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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Wake up my friends; for the morn of Qiama has arrived . It is the month of Muharram The crescent of grief has appeared The month of mourning has arrived Muharram is the month of tears Muharram is the month of blood Bodies are shredded And the desert is a garden of blood The crescent of grief has appeared The month of mourning has arrived The creation is sad and in mourning It is the month: When Husain was martyred When the eyes of 'Ali shed blood The crescent of grief has appeared The month of mourni
  2. God loves whoever loves [I mam] al-husayn " The Prophet Muhammad "
  3. The place where [Imam] al-Íusayn is buried has been one of Paradise Gardens since he was buried therein. ( Imam Ja ‛far al-sādiq )
  4. Once God wishes to do a favor to someone, He makes them love [Imam] al-Íusayn. ( Imam Ja ‛far Al-sādiq )
  5. Blackrobed, barefooted, with dim eyes that rain Wild tears in memory of thy woeful plight, And hands that in blind, rhythmic anguish smite Their bloodstained bosoms to sad refrain From the old haunting legion of thy pain, Thy votaries mourn thee through the tragic night With mystic dirge and melancholy rite, Crying to thee ― Hussain! Hussain! Why do thy myriad lovers so lament? Sweet saint, is not thy matchless martyrhood The living banner and brave covenant Of the high creed thy Prophet did proclaim, Bequeathing for the world’s beaut
  6. Hussain of Kerbala Men weep for you today in many lands, And on their breasts in bitter anguish beat, And in sad, mournful tunes, the tales repeat of how you lost your family upon the sands. You nobly spurned the tyrant’s base demands and chose 5 Death to prevent your soul’s defeat,— Became a martyr with unflinching feet— For these well may one weep who understands. This sorrow at your death, despite the years is still as fresh, Which Time has failed to quell. In every heart this day new pain appears And of your sufferings men each ot
  7. Salam today, I want to introduce a book written by an American scholar with the title " .the Miracle of fasting " in this book the writer explains the effect of fasting in our health in today's world , a world in which Rivers, Lakes & Oceans Became Polluted ,We Live our life in a Poisoned World, Poisons from Chemical Pesticides Sprays.... Please download and read this book completely in this holy month to get familiar with the importance of fasting.
  8. salam alaykum : what is Islamic morality ? Moral conduct is a mood arousing good behavior with others by showing happy mien, nice wording, and kind manners. As he was asked about the limit of moral conduct, Imam as-Sadiq (a) answered: "It is to be modest, speak honorably, and meet your brother cheerfully." One of the expectations that every judicious individual exerts efforts for achieving is to have an attractive personality. It is surely a noble aim that cannot be attained by everyone except the virtuous and those who are characterized by knowledgeability, liberality, courage, and
  9. can we worship Allah truly without an instructor? It is an unquestionable matter that we must worship Allah ,in other word, there is unanimous agreement among Muslims the we should worship Allah as the the holy Quran exhorts humans, namely Muslims, to do so, but the question is how to worship Allah ? is it possible for human being to traverse the right path without an Imam and a divinely appointed leaders? can we deal, truly, with newly born problems in society without the instruction of an infallible Imam?. Imam is the one who can help us how to worship Allah,and the one who
  10. There are different viewpoints regarding this matter amongst Quranic commentators: A number of them believe that Prophet Adam's heaven was simply a beautiful and thriving garden on earth. Some, unlike the first group perceive that it was in the seventh heaven, the reason being that it is said that Adam “descended” from the heaven when he was asked to leave. Another theory is that Prophet Adam's heaven was the same promised heaven that we all know about. The fourth theory says that Adam's heaven was neither the eternal heaven nor a garden on earth, but rather a h
  11. The following definitions were given by Mullah Sadra , one of the grate Muslim philosophers about Nafs : Nafs is a spiritual being which as a result of conjunction with material being makes it like itself like fire when it come close to an object make it hot like fire. Elsewhere, he said: Nafs is a light that has a birthplace where it comes from and a destination where it comes down to, Its origin is Allah and its landing field is body. ( (Mulla Sdara .Mafatih Al-Ghayb)
  12. Who is the most powerless in his life? According to Imam Ali’s statement the most powerless among people is one who cannot find a friend. There is no doubt that one of the necessary elements in our life is having sincere friends. Those who we are in need of them in difficult situations to use their opinions and experiences. It is interesting to note that making friends is not like obtaining money which is in need of a lot of efforts nor like taking a position which is in need of high social relation, on the contrary, it is achievable through good social intercourse and good manne
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