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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Masha'Allah, may Allah protect your daughters. Thanks for the answer. - I'll never think about such marriage. Looking for boys in public, is too desperate and unprofessional. My intentions about going out, is not to look after boys, but to be social.
  2. But what could happen? I just feel different among my muslim friends. :(
  3. Shopping, have fun, be social. Why shouldn't all that be any ''real purpose''? I don't know how old you are, but if you are older than 20, did you go out or do you go out with your friends?
  4. I don't know why they shouldn't know where their children are?
  5. What about her friends' secrets and photos of them without hijab?
  6. AS. I think you should learn to love yourself first. Try to enjoy your own company and learn how great loneliness is. - yes, it sounds strange, but you should really try to enjoy the time you have left being single. Be creative, study, have fun with friends and family, try to make the best out of your young age. Marriage will come, sooner or later. I don't say you have to give up on finding a spouse, but rather search and have fun meanwhile. Trust Allah and be patient. :D
  7. Thank you for the warm welcoming, brother. In Scandinavia, people aren't that outgoing and chatty when it comes to strangers. We consider it as an insult if someone start talking randomly to us, so there's no one really flirting around or asking for numbers etc. When I used to go to the mall with my friends, it was just to hang around, shop, look at things we would buy. We don't communicate with anyone, unless we know them really well. It's not like my parents don't trust me, they just don't trust the people out there and the muslim community's prejudices. And i'm actually getting tired of the attention we have to pay to this so-called 'community' all the time - Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì is the only judge here. All my friends - which are practicing muslim girls, raised in good families - go out and send me snaps (time-limited pictures) of them eating and shopping. It's sad, as i'm afraid that I will have nothing to look back to when I get old, as these years will fade away in studies and no 'fun'. And no, you don't sound old fashioned to me. It actually makes me way more comfortable about the situation. So Thank you! I would never leave the house without telling them - that's disrespectful and stupid. It's more like; do they have an islamic reason to not let me out? Because right now, it seems like they only ''hide'' me, because it gives me a good reputation. Btw. I go to school, but that's like the only time I leave the house. I'm kind of depressed, because of the weather and my awful situation. I want to find some islamic sources about this, so I can have a diplomatic conversation with them about it. :angel:
  8. I talk about young unmarried ladies living in the West. - Europe for example. Some think it's not okay, because it can destroy the reputation of the family. Some even says it's haram. I don't see any point in not allow them to go out? Is it a cultural thing, or has it something to do with Islam, too? WS.
  9. AS. Can anyone tell me, if it shouldn't be allowed to go out, as a young unmarried lady? I refer specifically to trips to the mall, coffee shops and shopping with friends. Is it permissible? Can you possibly refer to a source? Thank you. WS.
  10. I know, younger scholars don't ask people to follow them, but they make some speeches and give advice. Should I take it from them?
  11. Alhamdulliah, for everything. :)

  12. AS. I just want to know, if every scholars is flawless? I know they're humans and not Prophets or Imams, but scholars who wears a tuban must be something close to perfect. They must act that way at least. But how to trust them? Especially if they're young. What if they're forced to do what they're doing, because of family pressure and expectations? How can I take advices from them or listen to their speeches? Ws.
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