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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Start this discussion with this misinformation and dogmatic, means that you're looking for division! I'm sorry for you! !! God will guide you!
  2. TEHRAN (FNA)- A US publisher in New York released an English-language book on the views of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei.The Iranian Supreme Leader's book titled 'Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's Vision of Islamic Philosophical Theology and Praxis of Global Peace' has been jointly published by Iran's Cultural Mission in the US and the New York-based Global Scholarly Publications. Professor Parviz Moravej has edited the 204-page book. Moravej is a full-time professor of Old Westbury University in New York where he teaches philosophy and he has written many books
  3. What do you think about that?! It turns out that you do not know anything about our religion! yes will horribly continue to exist until Jesus A.S and Imam Mahdi A.S return. BUT What's wrong with we're trying to remove one of the symbols of oppression? What is our duty until they return?
  4. In the previous example, but not nice example, let's think that those who kill your family, they are part of a group that your forgiveness doesn't leads to salvation and they assertive and want to kill all of your city! they want your city and... like Israel! If Jesus A.S was there, told: oh What a lovely enemy! or stood in front of them? this isn't the wey of the Messenger of God that be silent in the face of oppression and If he can not help them with hand at least help them with his tongue. Prophets are the helper oppressed. we should act like them.
  5. Hi again It is very beautiful and gracious! Yes, in the Qur'an Allah to forgive the past and has recommended: "Take to forgiveness and enjoin good and turn aside from the ignorant" ( verse 991/chapter 1) "...Pardon them, seek forgiveness for them..." (verse159/3) "...Yet pardon them and overlook it; God loves those who act kindly." (verse13/ 5) "The reward for an injury should be an injury proportionate to it. Yet anyone who overlooks things and becomes reconciled shall receive his payment from God; He does not love wrongdoers!" (verse 40/ 42) and other verses. BUT a question! If you forgive c
  6. Do you really think that they are not familiar with the teachings of Christ A.S and Muhammad P.B.U.H? or other people have forgotten that theachings? Are they unconscious mistakes?! We know that God is merciful. Our Prophet, like Jesus A.S is the Messenger of peace and mercy, For that they are in alignment and on behalf of one GOD. While God is merciful but himself says seek aversion of those people are deprived other of blessing and show that. I think this is the least we can do for sympathy and help of the oppressed.
  7. I have an easy question of you Imagine just imagine sombody kill your family crue(God forbid). In this case, you will say to killer: hey my friend come talk about the peace and friendship. we can be friend. hate is bad thing and ... . Tell me what is your reaction? hate of evil, isn't bad! America kill sinless peaple direct and mediated. Those who are spreading hatred and hostility is America and it's friend not the Death to America, Death to Evil chant! Evil death is the beginning of peace:)
  8. Hi In Islam there is a concept called : TAVALLA and TABRRA That means muslims must make clear his line of thought and action, he must show that he is at peace and friendship with whom and of whome he is weary, because your minds is as important as your actions. I mean the minds make actions. So Muslims should seek aversion of bad persons and bad actions, they show that to avoid of them and supported opposite concept . the Muslim must be brave enough to say they hate of bad thing and stand in front of that. This isn't promote hatred on that mean is on your mind, it's different. so please answ
  9. TEHRAN (FNA)- A large number of Iranian university students and people, in a protest sit-in in front of the French embassy in Tehran, expressed their anger over the blasphemous cartoon of Islam's Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) published in the French weekly, Charlie Hebdo. The protestors carrying placards expressed indignation at the insult to Islam by the French magazine. They also chanted "Death to the US", "Death to Israel" and "Death to Britain" slogans, implying that they are the real masterminds of Charlie Hebdo's sacrilegious act. The protestors also demanded expulsion of those who support o
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