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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam. Do you want a logical reason?? Are you ready?? Ok. Because Allah said so. That's the reason. The only logical reason we need is that Allah commands it and we are not even worthy to be his slaves. It is our obligation to follow his command Do you want another reason? Ahlulbayt and our beloved Prophet never listened to music. There.
  2. Salaam. It's like that to a lesser extent here in New york. But here, anti WF and WF don't hate each other and curse each other to hell: they have political opinions that differ from one another Most anti WF are good shia who love ahlulbayt etc but hate the regime in Iran and are displeased with theit policies. WF guys lobe islamic republic because they helped strengthen the shia identity. This is what you should do:change management of the main Shia Center and take politics completely out of mosque. Don't celebrate 22 bahman and all that. Then make sure your youth groups to be active memb
  3. lol imam Mahdi was born in 255 After Hijra aytullah Kulayni was born 329 After Hira and have you never heard of the story of al Kafi? Ayatullah kulayni spent 20 years compiling Al-Kafi , and thought at the end that what he did was in vain, and he wasted 20 years of his life on it, and when his heart was broken he threw it in the Euphratus river. When he woke up the next morning, Al-Kafi was dry on his desk, and on it was written "al Kafi is sufficient (Kafi) for the Shia" and it was signed by Imam Mahdi. This is why Al-Kafi is our most trusted book of hadith, even though every hadith
  4. Salam alaykum brother. Sorry if I was hostile, that wasn't the intention. I had a friend who was just like you. He was a convert and music was his whole life. He liked the core tenets of Islam, but it was hard for him to pray, fast, etc. Eventually he did and we welcomed him. He had a job at a music therapy center, and played many instruments. I didn't know how to approach him on the issue. Music was his whole life. I'll finish his story later on, but let me reiterate some of my points and explain them in a better way. The Holy Quran is our guide. It doesn't contain the name of some impor
  5. US Akhbari are first and foremost to fight against this mythical figure of "ibn saba" Ahsant! Ayas of the Quran confirm this. In fact, if you're struggling to learn the truth and you die as an Atheist, you COULD go to heaven!
  6. Even if that person is our Imam? Or our Prophet? There are explicit authentic hadith which state that music is haraam. At this point itdepends on whether or not you obey your Imam. As for a philosophical reason, please give me the reason for Tawaf, or circumcision, or Hajj. Please give me the philosophical reason for rulings on purity of water. Of course, there are numerous reasons behind all of Allah's commands. But that doesn't mean the reasons are 1) revealed at all, 2) revealed to us, or 3) grasp-able for the average human being like us The number one logic behind any ruling in Islam is TH
  7. Often, I can tell whether or not to do a ghusl of Jinabat. The substance is thicker and it is easy to tell. however, sometimes I wake up to see I have entered into an unclean state and go back to sleep (I was unaware this is makrooh until this morning). If I have doubts of whether or not I have to do ghusl is it wajib for me to do so? Have any of you encountered any ahadith on this?
  8. To add to this already well written post, the Imam must be Sane, Baliq (mentally mature), and JUST.he must not be a dictator or unjust. Good Taj weed is recommended but not wajib. Bilal, may Allah elevate his status, the companion of Rasoolallah (saw) and Amiralmonineen (as), did not have good pronunciation of the Adhan, but the Prophet allowed him to not only do it but also lead prayers. It's preferred that the imam knows good Taj weed, but ito not a very important requirement.
  9. We don't insult the Sahaba we don't insult the wives of the prophet We insult those who are not worthy of this title.
  10. Assalam alaykum. Please don't play games on these dates.
  11. Todah is the death of two great men... the Holy Prophet (saw) and Imam Hassan (as) have both been MARTYRED on this day. We all know that a particular woman has caused pain for both of these honorable people, unto whom Allah has given great blessings. [Edited to remove cursing of a wife of the Holy Prophet SA.] My condolences brothers and sisters. But the Prophet and our 2nd imam, they are not dead. In fact, they are alive. They hear what we say and intercede on our behalf. May Allah shower his blessings on Prophet Muhammad and his Family for all eternity!!!!!!
  12. Christains and Jews can'taccept the idea that their religion might be untrue, so they ignore all religion s that came after them as untrue and false, and assure since Islam is false its leader was a crook and that it is the embodiment of war and violence, un like their books. Atheists assume that alol religions are violent aND religion as an institution promotes violence and sacrifice, and is the only thing that pushes people to such limits.
  13. Not you, the other ones. and also, I don't understand ur response. Pls clarify.
  14. Salaam alaykum. This post was a test. You all quote ayas of the Quran in your defense of its perfection, but before that we muse verify it is perfect. The bible says it is perfect, is that sufficient evidence? Of course not! This question is of utmost importance and we must be able to answer it. If we cant, then our whole faith falls apart. Something else is the burden of proof. We must be the ones to provide evidence for the perfect Ness of the quran because we believe in it. The teapot metabor applies here. So keeping this in mind answer the question please. Wassalam Salaam alaykum. This p
  15. Prove to me the Quran has never been distorted. Provide evidence that until now the quran has not been changed.
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