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  1. Salam. So I did istikhara on a personal matter. One bead was left. Thats a positive sign. But then came another thought that is the bead divider of tasbeeh or rosary be counted as a bead during istikhara?
  2. Well today is his wedding night with his second wife Truly feeling like my heart will brust any moment just now.... I offer all salat and prayers with full devotion and still m suffering so much
  3. .He had done second marriage now. I think soon he sent me divorce too. And i am suffering from PTSD cuz of dad And now panic attacks and anxiety too
  4. MashAllah he is good now. He runs around all day at home. But my test reports came and doc said i have stomach ulcer. I guess 6 years of chronic stress does that to you... May Allah give me strength to deal with all this ....
  5. Walaikum asalam Yes i am living with my motherand Sons in my job City but I did go to my home City for my father's chehlum. my husband did not come on the chehlum of my father. now he's putting the worst kind of blame things on me and accusing me that I took the abortion and I that he has some kind of proof. There is no such thing of this sort instead i was very ill for two months nd my gynecologist prescribed me misoprotol for two weeks. Thing is now it has come to the playing blame games. And he wants me to be the dirty one in there and then the people will think that he's innocent and I'm the bad one. may be its his long term planning of child custody case. Things are very worst on my end. May Allah help me with strength. Plz remember me in prayers.
  6. Just to stay in touch with them. But now we stop calling them. Lets see what issue they make now. Can i live seperatly in a house that is legally on my name (my father transfer his house on my name before dying) in same city where my in laws live. Or is it compulsion on me to live at his house with his parents in such conditions where i or my mother will have no respect. And possible harassments and abuse chances in future if we live together.
  7. May Allah bless u all in life. Ameen. I move back to my job city with my mother and baby. And my in laws and husband silent treatments already started. They were fine when i was in my home city at my home for dad funerals and other religious rituals although cold. I manged evrtything myself alone financially. But now they just not responding to mine or my mother calls and messages and i have no idea whats on their minds. Feels like i am walking on eggshells
  8. Oh Allah give me sabar-e-jalil.... Amen.

  9. Mola bless u Thanku for your kind words He will never divorce me out of ego I am now a days thinking to ask him to do second marriage and let me live with my mother and baby... May be he agree to that Or perhaps I am not thinking straight ...
  10. Pakistan. Yes I can manage if my husband don't force me to abandon my job for his house chores. I do job in a different city. And my husband lives with his parents in another city where he has job. 2 hours ride between both cities. He has his own car. He never supported me financially before or after baby. And before and after my job. Just because of the social stigma attchd with divorce women my father didn't let me apply for khula. My MPhil just ended. My parents and me both decided that I should apply for PhD scholarship abroad, take my baby and settle there. But than I stopped every thing after his accident. That happend on 11 jan 2016. He had head injury, I took him to a major city hospital where after 42 days he died right in my arms. I really don't know how I will now manage all this and move on and fight with my in laws for my rights and staying with my mother in future. I have a toddler son, the threat of him being taken away from me if I file for khula is another tension for me. Oh Allah I may not be capable of what You put on my shoulders.....
  11. Asalam o alikum My father passed away on 21 Feb 2016, he offered his prayers mostly regularly but not strictly. I am his only daughter, is it must on me to offer his remaining prayers? Even if they not and I want to than how to know how much should I offer for him. If I don't know how many of his prayers are left.? Once I already posted in a post here about the difficult situation I am in marital life.physical abuse and harassment etc. If my husband now asked me to leave my mother alone than should I? I have no siblings. I am currently doing a gazetted post job, my father did so much effort in making me independent. If my in laws or husband forces me to abaondon every thing then what I should do? Lastly my dad injury doesn't make any logical sense. I asked some good pious men to do istikhara all of them said its black magic .... Is there any amal r wazifa that I can do to get some guidance that who did this. Can I see the person in my dreams. In istikhara it came that some one from my in laws family did this. Plz help me I am Alone.......
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