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  1. Is it still haram to masturbate without releasing sperm? Even if you can still feel the sperm moving... Is it still haram? I already know releasing sperm is haram
  2. Salam.. First I would like to clarifiy that I do not watch porn... (Alhamdulah) But some how I cannot control the urges and I can't help myself and I relase sperm What happens now? And what should I do?
  3. What are the rules on music? Or are music completly haram? Every Muslim (mostly) they listen to music
  4. Salam Today I hade a very bad dream... This is my dream.... I got captured by ISIS, then after a few days I joined ISIS (I don't know why I did). Then later on I was exacuting innocents by shooting them on their heads ( :0 ) -Also I felt excited at my dream What do you guys think
  5. Just curious to know if we Muslims can still practise slaverly and have intercoures with them
  6. That's wired being a Shia but in Sunni beliefs
  7. What I'f she took her scarf off... What will Allah punish her?
  8. Some please explain me this link. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/quran/015-slavery.htm
  9. Whay happend when Imam Ali (as) became a calipha of Muslims? We're sunni and Shia together in one ummah?
  10. I go to sunni school and all seem to dislike Hezbollah. Especially the Arabaic teachers (he hates ISIS Tho)
  11. Was that guy covered up in scorpions and how did happen
  12. Muslims love Jesus and we can celebrate his birthday, just like how I love my brother amd celebrate his birthday. This is my logic I don't know if it's haram or not, but it's just my logic
  13. Who is he with. Who does he protect Who is enemies Etc etc
  14. Anyway, most of them are uneducated people amd some regret joining ISIS
  15. Ok than terrioist leaders are Jews?
  16. Ok this is my understanding of ISIS- tell me I'm right or wrong ISIS is a Jewish organisation terriost groups that catches Muslims attention to join ISIS
  17. I sometimes ask a question to myself: if islam has nothing to do with terrorism, why are their terrisost muslims?
  18. What is a salafi and the best 3 generations by the prohphet pbh
  19. Ok so why did Abu Bakr lead prayers when the prophet was ill? Why didn't Ali as lead the prayers
  20. Yah writing by Sunnis (most likely) Does it matter weather you say ra or as
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