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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. ^ Just read -A restatement on history of Islam. From shia perspective it's literally amazing and logical .I had started few weeks ago and now am about to finish it
  2. Salam Can anyone tell name of few shia history books dealing with politico-religious scenario from prophets era till occultation? In English/Urdu Thanks
  3. Yes there r links for Arabic and persian language but I need in English or even in urdu
  4. Salamaykym, Can anyone direct me to any English book of shia ilm e rijal or basic shia books with grading ? Or atleast link that provide list of reliable narrators Anyone knowledgeable please do reply.
  5. As far as i kn taqiyaa is applicable only to save one's life in dangerous situation and not to avoid any hardship.
  6. I was trying to avoid haram handshake but a lie ,again hellfire.
  7. Wearing gloves in this summer without any proper reason to show is LOL.
  8. This can only be done when that particular event will start otherwise organiser will throw back bunch of questions
  9. Obviously that can only be done at that very instant/class in that current situation ,otherwise they will start questioning from where u heard this and that, when we(company) haven't told about any such event etc etc.
  10. I too was seeing this option but we come together here from long way either i will come or miss the class that must be pre-decided .once i will enter in building other option goes off or if i become late my entry will be prohibited on that day
  11. Salam brother & sister, After joining new IT company as fresher i am getting a behavioral class one day in a week during training now.From previous batches i heard -one day will be hand shaking day in class in which you will be taught to shake hand with every one including many girls. I know how to refuse or avoid 1 or 2 girls but now infront of whole batch with such a strict loud speaking female teacher what and how to do.I am only muslim boys with many non-muslim boys & super-girls. I even don't know that random event date otherwise i will surely not go. Obviously i will not shake hand but don't know how avoid or to deal that havoc. Can anyone please advice.
  12. yes brother he was second most superior and one of his property was he has station of Prophethood, BUT in the narration you quoted Here prophet clearly used the exception clause to deny the station of prophethood to Ali(as) as it was with harun (as),and other than this ,prophet says you are to me like Harun was to moses. Even without station of prophethood Harun was second to Moses.Do you agree? or Was imam Ali(as) was best one after Prophet? Here i am not discarding abubakr and umar from the best position as in 3 narrations of yours i am just asking whether you conclude imam(as) as best one after prophet as you say for umar & abu bakr from the narration or not.
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