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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam alaykum : what is Islamic morality ? Moral conduct is a mood arousing good behavior with others by showing happy mien, nice wording, and kind manners. As he was asked about the limit of moral conduct, Imam as-Sadiq (a) answered: "It is to be modest, speak honorably, and meet your brother cheerfully." One of the expectations that every judicious individual exerts efforts for achieving is to have an attractive personality. It is surely a noble aim that cannot be attained by everyone except the virtuous and those who are characterized by knowledgeability, liberality, courage, and the like good traits. All virtues, however, cannot be true matters of admiration unless they are connected to moral conduct. On that account, moral conduct is the core and pivot of virtues. The Ahl ul-Bayt (a) used a variety of instructive methods in favor of glorifying the moral conduct so remarkably: The Prophet (s) said: "The best of you are the most well-mannered and generous ones who go on intimate terms with people and people go on intimate terms with them, and whose places of residence are frequently trodden on by guests." 5 "He who has a good nature will have the reward of those who observe fasting in days and keep awake praying at nights." 6 "You cannot treat people by means of your wealth; hence, you should treat them by means of your moral conduct." 7 Imam al-Baqir (a) said: "The most perfect believers, in the sight of faith, are the most well-mannered..... for more information please refer to the following Address http://www.islamportal.net/article/general-islamic-ethics
  2. can we worship Allah truly without an instructor? It is an unquestionable matter that we must worship Allah ,in other word, there is unanimous agreement among Muslims the we should worship Allah as the the holy Quran exhorts humans, namely Muslims, to do so, but the question is how to worship Allah ? is it possible for human being to traverse the right path without an Imam and a divinely appointed leaders? can we deal, truly, with newly born problems in society without the instruction of an infallible Imam?. Imam is the one who can help us how to worship Allah,and the one who shows us the right path. it is important to note that only general principle and precepts exist in the holy Quran it needs an infallible interpreters who make people familiar with its teaching truly .
  3. There are different viewpoints regarding this matter amongst Quranic commentators: A number of them believe that Prophet Adam's heaven was simply a beautiful and thriving garden on earth. Some, unlike the first group perceive that it was in the seventh heaven, the reason being that it is said that Adam “descended” from the heaven when he was asked to leave. Another theory is that Prophet Adam's heaven was the same promised heaven that we all know about. The fourth theory says that Adam's heaven was neither the eternal heaven nor a garden on earth, but rather a heaven in barzakh, between this world and the hereafter, and we believe that this theory is what hadiths and the Quran tell us. for further information please refer to the following Address http://www.islamquest.net/en/archive/question/fa112
  4. The following definitions were given by Mullah Sadra , one of the grate Muslim philosophers about Nafs : Nafs is a spiritual being which as a result of conjunction with material being makes it like itself like fire when it come close to an object make it hot like fire. Elsewhere, he said: Nafs is a light that has a birthplace where it comes from and a destination where it comes down to, Its origin is Allah and its landing field is body. ( (Mulla Sdara .Mafatih Al-Ghayb)
  5. Who is the most powerless in his life? According to Imam Ali’s statement the most powerless among people is one who cannot find a friend. There is no doubt that one of the necessary elements in our life is having sincere friends. Those who we are in need of them in difficult situations to use their opinions and experiences. It is interesting to note that making friends is not like obtaining money which is in need of a lot of efforts nor like taking a position which is in need of high social relation, on the contrary, it is achievable through good social intercourse and good manners . This is why Imam Ali, peace be upon him, said the most powerless person is one who cannot find friends in his life.
  6. Role of fasting in controlling lust There is no doubt that fasting has an important role in controlling lust, because there is a close relationship between lust and eating nutritious foods. So, avoid these nourishing foods has essential role in controlling lust, this is why fasting is highly recommended for single people in Ahadith ,for example, the holy prophet, peace be upon him, said “O youth Get married. If you cannot, you should fast because fasting can control your lost’’ (Kafey , volume 4, page 180). Elsewhere the holy prophet said “ Fasting can eliminates illegal Nafs desires which are the source of all corruption, in addition, it can suppress and control lost” ( Behar al- Anwar , volume 93,page 254). In addition , the holy prophet said “Fasting helps to control lust and to avoid sin” .( Wasa’l Al-shi’a, volume 7, page 300). It is important to note that two days fasting per week can be useful to reduce sexual desire. If one cannot fast, then, reducing the amount of food and increasing the distance between meals is helpful.
  7. how to start new stage of life after marriage? man can play a key role in creating friendly atmosphere after he got married .the following are key factors to have a good and joyful life . 1) one of the key factors is that man should express his love and affection to his wife . there is a great Hdith from the prophet of mercy " man's statement to his wife - i love you - never goes out of her heart'' . ( Mizan Al-Hekmah, vol 4, page 285) 2) second factor that guarantee fallacious life is that man shows respect for his wife . 3) patience is another important key that lead to having good life . it is obvious that life is filled with hardship and problem , so we should be patient and act wisely . i hope the best for you brother .
  8. but one who become Junub during the night it is not permitted to remain in Janabah till Fajr time intentionally ,otherwise , his/ her fast become void
  9. sexually exciting dream that makes semen come out of man's penis while he is sleeping during the day of Ramazan dose not invalid fasting .
  10. in this verse Paul taked about God and his son he said that in old time God were taking to our fathers in different ways, but now he talk to us through his Son. trinity means father , son and Ruh alquds . so in this verse you can see the trace of believe in trinity
  11. please share your idea abut this question : why the night of Qadr is worthy and valuable ? because the holy Quran revealed in this night? or this is a valuable night , so the holy Quran revealed in this night ? your comment and explanation are welcomed .
  12. Surat Al-Qadr and Imamah Based on this Surah angels and Sprit come down every year by the leave of their Lord in the night of Qadr “in it the angels and the Sprit descend by the leave of their Lord with every command” (97-4). The question that comes to mind is that to whom angels and Sprit come down after the demise of the holy prophet? This Surah explicitly shows that there should be a Hujjah on earth after the death of the holy prophet to whom angels and spirit come down. This is why Imam Ali said to Ibn ‘Abbas “ night of Qadr exist every year in that night the commands of one year will determine and there is Guardian-Waly- for that commands after the death of the holy prophet, then, Ibn ‘Abbas asked who are they? Imam Ali, peace be upon him, replied : me and my eleven offspring after me all are Imams and Muhaddeth ’’ .( Kafey volume one, page 247) in addition, Shaikh Saduq narrated from Imam Al-baqer that the holy prophet said to his companion “ believe in the night of Qadr this night is for Ali and his eleven offspring”.( Kamal Al-Din, volume one, page 280) .
  13. does believe in Trinity rooted in bible ? to analyze this question the following items need to be considered : 1) it is clear that believe in trinity is an accepted principle among Christianity , it means believe in divinity of father, son an Ruhu Al-quds. 2) believe in trinity existed among previous tribes, but early christians did not believe in this principle. 3)in Gospel you can't find any trace of trinity ,but in new testament it exist in Polus letters who in turn was affected by the thought of ancient Greeks. 4) Christian theologian and thinkers did not provided any rational reasoning to prove this principle . 5) even in current version of new testament which is available you can see some verses that negated this principle or believe in divinity of Jesus Christ , for example , " everlasting life is that you know one God and his messenger, Jesus Christ.
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