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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How exactly is dream interpretation practiced in Islam? Where does it come from? What is the reasoning behind it? In Christianity (Orthodox) we stay away from this because it can be used by demons and we see it as tarot card reading, astrology, etc. things you should stay away from. How do you know your dreams are actually from god and not just demonic deception?

  2. On 7/26/2016 at 2:07 AM, baradar_jackson said:

    Integration is what caused the cultural degeneration of every immigrant group in the US. Germans, Slavs, Hungarians, Irish, Italians. The descendants of those immigrants are now considered "white," and "whites" are generally perceived to have no culture. How did all those groups, with their own distinct heritage, all become united under this culture-less umbrella? Because they lost their ghettoes. When they lost their ghettoes they lost their sense of collective identity and culture.

    Perhaps the only reason there are any US-born Muslims who actually give a hoot about their religion is because Muslim communities here have not integrated into the rest of society. Integration is a disease which presents itself as an antidote. It is essentially the abolition of culture. And when you abolish culture, what replaces it? Nonsensical so-called progressive ideas which are presented as lofty universal ideas; they are in fact simply appeals to the most base tendencies of human beings.

    BOOM. Nailed it. It's part of "cultural Marxism" in the west. How do you remove national, ethnic, racial, religious pride and make all of these different people adhere to the secular state? Immigration and integration. I dont mean to sound like a racist ethnocentrist but being a "melting pot" of a secular society and having forced "diversity" is one of the main problems. I'm all for everyone being Americans with a proud national identity (outside of the Zionist NWO) but peoples need to have their own areas to thrive and experience their own heritage and culture.

  3. On 7/2/2016 at 4:16 PM, baradar_jackson said:

    Bro I'm not saying we all gather in one state. I'm saying: in each city, we should all gather in one neighborhood.

    Muslim succession! Invade the west then break off creating mini caliphates! 


    But on the serious side this wouldn't be a bad idea. I wish the US did this on a lot of different scales, own ethnicity, religions, races had their own neighborhoods, business, etc. not segregation but simply separation.

  4. Is there any Utah Shi'a? I have posted about this in the past and didn't get very far. I would like to have some Shi'a friends, you know. In person? :D and when i muster enough courage to go to the masjid i want to have someone with me lol can anyone help me out?

  5. 14 hours ago, Enlightened Follower said:


    They are going to create an Anti-Muslim hate movement we have to stop them while they are still small.

    Already have. The US regime targets minorities like Muslim's (1% of the US population) to justify their Zio-corporate wars serving the anti-Christ. I do believe Shi'ism NEEDS to create and maintain a larger online presence to combat this kind of thing. Shi'a scholars need to inform their nations respective youth to start a cyber JiHad!

  6. Salaam everyone,

    I have an issue with learning Arabic. I was being tutored by a Syrian woman from my church but its getting too expensive to pay for. I am in school and don't work, for now living off the wife's income until I'm finished with school in a year. Is there any good free or moderately priced program, tutor service, etc. I can use? I still am learning the alphabet and am starting with modern standard but for speaking want to learn the levantine dialect. 

  7. 32 minutes ago, Zendegi said:

    Why even bother defend Assad or anyone in his category?

    Why not go also defend the Saudi or Bahraini Kings?

    Why the hypocrisy? 

    Arab Baathism is a long finished and failed ideology even before 2003 invasion, it really went down hill after Israeli success in the Six Day War 1967. Assad and his family are living relics of that ideology.

    Be honest, we all know Bashar Assad acts as a conduit for IRI to reach Hezbollah in Lebanon. That is why a lot of you support him and I am not here to validate or support this agenda at all. Be upfront about it at least instead of going around it and finding other reasons to support him.

    Why not you all wish peace and stablity in that country for the people, instead rambling on about whose better and the bogus politics.

    Bashar is not even remotely close to being in the same boat as the House of Saud. Nice try though. Arab Baathism is a good ideology and it worked great for the countries it was in. (excluding Iraq and Saddam's crimes against Shi'a) And Assad had stability until Israel/US tried to destroy Syria. The entire Middle east was FINE until Israel and the US appeared in it.

  8. 13 hours ago, alidu78 said:

    Are you joking me ? Bashar just bombed many civilians and provocated one of the most brutal civil war of this century .

    Yeah.. If your source for the Syrian "Civil war" is CNN.. Al-Assad is a good man. He stands against Israel/USA Zionist hegemony and defends minority's. Its not a civil war, its a foreign lead forced regime change using CIA mercenary's as proxies like what the US/NATO did to Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, etc. Syria was one of the few places a mosque and church are on the same street with no problem.


    Hafiz and Bashar built that Syria. No one else.

  9. The KSA is just a US owned territory. Richard Nixon in 1973 met with King Faisal to fully take the dollar off the gold standard and tying it to foreign oil, paper went in and oil came out which was the largest scam in human history. Our oil money spreads Whabbist terror and technically all terrorism is tied to the KSA and the US.

    Performing the Hajj i have been told by other Muslims refuse to do it. Its overpriced and compared to Shi'i pilgrimages its a whole different world. People are kind and care for others going to Karbala or Najjaf. And also its costs nothing other than just getting there. Hajj in the KSA is just a racket plus Saudi Arabia destroys Islamic holy sites because the House of Saud is a Zionist Illuminati Jewish family so should be removed from power.


    Israel and the House of Saud are interchangeable.

  10. To me, Orthodox Christianity and Shi'i Islam are very similar but Jews have nothing in common with Muslims or Christians. They despise our prophet Jesus and don't believe in his message. 


    Muslims and Christians also have the same beliefs even in the new testament up until Jesus Christ. Jews share none of that. Also Talmudic Judaism is becoming very mainstream for cultural Jews which in itself is an evil book. A majority of Jewish teachings came after Christianity as well. 

  11. The United States along with her NATO ally such as Turkey (who has literally a criminal mafia family running the country), their allies in the gulf and middle east such as Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Bahraini government,etc funded and armed various groups(ISIS,FSA) in the middle east in order to increase instability in the region and to topple Bashar

    The blood of thousands of Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis,Yemenis, all in the name to protect the terrorist state of Israel and to weaken Russia and Iran. Now that their own fire burnt them they want to play the blame game, they will most likely use this event as a justification to increase military operations in Syria in order to topple Bashar.

    I pray that does not happen. I personally love Bashar Assad, forgive me.

  12. I don't believe in "terrorist" attacks. Most attacks are staged and executed by Mossad/CIA or by compliant governments for one reason or another if they happen in the West.

    JewNN and FAUX News say practically nothing about the bombings in Beirut since it was in southern Beirut which is Hezbollah territory and to the west Hezbollah is another "terrorist" organization because of terror Iran and their Evil blah blah.

    I'm sorry for Paris, but you reap what you sow. If you support Whabbi cancer then it's your own fault. This attack will work for the USA/European governments in their favor to continue their Evil.

    Anytime this happens I think of the main underlying problem. Whabbism is cancer it needs to go, Saudi funding to spread their cancer to Imams in Britain and throughout the west in their mosques, Zionism needs to be destroyed, etc.

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