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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Everybody welcome our newest moderator, Ayatullah al-Shiachatti Nader Zaveri al-Rijaalist.
  2. The mosque known as al-Aqsa (hint,hint: it's not really al-Aqsa, it is just a mosque that Omar built onto a pile of garbage. Real al-Aqsa is in heaven. Read the Quran -_- ) has been reopened.
  3. They arent "hiding" something. Its just that non Ismailis dont get into jamatkhana during dua. I can explain more if you have questions. But why would you really want in? You can usually go in as long as no prayers are being said, but only Ismailis are allowed during dua. Ismailis dont do salat like you. Its a different dua said while sitting on the ground and not facing mekka. So there's no point in a non Ismaili praying in there.
  4. Black garlic & rocket juice. They are supposed to be "natural antibiotic" but they taste bad and don't do nothing for you. I h8 "traditional" medicine.
  5. "Ask stupid question, get stupid answer." The sheikh said it. He clearly didn't mean it.
  6. I asked my sheikh if I could pray jumah at home if I watched it on tv and followed along. He said yeah and I should put a black cloth on my fridge and do tawaf as well. So hajj is in my kitchen.
  7. Most people on shiachat are good at being e-scholars. Quality of answers may vary.
  8. I don't get it. No O Jooz? I guess that ya jooz means something in Arabic other than O Jews.... Worth a joke but not executed as good. I didn't laugh because it was too cheesy ("oh, I'll check twitface") it should be more natural of what a person would do.
  9. Maria was a slave? She was his 2nd favorite wife (after Khadija) .....
  10. I don't know if this true or not. Here, no religion is vilified but we always poke fun at each other like "those stinky Christians need to take a shower" or "those Muslims need to find a woman instead of a goat". It's just jokes and nobody really means it or takes it seriously. I don't see vilification of any religion with serious intent to hurt the other. Maybe it different where you live.
  11. :mellow: Sharia means "law" in Arabic. It is the same as Hebrew "halacha".
  12. ^ I heard that Tajiki/Persian is easy language to learn? Every Tajik I know says that it is much easier than most other languages (and they say it is same language as Irani speak except they use Arabic alphabet which I can also read in addition to Cryllic). Is it true?
  13. Qiyas is not allowed. You can not say that Cannabis is haram since alcohol is haram. That is analogy/qiyas.
  14. Um el'Mominin isn't anything special. It just mean that no Muslim could marry prophets wives after his death.
  15. While I was doing my morning tasbih today I thought of another reason why this verse would only be referring to Abu Taleb, not Abu Musa or Abu Maryam. The rest of the verse is chronological. Adam > Noah > Aale Ibrahim > Aale Imran. Noah is a descendant of Adam. Ibrahim is a descendant of Noah. Therefore, Aale Imran must come after Aale Ibrahim. If Imran is Abu Musa or Abu Maryam then the order of the verse would be broken because Mohammed would be Aale Ibrahim but not Aale Imran. Therefore, Aale Imran must come after Mohammed. Does this make sense?
  16. Did you lose your marbles? I'm not old. I'm only 21 (20 & 9/12 to be exact, but who's counting right?)
  17. Disappearing service. Someone that wants to disappear without a trace comes to me and I make it happen (Osama was a failed case... I can't beat the CIA). I also am a part time arms dealer but because of Ukraine, nobody needs an arms dealer anymore, you just pick up the guns from the ground.
  18. Some people say "Ali Ali Mowla, Ali Ali Mowla" but you are "Ali Ali Musaa, Ali Ali Musaa"

    1. Ali Musaaa :)

      Ali Musaaa :)

      hahaha yeah, alhamdulillah. God bless you bro!

    2. El-Ketab


      May God bless you too! :)

    3. Anisa Bandeh Khoda
  19. The only other 2 people that are considered to be Imran are the father of Moses and the father of Mary. Both of them are ALSO in the progeny of Abraham. So what's the problem with those? :donno: "And We have vested (the knowledge and authority of) everything in the mubin Imam." (Ya Seen 12) (PS, I like your text below all of your posts)
  20. No, I can't prove it. You can't exactly prove anything in Islam because of contradictory narrations so I don't think it matters. It is just evidence from the Ku'ran. And I don't know. Maybe they did. Maybe they didn't. I didn't live with them every moment of their lives.
  21. "Indeed Allah chose Adam and Noah, and the progeny of Abraham and the progeny of Imran above all the nations;" [`Al Imran 33] Abu Taleb is a kunya. His real name is Imran. This verse said his progeny is above all nations. Pretty straightforward....
  22. Russia is best country and anybody that disagrees is a Ukrainian/EU/American shill.
  23. No it isn't. Homosexual acts are haram but homosexuality is not. You can't control who you are attracted to, you only control how you act on it.
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