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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. This is for good , or for the very long term sister. Thank you, and thank you to everyone, and again please forgive me if anything i have said or did has hurt anyone. Do what you need to do sister, unregister me. I have good enough reasons.
  2. I apologise to anyone i have ever offended in any way, shape or form. Please forgive me. The time has come i move on, for personal reasons, and i can't stay here therefore. Please pray for me, and i will also pray for you all, may Allah help you in your affairs, your parents especially, and guide us all to the path of Muhammed wa Ale Muhammed. If i had hurt anyone, made a promise i did not keep, please pardon me.
  3. Are you a government spy? If so, your HQ should be on ummah forums, where i have heard people glorify isis, al nusra, et al. [they consider us both kuffar and i have been called a kaffir on there] np for the tip off.
  4. Inalilahi wainna ilayhi raji'oon, i am truly sorrow to hear about your loss brother, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this difficult time.
  5. The most objective moderator this forum may have ever had.
  6. Men should learn NEVER to get friendzoned like this - the idea is NOT to take a sister on a date anyway. You shouldn't be doing that unless you plan on marrying her and it's done in a halal manner ofc, with say someone else or a public area. To do this and get friendzoned?
  7. This was just CRINGE. Hashtag damndaniel Hashtag soldierdown Men have some respek for yourselves. Not that i encourage what they are doing if she didn't friendzone him islamically, but my God. I'm getting off this planet on the next stop. This is just not natural at all. What has happened to men of my generation and where is the respek?
  8. I think the brothers should let the sisters battle this out.
  9. Just read comments from so-called 'moderates' saying "while i don't condone this act by daesh, the shia rawafiwh deserve what comes to them for their support of the 'butcher bachar al assad'" May Allah remove his mercy from murderers and suicide bombers.
  10. Don't listen to them brah. They can't take on Alpha men like you. Alpha's gonna be alpha.
  11. You are a lecturer in medical school, maybe i did underestimate you.
  12. Tbh, now i know why surah Yusuf [as] was the best of stories. Women, wanting to practise infedelity and / shallow-behaviour verses a chaste, godfearing man who recognised the transient reality of animalistic desire and outward beauty. The best of humanity verses the worst. So understated.
  13. It's not strictly from my own experience, it's also from brothers i know. The thing is, many of these women aren't really that shallow, they are just decent women biologically programmed to want certain things and they are in their 20's. They'll start to get their heads sorted in their 30's, but the issue is, so many men are unaware of these things. I actually am writing this not even on behalf of myself strictly, because while i feel okay about the physical side of things, i just can't stand inequality and injustice, whether it favours me or not. Having said that, that was a very ki
  14. BINGO. You've hit the nail right on the door there. I am almost certain you aren't that much of a genius to that thought that up right now, this is something that must have taken like time. You're very intelligent, but i would be impressed if you figured that out like over the post. Maybe you heard that from other women.
  15. True. Women in their 30's tend to be far more mature. Women in their 20's [not all mind, but many, are just ridiculous]. Same for men really. Not everyone can be an Ali ibn Abi Talib a.s and Fatima a.s marrying at that young age and being decent , mature human beings who actually won over lesser parts of human nature. The more i study humanity the more the ahlulbayt asws amaze me.
  16. I think any woman below 5"7 who wants a 6"0+ guy needs to take a hard, long look at the mirror and understand how genetics works and how she will contribute to the height of her kids which another shallow woman will again discriminate on. Btw, i am not being bitter, i'm already around 6"0, but i think it's DISGUSTING the behaviour i've seen among *some* women in their 20's. As long as he is taller, why place so much emphasis? You're only 5"0 and you want a 6"2 guy? It's not enough he towers over you, and your dad and all of your male relatives, you still want him to tower over you in
  17. Any woman can lose weight. No man is going to get taller without surgery or a late growth spurt. Brb is 5"0 Brb wants a 6"1/2 guy Brb forgets her dad is 5"6, she's 5"0, and doesn't understand how genetics works. Brb incredibly shallow and body-shames 'skinny' guys.
  18. Don't ever get to a point where you think you've dug yourself in to deep and what's the point anymore? Continue to reform and always have hope.
  19. No it won't. AFAIK social media is peaking in use and people are now perhaps opting for more anonimity. SC has also massively improved, enormously, so quickly. One proper media campaign + easier registration = profit.
  20. You know, i don't really think blue eyes or blonde hair realy is all that for men. In reality, men are looking for: cheekbones, eyes [whatever colour, shape is important], bone structure, body-shape. Hair colour, skin colour and eye colour are not that consequential imho. Furthermore, women can easily hide behind make up. It's just incredibly easy. For a guy to be 'buff' that requires years of weight-lifting, eating strict, getting excess calories, the right ammount of protein, lifting heavy weights. No doubt, for a sister it is also a huge effort, and not to belittle it, but it isn'
  21. If i had a dinar every time i heard a 5"3 or 4 girl and below claim to want a 6"0+ guy [note, only 16% of men are that tall, and far fewer among indians/arabs relative to white guys], i would be as rich as a arab sultan dictator mining multiple oil-fields. Those around 5"0-5"2 in paticular more heavily emphasize height than ones around 5"5. I have LEGITIMATELY seen 5"0 women calling 5"9 guys short. Putting aside shallow women like that are the cause [or partially the cause] genetically for the height of their kids. Truly blows my mind. And they must be called out on it and the publi
  22. It will get meaningless after a while and you'll want to settle down and have substance. Key is to focus on yourself, be independent , so when you are in a relationship with a sister inshallah in a marriage, you don't come across as needy or give her the power in the relationship. You naturally are goal oriented and that's it.
  23. Absolutely not, which is why i mentioned it. Marriage absolutely needs mutual respect, but what often occurs is that due to biology, what should happen as decent human beings, and what happens due to biology are often mismatched. I have a rule: If a woman would treat a far better looking guy with much more love, respect, and such things, that is a massive red flag. In a marriage, once people commit, they should give their all.
  24. Mutah again and again is just meaningless. There is no substitute for a long-term healthy marriage. We are just duped by western culture and failing morality to assume certain behaviours are what we ought to do. Even those non-muslim guys who have been with so many women tell me that they regret it and wish they just settled down earliar as what they did had no substance. Just focus on yourself, lift daily, get a decent hair-cut, work on your hobbies, studies/work and imaan. Disregard women, aquire aesthetics/career/imaan.
  25. I would personally say even for women who don't place as much value on looks, she is still a woman with female biology, and she will react in a certain way, that is absolutely indicative of her natural reaction. It's ingrained into biology. Even women who might be less shallow will instinctively be far more receptive to looks if it comes their way. If you propose to a woman who might be flexible on looks, and are 6"2 200lbs shredded , 9/10 facial aesthetics, i can garuentee in 90/100 cases she will be far more receptive and far more likely to overlook other flaws and show far more in
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