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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Okay then, i don't want to go into the obvious details that make the islamic society better for single parent. Even if she never sees him again, it is still no problem. It can be solved. In a islamic society, financial support for that woman would be the easer part.
  2. You can not explain it simply, since people don't want to distinguish societies, Islamic one and the western one. In islamic societies, i am talking about the one when the Prophet (saww) was alive, mutah was no risk at all when it comes to children. There were solutions for everything. They get pregnant, ok, give birth, ok. Man accepts the responsibility with his heart and helps that woman and his child. But this is too hard to grasp for the sunnis. You better don't explain anything to them, it is like talking to the walls.
  3. Having se* with yourself is....What do you think? But it's easier said that done. I mean to stop doing it.
  4. Greatest speech ever on Syria, who says that? You?
  5. Really, the biggest dealers of drugs accuse others of selling drugs?
  6. Mark Zuckerberg was here.

  7. It is not about the graphics, but about the gameplay. Do you like the current weather in your area?
  8. I expect to be much wiser and smarter with this new design.
  9. You also take a picture of yourself, give it to your mother, she gives it to the girl she showed you on the pic. The girl is also supposed to say "Yeah he looks alright". And that is it my friend. Congratulation.
  10. Lanat on all those games who can not run on my pc.
  11. okay. He can't be the mayor of London. That's is that I wanted to say. Cuz some higher authorities decide who will be the mayor.
  12. Does George gallow know that people cant vote on elections, that other set up the players (politicians)?
  13. 1. To get married. 2. Not successful at all. No hopes. 3.Not sure but there could be few things. I can not delete parts of my history so I have to carry them with me.
  14. You are right. edit: Not to mention how humiliating this action is.
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