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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Read the OP again. The point i'm trying to make is that this mainstream Muslim view on music being an absolute haraam or that music is haraam because of the instruments, is really incorrect. There's no logic behind it. I'm just making the point that music is halaal or haraam depending on the content thats all.
  2. If thats what you think then you don't know what Islam is. I cba to keep and repeating myself on the same thing over and over and over again. In terms of what you are saying, you aren't the first person to come on this thread and say what you are saying and I have already touched on those points. I suggest you read through this whole post first and that is why you will never know the essence of islam, that is the view of the ignorant. I think you should especially read post 35
  3. uhh no it's not. you can't even compare the too. Alcohol is proven to be bad music isn't. Omg. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, "because Allah said so" hahahaha. Allah has never said music is haraam, that is a lie and you are a sheep who listen's to his marja like he's an infallible. That tells me you don't have much knowledge of islam and that you are a bind follower. The words music and singing don't even exist in the Quran. The fact you couldn't tell me any logical reason means you don't know them. You are ignorant when it comes to the issue of music. Anyway I suggest you read
  4. Oh so when people say that music is shaytans intstrument or that it makes one's soul impure and all things like that it isn't an accusation ? If music is considered haraam then ofcourse there's accusations made against it. The fact that you still think most of the views on music aren't baseless assumptions shocks me. But you know what i'll go and quote things said in this very thread: "Sometimes this numbness comes through the ears by listening to music and concert. This effect sometimes is so strong that it takes out the person out of reality like a dazed one. And his attention is wit
  5. Woah, first off we need to make something clear here. When accusations are made, those people that make accusations are one's who have the 'burden of proof' on them since they are the one's that made these accusations. In this case, music is the thing where accusations are being made on so the one's who says music does this to you and that to you, are the one's need to prove it, not the other way around. In court the burden of proof is on the prosecutors since they are the one that is making the accusations, hence they have to prove it. I'm sure you've heard the phrase 'Innocent until proven g
  6. I'm misunderstanding you rather I think you may be misunderstanding me as I will explain. 1. Yes because of it's 'content' and not because of the 'actual music' accompanying it 2. Yes it has bad effects on us 'spiritually' 3. Yes but the findings are still not confirmed and also these studies are to do with the 'physical' effects on us not 'spiritual' and these studies are not done according to 'content' of the music but the 'actual music' 4. Well credible ? It can be questioned as there is still far more research which contradicts it too but again when you say mainstream music you are refer
  7. So I guess you can't answer my question which is why your resorting to sarcastic comments ? and for the record I don't even like Rock and Roll.
  8. Here's something that I don't understand from many people who think music should be haraam because they think there's no benefits in it. Even if music had no benefits in it, since in when in order for something to be halaal does it have to beneficial ? I think many people mix up the concepts of halaal and wajib here. Halaal just means it's permissible- in this case it isn't a necessity for there to be benefits. wajib just means obligatory- This is something which Allah has commanded us to do and is something which is beneficial. No the video showed two different effects, granted the r
  9. In regards to the first thing I highlighted I don't think thats true. Sistani, who has the biggest following, is very clear in what is permissible and what is not in regards to music. He doesn't leave it upon the mukallaf to decide. This goes for most of the marja's with big followings too so I dont agree with that statement. As to the second part in bold, this was the type of claims I was talking about right from the start of this thread. It's pure assumption and opinion backed by no logical reasoning or evidence. Explain to me how this true ? How do you know this is true ? Where's the proof
  10. Naveen Hussein. You are wrong in what you're saying again. Yes you mentioned physical and metaphysical, but don't make it seem like that's how you said it because you said to me that I 'ONLY' concentrate on the 'PHYSICAL' aspects and I should look at the metaphysical aspects. If you were to look through my posts like I have told you to then you would have seen I have also been talking about other aspects. You then go on to say that my heart is blinded by my apparent rejection of the Quran and ahadeeth but if you were to look at my previous posts, like I have told you mutliples times now, yo
  11. Brother I am sorry but this guy is giving a bad name to muslims, Shia's and followers of Imam Ali. Look how filled with hate he is towards our brethren and all because we oppose a practice which isn't even a main principle of Islam ? let alone an actual part of Islam ? I'm sorry man but that sort of thing must be condemmed
  12. Enough with your BS. I have responded and explained thoroughly every reason given to me to show the pot holes in them. You on the other hand have not even responded to my logical explanations nor have you tried to show the plot holes in them, i'm guessing because you can't. And despite me saying several times that THE PHYSICAL AND MEDICAL ASPECTS OF MUSIC ARE NOT MY MAIN POINTS !!!!!!!! you still go on to claim that I am only focused on the physical aspects of music ? Like honestly what the hell are you playing at ??? stop wasting my time by saying things when ignoring what i'm saying. I was
  13. Ah now I understand, it was just because of the fact you said in the beginning that you don't see what's wrong with tatbir that made me think you still support it Haha i've heard in order to expose a fool you allow him to talk and talk. I won't bother responding to you as everyone reading your comments, SHIA and SUNNI can see how incredibly lost you are, so in reality everytime you open your mouth you just come out like the loser. and for the record I never claimed to be all knowing, so we can already see your lies and lack of rationale
  14. This type of attitude is wrong to have, you should always question and use your intellect and reason when you are told to do anything. Don't just follow what you are told to do, it's dangerous
  15. I've already dealt with the comments you brought up previously in this post. Your way of thinking truly amazes me, Your entire post is based on pure assumption, this shows a great lack of intelligence, I just honestly don't know what to think of this poisonous way of thinking you have. You say no one give me a logical reason for music being haraam yet you still think it's haraam ? how ? What's the reason ? People like you are not worth having a discussion with, you bring nothing valuable to the table just pure assumptions assumption assumptions and bias, just blind follow is what your type of
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