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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. i recently got a new turbah and when you touch it leaves powder and marks on your finger so does anyone know how to get rid of this
  2. Salams, I was asked the following questions by a Sunni brother who was interested in the practical differences of Shia Islam: Can you alternate between praying hands down and folded (As there's hadith saying the Prophet PBUH did both) Can you pray with both sunni and shia methods, e.g. sunni tashahud, shia qunut, takbeers and turbah Can a sunni person follow a marja?
  3. Salams, Does anyone know of any British shia youtubers who make vlogs and stuff? Just curious to see lol
  4. Salams, According to Yamani Shia's, they do qunut after ruku in the last rakat. Is this acceptable??
  5. salam, i have a friend who wants to become a shia muslim but she doesn't have a turbah and would like one. she lives in birmingham and there are no stores and she doesn't know any shia friends and is scared of entering a shia mosque to ask
  6. Salam, for the first question, it was normal daily prayers not jummah
  7. Salam, q1. I've just come across a video where the person offering prayer performed qunut in the 2nd rakah before ruku as usual but then also after ruku in the last rakah? is this allowed? q2. are you allowed to perform qunut in every rakat? q3. do hands have to be spread out or close together? or either?
  8. lol the title sums up the question, i'm a female, i'd like to pray the special jummah prayer but i'm not able to go to the mosque can i pray the 2 rakat jummah prayer or does it have to be a normal 4 rakat dhuhr prayer??
  9. salams i've noticed the area as to where my turbah touches is becoming full of spots, probably because of the pressure i put, i remember someone saying use a bigger turbah to spread the weight but i don't have one, so how else can i solve this problem?! what other things can i prostrate on
  10. assalamualaikum, someone has sent me these videos of people doing more than 2 sujood in their prayers, which is void one more question: There's certain surahs in the Quran where u must do sujood. when do u perform these. in the prayer (maybe that's what these people are doing idek) because I have many to make up for that I haven't done and was wondering how to actually perform the compulsory Quran sujood
  11. assalamualaikum i think i might've briefly asked this before but didn't get a certain answer i have a friend who's having trouble learning how to pray if she put on a youtube video, for example of someone praying fajr, and she would pray as if it was a congregation so not say anything but follow the actions. or would she have to utter along for the prayer to be valid? sorry this is a strange question but some clarification would help!
  12. assalamualaikum i heard somewhere that sujood is only valid if your forehead touches the turbah but me and my relatives wear prayer outfits like this where sometimes your whole face is covered and now i'm worried my salah isn't valid i know many women wear things like this in places like iraq/iran too
  13. salam I'm going away for a few days and I know I won't be able to pray at certain times so is there any way I can pray in advance with the intention of fulfilling that certain prayer?
  14. Salam, I finished offering my dhuhr prayers and realised I had a hole in my shirt that exposed skin that should be covered during prayer - does this invalidate my prayer and do I have to offer the prayer again?
  15. salam, i was wondering if you know of any youtube videos or whatever demonstrating how to offer salatul layl, i would like to start praying this but am a little confused on some things and a demonstration would really help
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