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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wonderful that you see the result of Islam its creators and its followers as perfect. There is no point then in me being here since you are all so perfect. Good bye.
  2. Yes it is quite beautiful actually: http://darvish.wordpress.com/2006/07/04/the-judgment-of-god-a-sufi-tale/ What amazes me is how many of us actually wish Hell on one another. Especially against the various differing belief systems. Is anyone wanting to unite humanity, or do we need to hold onto our doctrines, is that not a kind of Hell in it self?
  3. Thank you for interacting with me and these suppositions, it is interesting you say that Christianity did not invent Hell, that is exactly what I am saying they did, can you provide any basis for your rebuttal? Remember we are talking about a physical Hel a place of Hellfire which has been used to control people and the way they behave. I know this is difficult to say, and I do it with great care, however if the Christians created the notion of Hell as a physical place of Hellfire, did this influence the spiritual thinking of the Qu'ran? Is it not possible that everyone of us has a divine spark that is part of Allah, and the challenge is to nurture that part so that you may become worthy of Allah and his state after death whatever that may be. In another words the concept of Hell & Paradise is wrong for Christians and Muslims, there is no place we got to be rewarded physically, after death we are only spirits, souls how can we go to a place other than to be as one with Allah depending on what form or state Allah is.
  4. Indeed, it is said that within each one of us there is a divine spark, the essence of Allah, the spark that if we recognise and meditate on it will connect us to Allah and as Isa said, The father in me, I in you and you in me are one. You can experience Allah personally through this connection. Allah will then reveal himself to you directly and give you guidance.
  5. Thank you for interacting. sorry to hear of your tiredness, I look forward to your comments. I don't understand you discount the link, (apologies if it is some conspiracy to discredit Islam, Islam can never be destroyed), yet looking at the general information you go on to verify in you next paragraph. Not sure what you mean, as I have advised, there is no question Muhammad (pbuh) is declaring a new religion in Islam, for what reason do you think he added the Torah and the New Testament knowing they are filled with falsehoods then? Sleep well.
  6. If you have no problem wanting a world without extremist then that is a good start, so what of your extremist beliefs? As you are displaying here you wish to kill my thoughts, my discussion, you also are now speaking for everyone else. Is this not mental extremisms? So I will try to clarify, that you find ridiculous: 1. What beliefs do you think I have professed? Why can I not be a Muslim trying to make sense of al this divisional nonsense? My beliefs come directly from Allah. Here I am giving you evidence why you are in error to believe what you believe as are your Imams, as is every Muslim. I can only point to the evidence at this stage, I am not saying I have the authority to reveal to you that my beliefs are the answer for you, all I am doing is using logic and intellect as is directed in the Qu'ran to ask some questions. Are you not hopeful for a future without the carnage that is going on in Islam today? 2. No my beliefs are the The Perfect Prophet left a way out for us to reconcile and perfect the future Islam for all humanity, and people like you are stuck in the past and are not looking to the future you are looking to be right in your beliefs. No offence meant.
  7. Thank you, I have read your post. You are starting to assume some aspects to what I am discussing. I don't think including the Torah & the New Testament verses or stories were a condition to unite the tribes, as I began Muhammad (pbuh) was well aware that the writings of the Torah and the New Testament were coded, falsehoods and lies, he understood the essence of these works had divine implication and as such included them into the Qu'ran knowingly. This does not make them true in their current form, it leaves the invitation open, when the truth is revealed that we reconsider the construct and correct it. It is not my nor should it be yours a condition of absoluteness of self-righteousness that we hold onto those known lies, it should be our motivation to uncover them. We are fixated on being right, on not evolving, on not changing anything from the verses, yet here is the reason that Muhammad (pbuh) left open for us to do so. The Qu'ran is a beautiful citation of how we should honour any expression of Allah and his work in word from, but I read it without the influence of the lies, I read it with the intent of what I want humanity to become not what it was. I believe in the essence of the Qu'ran and in the essence of what Muhammad did, we again need to look to uniting humanity. To many blood thirsty Jihadist who want to unite us by force, we need an alternative viewpoint, that is what I am trying to present. So why do you think this viewpoint is ridiculous?
  8. That is not how I read the history of Arabia, please correct me if I am wrong, but the various tribes of Arabia at the time were of many beliefs, influenced by Christianity, Judaism and even Pagan beliefs. It was a challenge for Muhammad (pbuh) to unite these tribes into one and as such the Qu'ran had various stories shared by the story tellers had influence from the Torah, New Testament. History of the Arabs Yes it is a difficult problem, however if we accept that the Torah and the New Testament are not what they seem then is it not better for the future Final Islam to say All before were wrong, let us look to what is right in the eyes of Allah for the future of All, than to hold on to this insistence that Sunni need to prove Shia to be wrong and Shia need to prove the Sunni to be wrong. When all along the Jews and the Apostles have tricked everyone to be wrong? Please see reply to Haydar Husayn.
  9. 1. Yes I am Muslim, but of the Final Islam, not of the historical nature which has led us to this inequality, even between brothers. I am Muslim of the Final Islam that unites all of humanity under one final directive of Allah. 2. I do not believe there was a man called Moses, the Jewish people did not come out of Egypt, the seas do not part, this is a allegorical story that has been constructed to mean something completely different and (my apologies), Islam has been conned to accept. 3. No I do not consider the Torah to be revealed by God, there is no God there is only Allah, The Torah and the Injeel are written by mystics and ancient people who were inspired by the notion of God, a false God, it is written, We still look for the true meaning of the Torah, we do not know it, we have used it literally when it is not meant to be used literally. 4. The moderators do not like my inference with this, but yes. The motivation by Muhammad (pbuh) I mean no insult, the motivation to unite the tribes was more important than to declare the truth in totality and it is why the Torah was included, he would not have been able to unite the tribes if he said, the Torah contains lies and we will only listen to the words of Allah until the truth is revealed. This would not have been acceptable to the many sects at the time so the Torah and its stories which are not what they seem have been included. So any inclusion of the Torah for any reason and the Injeel without understanding its original intent is wrong, as both have been written to hide the truth. Utilising them for any reason is in a Holy Book which contains the words from Allah is imperfect. I hope that is coherent for you, thank you for being patient with my thinking. I aim to reconcile these thoughts for a better future.
  10. Not so, that is not what is being said by the verse, it specifically says 'people of scripture' there is no definition to say that the parts included in the Quran are true except our self-righteousness and blind belief. I am describing the Old Testament as that is the Torah, which is even worse as it is the ancient mystics of the East that wrote that coded instruction and set us on the path of division and segregation. Forgive me I am not trying to be insulting but we must look for ways to advance humanity towards the essence of what is right with Islam and turn that which is not into history. If these lies are in the Qu'ran then that is part of what has driven us to our reality where we cannot perfect the future, we remain in the bondage because we need to be right rather than look for ways to evolve into unity. If we came to the conclusion we need to identify the lies and perfect what was written we would have a chance to advance towards that unity. We will never do it by holding onto historical inaccuracy.
  11. Thank you for your response. I think 'inaccurate' is generous in your interpretation, 'falsehoods' and 'conceal the truth' can only be interpreted as 'lies', the Old Testament and the New Testament are not what they appear to be as has been stated in the Qu'ran. Is a Book perfect then if it entertains other scriptures which are lies, hiding the truth?
  12. More likely that to Allah Islam was a quest for spiritual perfection, in that quest the heart was one, but perfection requires a duality, two eyes to see, two ears to hear, two nostrils to breathe, two sides of the brain to think. so the one became two, but in doing so it also split the heart of Allah, days are upon us that both will unite and mend the heart to become one, not just with each other but humanity on the whole.
  13. It is written in the Holy Qu'ran (3:71) ..."0 people of the scripture! Why confound ye the truth with falsehood and knowingly conceal the truth?" This lucidly informs Muslims that "truth is known" and purposely "concealed" by at least some of the Scholars/Clergy/Rabbinates of Christendom and Judaism. ​Does knowingly admitting the Qu'ran holds within references to scripture and that the scripture holds falsehoods and conceals the truth not make the Qu'ran imperfect? Do we not then have a responsibility to find out what these falsehoods and untruths are and perfect the Holy Qu'ran?
  14. Islam has done a wonderful job of legislating the human condition, however this has taken a turn towards error rather then perfection. The prime premise of Law is based on who sets it, no matter how impeccable these Law makers think they are or the surrounding followers think they are this is not a fact, it is a subjective condition and only Allah knows the truth and the purity of these souls. These propagators then have been the seed of corruption in all Laws, (have we received perfection) they are applied by the thinking of a select few for the many, of one for the all, no one has authority over me and no one has the right to tell me what the law is for I am of Allah. On the other hand while this has been our journey and we must respect the journey we can not address the future by holding onto the edicts of the desert, we must lift ourselves out of the sand and live in the spirit. So the only way to address this authority to collectively revise all laws. We must gather as a unified humanity as one and seek debate and reason for why law is and accept it through collective agreements. This is the future.
  15. In his eagerness to reconcile the tribes of the Middle East and assimilate the beliefs of Christians and Jews in the sects of his tribes did Muhammad (pbuh) make the mistake of believing in a Hell when Hell was created by Christianity and does not exist. I am not my body, nor is anybody else, we can not be buried, and there is no Hell! The Christian & Muslim idea of Hell is out of the dark-ages and its purpose is to keep you in line. There is one major difference between Christianity and old Heathen faith, the difference is that the Ancient people had no Devil/Satan; the older faiths had no eternal fire burning. Modern Christianity & Islam has at the centre of its belief a "Devil" and "fire burning Hell" Hell originated from the Greek Mythology a place called Hades, which simply means the Lower Part of Earth. Just ask yourself how does a physical fire burn your spirit? Buddha had the best description of Hell; Hell is the concentration we place on our own perceived agony. There is an ancient Scandinavian myth and it talks about a place called Hel. It was a place that was cold where people were dispelled to. The white God of Boulder sent Hermit a son of Thor into Hel to find the beloved child, and they indeed found her in the lower region of Hel, she was sitting on a rock reading a book. No one in the World ever believed or thought there is a God who would throw people into an eternal fire to burn until the Christians came along. The Hell fire is a place of purging, fire means the spirit, it is a place where the fire burns through the lower aspects of your consciousness, burning up all the things you are attached to. The Egyptian place of judgement was Amentiu, to the Hindus this was Ontera and what these places were to the ancient religions is intermediary states in which a person has the opportunity to prepare for a higher life by having their retched mental condition purged out of them by the spirit of God. Hell comes from the fact that the Bible uses the symbolic term of Fire, it does not mean the way that Christians understand it, fire in the Bible means spirit, that is why in Armageddon it says that God will rain down fire from Heaven to consume the Earth it does not mean real burning fire or nuclear war as some think, it means that the Spirit comes from the Higher Consciousness to purge away all the things that have hurt you. Jesus used Gahanna as a simple metaphor, that's all it was, he used it to show where the minds of the people are and how the Fire of God is the only thing that can purge away the minds in the consciousness, it is a garbage dump and the garbage dump is your mind. And in the garbage dump of your mind is where that fire burns (the spirit) which can set you free from all of the hurt. As long as you persist in staying in your mind in the lower consciousness you are staying in Hell. It is not until you rise above the Lower Consciousness and reach up to go into the Higher self in Consciousness that you go into Heaven. There is no physical Hell as there is no physical Heaven. Heaven is you the Higher Self in the state of the Higher Consciousness where if you are true to your self you attain the God state. In another words you are one with God. So where does this eternal hell-fire come from, because it has held billions of people into bondage, especially since the Apostle Paul states there is no such power of the Devil that exists. Romans 13:1 There is no power but God. Why the nonsense. So the idea came from the burning garbage dump in Jerusalem which people kept burning for sanitary reasons. The reason people get into trouble and what they do which leads them into Hell is because of their carnal mind, the Apostle Paul said in Romans 8:7 The carnal mind can not obey the law of God and is not subject to the law of God, so how can you be thrown into Hell when he gave the stupid idea in the mind that they can not control in the first place. Hell is your lower mind, hell are the thoughts that come out of your lower mind, that frighten you, that come out that cause people to rape, Hell are the thoughts of people that make them drop bombs onto people, Hell are the thoughts of Churches and Mosques that point fingers of accusation and put people on guilt trips, Revelation 20:10 Says the Devil was cast into the lake of fire, the devil here is the deceiving mind, where the beast and the false prophet should be tormented, this is speaking of the lower nature being purged by the spirit which is the higher consciousness. The point is in teaching you and me to raise ourselves above the carnal mind to Nirvana, Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise where there are no thoughts and into the Divine Consciousness. The point is to comprehend that God is Love, that Christ is Peace and they dwell within you and they live in the Higher Realm of Consciousness to set you free and give you Peace and allow your life to become a flower of Love so that you may interrelate with all of the people of the World, all of the animals of the World, the Oceans of the World, the forest the trees and all of creation. Why do we think then that there is a Hell, why would we want that on our brothers and sisters? Be one with God.
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