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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Hey.. I saw your post about salaat and thought to say hi.... hope you, your brother and sister are doing okay :)

  2. Dear erum, I read your post about not being able to cry but feeling really sad. do you think you're suffering from chronic depression?

    Sometimes we're so sad that we're numb and can't feel anything. I was like that for three months and only just started crying again. I think it would be a good idea for you to talk to a counsellor....... depression just creeps up on u...

  3. Dear Zahratul Islam, I'm posting my thoughts. I hope they help. If they don't, I hope they help someone else. You aren't going to find any hadith for all the things which we face today (and tomorrow and even yesterday). The basis of humanity is that we continue to search and to learn through trial and error. It really is a messy path, but that's the way this world and it's laws have been constructed. I have to constantly remind myself that. I tend to fall into the trap of wishful thinking that I can find an ayat in the Quran or a phrase in a dua or something in a lecture that will help me be
  4. I really like the new site now that it is up and running. Thank you! It works really well....
  5. To the Original Poster, Salaam. I'm sorry to have said things which may have hurt you. That was honestly the last thing I wanted my post to do - and yet, it did exactly that. Karma! I realise you didn't require a lecture. You just wanted support. Although, please find assurance in my sincere claim that I wasn't having a go at you. There's absolutely no need for that.
  6. Salaam alaikum to "keep me in your duas," (you are in my duas!) I just wanted to give you some empathy. I'm sure you want to marry and I empathise. Ideally,we would all marry wisely and at the right time, because it's so inherent to who we are as humans. And then as Muslims. Do you have the right reasons for doing so? Getting married is still easy; but remaining married is becoming increasingly difficult. Remaining contentedly married? Ha ha... tell me another one! To go on a theoretical and hypothetical path, why do some people not marry even when they would like to? Well, we'd be better off
  7. A warning before you read this: if you like efficient posts, please refrain from going through this one. It will just irritate you and you may write something that will hurt me. Because it's not a to-the-point post. It's more philosophical/depressed and from an INFP - Idealist type of person who doesn't really live in the real world. I've been telling myself not to write it, but I can't bear the pain in my heart any more. I may still have hope to find solace from someone's words. Secondly, I'm 25 and a liberal arts college graduate so I really request only those people who know what I'm talkin
  8. Salaam alaikum and welcome to the faith and the Muslim community I'm posting the link of Sahifa Sajjadiya as although there are certain duas specific for the negativity of others, each prayer in this book is a gem. And they ask for a lot of things apart from what the title says.....some are shorter than others, which would be helpful, I'm sure. http://www.duas.org/sajjadiya/sajjadiya.htm may Allah truly bless you - it's life and it's tough. reciting Surah 114 Nas(Man) and Surah Falaq 113 (Daybreak) would be beneficial. I've also read that Surah 93 Dhuha (the early hours) and Surah 94 Inshirah
  9. The best explanation I've come across to date (for the level of awareness I am at at this point). Thank you ever so much, especially for distinguishing between spirit and soul. I've never come across that before and it makes complete sense to me now that you've explained it so concisely. However, if you've read A New Earth, the definition of ego (mind-ego)is different from Sigmund Freud and then can be understood properly in context of this discussion.
  10. Dear bladeknight, There is no reason to burn any sort of book, whether you are Muslim or not. We are trying all to become civilized human beings first and foremost. but since this is not evident to loads of people because of whatever reasons, please rest assured that it is not acceptable for a Muslim to burn any book. Especially Holy Books. The Bible is the Bible. Corrupted or not. To think that such an act is ok is just plain misguided effort. If he can return it to the bookshop, well and good. If he can't, then sell it on Ebay or just donate it to a church. Just know that God is the one who
  11. walaykum salam - I just checked my profile and saw your comment about remembering me in your prayers with regard to my parents. Thanks very much for your kindness and for thinking of me. :)

  12. September 2009/ Ramadhan 1430 at Stanmore Mosque, London http://hujjat.org/index.php?option=com_zina&Itemid=29&p=Video/Sheikh%20Arif%20Abdulhussein/1430/Ramadhan%201430 Unfortunately you can't pause or rewind. Is it just me or was the Human Islam series of Muharram 1430 so unbelievably new in thought and actually painful - especially the last two lectures? Changing one's worldview always has pain as part of it. Does anyone know what the reaction was after they heard it? It made a lot of sense but... if I was to say any of this to my family, it would cause so much of chaos and anger...a
  13. Dear Sukaina,

    Salaam alaikum. Just a random note. I saw your post about your parents wanting you to go to church and you not being ready to tell them you're a Muslim. Just wanted to let you know that you are being thought of in my prayers. Hope your fasting is going well. May God bless you.

  14. the Muharram 1430/2009 lectures at Birmingham.... http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=human+islam
  15. salaams...lol.. thanks for the wishes... I just checked my account today after years...imagine, all my real time friends forget and the virtual brother or sisterhood make it a point to say hello. life is weird! peace... Skye

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