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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. There is a mosque close to where I live but it is Sunni and I don't know when I can go to it because they never answer their phone, maybe they don't have one? Any other mosque in my area I can't walk to or take public transportation conveniently. What do I do? From a logical standpoint Islam makes more sense. Also, it seems like the entire world wants to destroy Islam but why? What threat does it pose? Is it because it is the truth? I read the Quran and I have realized that it has to be from God, I accept and view it at God's true scripture.
  2. What are some good sources? If Shia believe in intercession can we pray to Fatima?
  3. Isn't a part of their faith is being very secretive?
  4. So then they are Shia Muslims then? Thus being valid.? But what is a Marja?
  5. Inshallah the entire US becomes Shi'a and Hassan Nasrallah becomes president :D ;D
  6. Because Christians there know they get better treatment from Shi'a than they would get from sunni's and jews.
  7. No I don't. I have contact information with some Muslims that are Shia in my area but never get back to me or talk to me (I assume being busy) but the closest Shia mosque is kinda far on public transportation (no car) I have one very close to me that is Sunni though but they like to never answer their phone so I don't know when to go.
  8. Is it bad I want to pray to Allah in front of my Christian icons? I do still feel someone upset of not using the beautiful imagery. Do Shi'a pray in front of images if Hussain, Mahdi, Jesus, Ali, etc.?
  9. How would they be different? Alawites in Syria i know of but the ones in turkey are they a different religion?
  10. I thought they were considered within the fold of Shi'a Islam, thus being Muslims. But I've read where they believe in reincarnation and practice Christian holidays like palm Sunday?
  11. Good, Russia will clean the cancer infesting Iraq and Syria
  12. This site actually is great for converts and non-Muslims, alot of resources, help, etc. ☺
  13. I stumbled across this website when looking up how to pray the shia way. http://www.alahazrat.net/islam/what-is-shia-ism.php I think its some anti-shia page, anyone confirm? It just seems hateful.
  14. Saudi Arabia is cancer. The sooner the petro-dollar collapses and they become broke over night the better.
  15. Or does this even exist in Islam? As an Orthodox Christian before bed I'll cross the front door and all 4 directions of the walls for God and his saints to watch over our home, cross myself before the day starts, cross my front door as I leave for the morning, etc. It's very common for Christians to do this (I kinda stopped the practice of "crossing" things like my work truck, my home, etc. Since I want to become a Muslim) Do Muslims do things like this? Obviously not using the sign of the cross duh but blessing things or having certain prayers? How do Muslims view this practice?
  16. I thought the word Jihad meant to "push a rock up a hill" or something? So the word Jihad is common in Arabic to say a great struggle.
  17. From my understanding most Muslims say their just Muslims. No mention or thought about "I am Shia Muslim" or "I am a Sunni Muslim" is this true?
  18. “When they came to the assembly, they were caught in a dilemma. They knew that they should not be taking part in music. They also knew that the national anthem had music, so they were caught in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do. Some stood to leave, so the teacher intervened and gave them the opportunity to move out quietly, so they weren’t confused and they weren’t upset." *** Focus on this, Done. They have religious rights, if being a part of the national anthem isn't accepted because of Muharram then fine. It is only a "big deal" because their Muslims. If they were Jews, Hindus, Christians, or whatever then no one would say a word. Anything anti-Islam in accepted in MSM.
  19. As an Orthodox Christian this is how I am with things pertaining to Islam, specifically Shia Islam. First, saying simple prayers like using my Orthodox prayer beads as my Tesbih (100 beads) to say "Subhanallah", "Alhamdulillah", "Allahu Akbar" I feel brings me so much closer to God than saying Christian prayers. I use them while driving at work, riding the bus, walking, anytime I can, to say those prayers to Allah. In Orthodox Christianity we have many, many saints. Their lives are beautiful and are great exemplars to live a Christian centered life closer to Christ and God. But, the Imams are infallible. Free from sin, the saints are not. So you tell me which one you would have in your life? A Christian Saint that lived a life in Christ and prayer, or an infallible Imam that was part of the Ahlulbayt, the same blood that runs in their veins ran within the final prophet (s.a.a.w.) of God. Wow! And speaking of the Prophet (s.a.a.w.) I accept him as the final messenger, I now see the Quran as mankind's true revelation and a holy text from God. I am stuck with a Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali (an Ahmadiyya) so when i finally get to actually going to a local Shia mosque i hopefully can get a Quran by a Shia scholar, Inshallah. Also i see the world the way it is, the events that are unfolding. And who always seems to be the true "good guys"? Shias and their allies! Why else would Jewish dominated MSM, the western world, Zionist Takfiris, etc. All these forces and more try so hard to a discredit, attack, destroy, Shia Islam? Why is their a world filled with hostility? Why? Because evil forces want to destroy good, and to destroy the truth. That is, Shia Islam. I need to learn how to properly pray, I need to actually go to my local Shia mosque (im terrified to go), I need to read the Quran more, I need to learn Arabic, (which i study in my free time), I need to learn and study more, I one day want to say my Shahada coming from my heart. To fully become a Muslim, I will keep going until I feel I am ready. My heart is in the right place, I want the truth Islam brings to me, I want Allah in my life.
  20. Saudi Wahhabis lied about their oil reserves by 40%.. This comes to no surprise, but makes me happy Shi'a Islam is more widespread than thought.
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