deep meanings, so if every one can trasnlate any of them I'll be grateful. تو یکی تو نیستی ای خوش رفیق بلکه گردونی و دریای عمیق ***************************** جهان بهر ما گرچه آراستند زما و تو چیز دگر خواستند ***************************** بیرون ز تو نیست هرآنچه در عالم هست از خود بطلب هرآنچه خواهی که تویی
  9. I see the God every where. I see Him by seeing a beauiful flower. I see Him by seeing the subtlety of a mosquito's wing. I see Him by seeing the infinite space. I see Him by ... Every thing in this universe is a mirror reflecting one of Allah's attributes.
  10. The greatest automotive company (or at least one of them) of the world in that time.
  11. There are more details about his life but unfortunately you can't find those in english websites. I picked them up from persian websites.
  12. In this topic I want to introduce someone to you was martyred by zionists and he's the only martyr whose body has been buried in a church in Italy. Stay with me. Edoardo Agnelli (9 June 1954 – 15 November 2000) was the only son of Marella and Gianni Agnelli, the industrialist patriarch of Fiat. Agnelli was born in New York to Italian parent .After studying at Atlantic College; he read modern literature and oriental philosophy at Princeton University and graduated with a Ph.D. His father, Senator Gianni Agnelli was the rich Italian and owner of auto manufacturers Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati, Lfarvmyv, Lancia, Abarth, Iveco with several factories producing industrial parts and Juventus Football Club. Islam: Edoardo says: "Once, when I was in New York, walking in the library and looking at the books, my eyes fell to the Quran. I became curious to see what is provided in this book. I picked it up and started paging through the book and read its verses in English. I felt that these words are luminous and they couldn't be a human speech. I was impressed and borrowed it and read more and felt that I understand it and accept it." After that he goes to an Islamic center in New York and states his request that he wants to become a Muslim. Shiism: The first acquaintance of Hisham Aziz (new name of Edoardo) with Shiism and Islamic revolution of Iran was through one of TV interviews of Doctor Mohammad Hassan Qadiri Abyaneh (Press attaché of the embassy of Iran in Italy between 1979 to 1982). By becoming a Shia Mahdi was the new name that Edoardo selected for himself. He had traveled to Iran several times and after he had met with Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini and Sayyed Ali Khamenei he went to pilgrimage of Imam reza's shrine (eighth Imam of Shia). Martyrdom or suicide? In November 2000, 46 year old Agnelli's body was found, near Turin, on a river bed beneath a motorway viaduct, on which his car was found abandoned. The death was considered by Italian investigators to have been suicide but the truth is something else. Why he should commit suicide while he was a believing Muslim and he had said several times that he wants to go to Iran to continue his education in Qom? Apparently he was thrown from top of the bridge! Edoardo Agnelli (Mahdi) was the victim of a Zionist plot to prevent a Muslim becoming head of Fiat. After his martyrdom, his body was buried in his family tomb in Italy. Below pic is news that Edoardo had set about his meeting with Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini in Italian. Below pic is Edoardos perception of Sura Al-Kahf in Italian:
  13. This is one of my favorite foods; Geimeh :D
  14. By permission of narsis :) : Baatil means wrong; against right.
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