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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from AmirioTheMuzzy in Is It Permissible To Learn Magic Tricks?   
    Thanks! Now I can get to work xD
    That's my point exactly. It's not like I'm summoning djinns to do my bidding.
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from saeid tavakoli in Adoption In Iran   
    I've heard Iranian babies are cute o.o ...but then again, they all are xD
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from Sol 7 in Any Naqshbandis Here?   
    Yes, it is! :)
    The Order's Grandshaykh is said to be a Turkish Seyyed who traces his lineage to Abdul Qadir Jilani on his father's side and Mevlana Rumi on his mother's side(I'm talking about the late Shaykh Nazim).
    My "branch" of the Order takes the Turkish element to a whole new level. It is called the Osmanli Naksibendi Hakkani Sufi Tarikat. It's aim is to bring people closer to the lifestyle of the prophet by focusing on the daily life in the Ottoman Empire. Overall, pretty exciting stuff that really starts kicking your butt after a while xD!
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    Mithrandir reacted to ShiaMan14 in very hard muta questions   
    Moreover, it was not a case that women waited around for men, then did anonymous muta and the men left the next morning. Before any battle, the arabs would recite long rijis about themselves and their ancestors to enhance their status. So you dont think they would do something similar or at least brag to the women about who they were.
    As far as single parent situation goes, the arab culture from 1,400 years ago was more communal. As a matter of fact, even the Prophet was sent to a wet-nurse (Hz Halima) for at least 2 years (I think) or more.
    You are trying to understand the Arab culture of 1,400 years ago in today's western terms - its not going to work. Its akin to having a conversation about how the arabs of 1,400 years ago parallel parked their camels.
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    Mithrandir reacted to Reza in Will Mutah Ruin Me?   
    I'm paranoid and scared just like you about everything, so I understand.  But everything has risks.  Let me add another one, in authentic style:
    risks of breathing:
    pollution risk
    allergy risk
    koodies risk
    germs risk
    breathing bad stuff risk
    all those chemicals and what they do to you risk
    taking somebody else's air risk
    smoking risk
    addiction and dependence on breathing risk
    lung injury risk
    wasting earth's resources risk
    COUGHING risk!!!!
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    Mithrandir reacted to Noorelhussain in What Does Labbak Hussain Mean?   
    Wa alayekom as salam,
    Syed Hasan Nasrallah explains what Labbayk Ya Hussayn(as) means beautifully. "Labbaik Ya Hussain" means we are at your service O Hussain, "Labbaik Ya hussain means that you are present in the battle even if you are alone, even if people left you, people accused you, and people let you down, "Labbaik Ya Hussain" is that you, your money, your parents, family and children to participate in this battle, "Labbaik Ya Hussain means, that a mother pushes her son to fight and if he got martyred and beheaded and thrown back onto his mother, she hold him in her lap and wipe his blood and sand off his face, and says to him with accpetance "May Allah brighten your face my son, like you did brighten mine with Fatima-az-Zahra on the day of judgement", this is the meaning of "Labbaik Ya Hussain", Labaik Ya Hussain is for a mother, sister and wife, to get her husband, her son, or her brother ready for the battle and push him to Jihad, Labaik Ya Hussain means that Zainab to give her Brother Hussain the passport to Martyrdom, This is the meaning of "Labbaik Ya Hussain".
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    Mithrandir reacted to :Sami II in They Don't Want You To Know This-The Final Chapter   
    In the name of :Allah most gracious most merciful
    I like to dedicate my final chapter to my dear sons, my beautiful daughters, my sweet grandsons and my loving granddaughters who will be reading this.I wish to dedicate this to all my dear nephews here on SC. To the sisters who followed my topics and especially my grasshopper.To my other grasshoppers here who are busy making their millions inshallah.I also wish to dedicate this to a special sister, who wanted to know more about how to become one of the 313. I want to apologise to you for not answering your questions before, and if I was rude to you please forgive me.I will endeavour to answer all your questions here inshallah. And how can I forget my 4 wives, without them I would still have all my hair, and of course my dear young mother in laws, without them I would not have life itself.
    My aim here is to summarise all the things I spoke about during the last few years on SC. I realise that many things I speak of is not conventional and my writing style may be difficult to follow and comprehend. I will try to be normal here and will try to simplify as much as I can and give many examples. Ask as many questions you like and I will try to answer them the best I can.
    Before I begin I like to make a disclaimer, that the information I am about to share with you is to make you think, ask more of the right questions and seek real answers. It is not to advise you personally on what you should do or not do. Most of you are young and live with your mother and father, they are responsible for you, and as your elders, you should seek their counsel first before attempting anything. These are my own personal views in which I have researched  for myself and my family. I am not a scholar in Islam, nor am I a licensed professional advisor, I am not here to offer advise as a medical professional, I am not here as a financial advisor and I am not here to gain and pass commercial judgements of any kind. I am only here as a concerned brother who wants his shia brothers and sisters to be better prepared for our beloved :Al-hujjat atf.
    I believe his return is near, the exact date only :Allah swt knows, and as prescribed to us by him, we should be ready as he will arrive soon. My ideas and thinking about the preparation and times towards his return are quite unique to most of you. I have gathered information from many sources including the sources from our learned respected scholars. However this is very limited in telling us in detail of events leading to his return, and it is very vague for those who really want to be amongst his 313. This had lead me to seek answers from another source, mainly the anti-313. There is  more information about them, and I have had the privy and fortune to know some of these members in person. So I have studied the adversaries well, which then gives me a better idea of the 313. I would like with all your permission to share what I have learnt in the last 50+ years of my life, so it may assist you to be amongst the 313 inshallah.
    Please remember me in your Duas (Abu Muhammad).
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    Mithrandir reacted to guest050817 in On Debating The Existence Of God   
    This is a very interesting point. Perhaps both are necessary, but i will come back to this post after my exams inshAllah.
    Dear brother,
    I would argue that there is indeed a definitive irrefutable proof for the existence of God. Had there not been a non-irrefutable proof, then it would have been unjust for God to create man with the facets of intelligence yet not give man the ability to definitively attain yaqeen in his existence.
    By the nature of reality, everything has a refutation, even the age of the earth, despite it being conclusively older than say, 7000 years.
    I personally think an atheist on the day of judgement would have a big argument against Allah swt, and simply say, you created me with a mind , a brain, and you never made this rational mind access the yaqeen in your existence as arguments for your existence was refutable.
    I incline to what our scholars have personally shown, in that it is irrefutable. This does not mean it can't have a refutation.
    The problem wth this is, for myself personaly, do the smaller more traditional arguments for Gods existence suffice? If yes, is yaqeen easily obtainable, but built upon by futhering in debates, or is early yaqeen on simpler argumentation pseudo-yaqeen that can be shaken once someone - an atheist- challenges it with the next wave or level of arguments?
    I totally appreciate what you are trying to say here brother , by the way.
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    Mithrandir reacted to baradar_jackson in [LAWS]Is It Haram To Join The U.s Army/military?   
    Just don't do it.
    Even if you have no sense of ta'asob... you should at least look after your own personal safety. Do you honestly think the US military is a good place for mozzzzzlems to be?
    I had a friend. His father is Libyan, mother is Irish-American. He was born and raised in the states. He was a US Marine. He got into a fight with a skinhead in his platoon and ended up getting a serious head injury which scored him a pension of sorts. But although he was a very sharp dude and very good at talking politics, strategy, etc... He had bouts of memory loss. Like for example: it could have been the year 2009, and he would write some date from 2005 on his checks at the bank. He would forget things like that.
    Anyway, the point is: why to lower your dignity? Non-Muslims in the US military can't stand it, what makes you think you would have anything short of a dreadful time?
    And this is all separate from the discussion of oppression and all that, which adds a whole nother element. 
    I was talking with a friend of mine, a hybrid dude: half Lebanese half Afghani. He said he was trying to encourage his brother to sign up for the Air Force. I was like: [Edited Out] is you crazy? I can't believe how casually some people bring it up. It's not a good idea for any reason.
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    Mithrandir reacted to Haydar Husayn in [LAWS]Is It Haram To Join The U.s Army/military?   
    I'm the cafeteria Muslim? You're the one constantly going on about how the Prophet lived over 1400 years ago, so his example no longer applies. You also don't seem to think many principles in the Qur'an apply to living in the modern West (like enjoining the good and forbidding the evil). It therefore takes some nerve for you to turn around and calls us the cafeteria Muslims.
    The fact is that the example I gave of the Imams still applies to the situation we at discussing here. Namely, that you don't need to consider a government legitimate in order to live under them or to benefit from them.
    You need to lead to actually discuss the issues, rather than simply repeating the same thing over and over, while insulting your opponents, and ignoring the substance of their arguments.
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    Mithrandir reacted to :Sami II in Whats The Best Lesson You've Learned?   
    never say never 
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    Mithrandir reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in Whats The Best Lesson You've Learned?   
    Dont rub your eyes after eating tadorri chicken with hands......
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from starlight in From Which Person Have You Learned The Most..   
    My mom.
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    Mithrandir reacted to Qa'im in Paul Of Tarsus In Islamic Text ?   
    Paul is mentioned in a longer tradition about the seven people in the pit of hell.
    أما الخمسة فقابيل الذي قتل هابيل ونمرود الذي حاج إبراهيم في ربه قال أنا احيي واميت وفرعون الذي قال أنا ربكم الاعلى ويهودا الذي هود اليهود وبولس الذي نصر النصارى ومن هذه الامة إعرابيان.
    From Imam al-Baqir [a], "As for the five, they are (1) Kane, who killed Abel, (2) Nimrod, who challenged Abraham regarding his Lord, saying 'I give life and I give death', (3) Pharaoh, who said 'I am your Highest Lord', (4) a Jew who Judaized the Jews, (5) Paul, who Christianized the Christians, (6-7) And from this Nation, two bedouins (Abu Bakr and `Umar)."
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    Mithrandir reacted to King in Attraction To A Specific Ethnicty/race   
    Sometimes people are attracted to something that is different or foreign (fair skinned people finding darker people exotic etc). Sometimes too much familiarity can be a turn off, sometimes people are just sick of their own culture, sometimes people can be attracted to certain physical traits dominant in other races and on and on and on. There's usually no rational basis and typically these things aren't well thought out, it is what it is.
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from starlight in Anyone Here The Only Shi'a Member Of Their Family   
    I'm the only Shia in my family, in my city, in my province. I don't even think I can get married if I don't relocate to  a place where there are Shias.
    In other words, I see no future for myself in my country.
    My classmates make fun of me, calling me things like 'freak show', 'bloodbath' and 'tatbir junkies'...
    I practice taqiyyah in the masjid as the deobandis consider Shias to be kafir.
    But it's also very rewarding being a lover of Imam Ali. When they make fun of you, you always have a hundred comebacks to throw back at them.
    In the end, it is totally worth it!
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from Hamzah313 in Muslims Join Isis To Escape Sexual Frustration   
    That moment you realize this stuff is real. God, have we seriously turned into vikings?
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    Mithrandir got a reaction from apofomysback in Shia Sunni Marriage   
    Move on. Just a guy, y'know. Of course, he's not just a guy to you. Why don't take the time to think about whether the boy has any intrinsic value or not, with respect to you that is. He totally gave up on you the first sign that difficulty popped up, so how do you think he'll fare in marriage? Perhaps you've grown attached to him because of all the time you've spent together, but that's more of a chemical reaction than 'love'. But then again, the emotions associated with 'love' are also a product of chemical reactions in the brain, so perhaps you should think about that.
    Take the time and involve yourself in some motivational activities, that'll help in directing your mind and attention towards some helpful and enjoyable pursuits.
    Take care,
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    Mithrandir reacted to repenter-gone4awhile in Iran Nuclear Deal: Historic Agreement In Vienna   
    Let's wait and see, it's not like the Americans have broken any deals before.Am i speaking greek? I don't know how to explain this any better. I don't care about the deal. Here is the situation. Someone has forced you to not be allowed to shop, go to school, have visitors, buy stuff etc. Then you have spent 30+ years trying to fight this person that is forcing you on your knees, having lost all your kids and friends in the process. Now this someone is saying, ok if you stop learning how to do stuff on your own i'll let you go to the mall to shop, but only in some stores, not all of them.
    Do i really need to point out the shame and problem here? It's like the story of Imam Hussein is just a fairy tale. I don't know what to say.
    And finally, if you really believe that this deal was even close to being signed without the Israellis seeing the benefit in it, then i'm sorry. The media is a show for you too think they are upset. Now all their companies can freely sell Iran their products, destroying iranian made produce, while at the same time having Irans nuclear program in check, and they can pull the plug whenever they want.
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    Mithrandir reacted to Qa'im in Secular West Running Out Of Haram To Make Halal   
    Still waiting to see the legalization of consensual incest. Love is love, right?
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    Mithrandir reacted to hasanhh in Has Islam Been Hijacked By The West?   
    Now, most of you live in countries that use to be colonies or just occupied.
    To ask, "Has Islam been Hijacked by the West?", ... have you forgotten? They steal everything.
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    Mithrandir reacted to Haydar Husayn in Sexual Diversity In Islam   
    Rather than even bothering to waste my time refuting that nonsense, let me just point out that anyone who calls themselves a 'progressive Muslim' is declaring from the start that they are coming to Islam with an agenda (a 'progressive' agenda). They are people that admire progressive values, but would like to remain Muslim at the same time. Hence, they seek to reconcile the two by reinterpreting Islam in such a way that it becomes compatible with their cherished values. Now, the problem with this should be obvious to everyone. Instead of letting the texts speak for themselves, the 'progressive Muslim' is reading the text with a pre-determined outcome in mind. So in this instance, they start off from the point of view of wanting to prove that homosexuality is allowed in Islam, and will twist meanings, selectively quote, and use deceptive argumentation in order to accomplish their goal. Many examples could be given from this article, and other similar ones.
    Now, I don't really know if all these people actually believe the rubbish they spout, but what I do know is that many of them have no other goal than to confuse the issue. If they can make it seem like Islam has no firm position on these issues, then naturally the average Muslim will be more likely to believe that there can't be that much harm in going with flow. Alternatively, they will just think that the issue seems really complicated, so who are they to judge. This is a tactic that has been repeated over and over. In Muslim circles, we've seen it most often with the hijab (how many times have we heard it said that hijab isn't in the Qur'an?).
    These people are deceptive liars, and following them will lead you straight to hell. This religion has been preserved through centuries of scholarship by people who spent their lives studying this religion, from all angles. While they may have come at the texts with their own cultural biases, at least they weren't coming at it with a completely foreign world-view. The difference is your biases will affect your rulings in cases where there is a lack of evidence, or contradictory evidence. However, you aren't going to go against dozens of hadiths for the sake of your culture. On the other hand, someone with a worldview other than Islam will quite happily reject hundreds of hadiths for the sake making Islam conform to their worldview.
    These are dangerous times, and Muslims should pray for guidance and protection, for both themselves and especially the younger generation.
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    Mithrandir reacted to alirex in Nakhshawani   
    What is good in Ammar Nakshwani ? If you can find .. Take it. Simple. But you must know " what is good " first.
    And i am sure Ammar Nakshwani will never say " believe me " , he will give you information .. You go and verify it with books if they matched with the islamic rules go ahead and if not treat him as a human like you. This is peoples mistake they started believing without verifying.
    Always remember Imam Ali (as) wording .. " Look at what is being said, not who is saying it. "
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    Mithrandir reacted to monad in Nakhshawani   
    You question the authenticity of another human, using other humans, as the main cause of concern is trust and lack of knowledge. Possibly it is time for you to give your self a life long goal of studying your religion, through books and analysis, until you can come to your own apparent conclusion.
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    Mithrandir reacted to mina in What Shias Believe In Muta With Reverts?   
    Divorced ladies are not there to fulfill the sexual needs of young shia men who can't get permanently married.They are not meant to be second choice either.
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