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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Erdogan is a controlled western puppet. He would prefer ISIL over secular Kurd's (not saying anything supporting Kurdistan) but once again as the USA has done before. They created a monster then can't control it anymore. Problem. Reaction. Solution.
  2. Most authoritarian governments need a group of people to ostracize for popular support of certain political parties or politicians and/or of their policies and political standings. Lets not kid ourselves, the United States is an authoritarian government. Muslims are made villains and MSM (main stream media) does nothing but tout the lies of "terrorist" Iran and how "evil" Arabs are blah blah.. (when only 20% of the worlds Muslims are Arabs) It is all hype to have support for American overseas adventures of being world police and to brain wash the sheeple into thinking the Middle East is the US
  3. Where are some good Islam conversion stories or videos that would be good for a "westerner" to read/watch? And also, I have a copy of the Quran by Maulana Muhammad Ali. Is this a good scholarly translation to go by? Is him being an Ahmadiyya something to worry about? What is Ahmadiyya Islam anyway?
  4. Hell and damnation.. I didn't mean for this to be a platform for debating Baathism, Shi'a/Sunni sectarian flame wars.. I would like to reel everyone in to keep it to the scope of the question. Has Sunni Islam been infested with Western influenced teachings to support their own geopolitical and ideological goals? "Israel" supporting gulf states that export Wahhabism seems to support it, jews like to kill "goyim" hence Wahhabism seems to get that done.
  5. I have heard this before and it makes sense. Has sunni Islam been hijacked by western interests? The Gulf monarchies get tons of support from the USA and "Israel" and are allowed, if not encouraged to export Wahhabism. And fulfills gulf states and Western geopolitical goals in doing this. Has sunni teachings been altered by the west or "Israel" purposefully? And over the years accepted as "true" teachings by Muslims?
  6. In my quest to learn about Islam (Shia) and to truly find God i stumbled across a Sunni website and did some general reading around. Someone said that Shia's are misled to believe in the Mahdi and because of that belief they (Shia's) will be deceived into following the Anti-Christ believing him to be the Mahdi. This idea kind of bothers me and i feel this isn't right. Can someone please clarify where Sunni's get this idea from? And how do Shia's see this situation? Because honestly a lot of people (Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc.) will be deceived by the Anti-Christ and follow him as their savi
  7. I am an American born Christian, really studying Shia Islam to find God. But i will ask: Hassan Nasrallah will you please come to the U.S. and run for president? But seriously, the United States has a very unbroken tradition of sweet-talking an ally then pulling the rug out from them 20 years later. Sadly it is true.
  8. More questions as i study further into Islam :) Isn't God above human language? In Christianity the Bible has been translated many times into many languages. How come the Qur'an has to be in Arabic? Is an English translation or even one in Greek, French, Hindi, Russian, or whatever language you wish to include, not just as viable as the same word of God in another language?
  9. Seeking God in Islam

    1. peace seeker II

      peace seeker II

      nice one! i see that's an egyptian flag .. i guess you are coptic orthodox. hope God is pleased with all of us

  10. Even as a Christian i would say never hide your faith out of fear of bias or nonacceptance. Obviously Christians have it easy compared to Muslims here in the US but God willing, Americans and those in the west can learn more about Shia Islam and others to understand not all of them are Wahhabi's from Saudi Arabia.
  11. Now its a story in most media circles. It's now on CNN or Faux news, but it was on RT before any western media sources picked it up. 3 Muslims and its over a "parking dispute" .. But if it was 3 Jews killed by a Muslim it would be front page in the western media for days. Western hypocrisy is beyond belief. At first i thought it was a FOX news junky obsessed with American Sniper but then i find out it was an atheist (which i think is worse) but still not as much outcry. Je Suis Abu-Salha
  12. Serious question. I keep looking into Islam and i would like to pray but i dont know how. What are some good videos or something that i could use to learn how to pray? And as i started a thread earlier, does anyone know a Shi'a scholar that has written a English translation Qur'an that i could run out and buy? Please and Thank you.
  13. So I want to start reading the Qur'an and Hadith's are there translations (English) written by Shi'a scholars that someone could recommend? And are there books about the Imams also written by a Shi'a in English? I really don't want website links I would rather have a physical book I can take with me places. Books on Shi'a theology would be nice too.
  14. Wow. I am honesty shocked. Being a Christian i know many who doubt the faith (as well as myself hence why i am here) But surely this must mean something about Islam.
  15. Me studying Shi'a Islam more i would like to learn more about the 12 Imam's and the early history of them involving the prophet. Are there any specific books i should get that would be in-depth and informative? And i would like to start reading the Qur'an more but would any translation of it be enough or is there a translation written by a Shi'a cleric that some of you would recommend? Please and Thank you.
  16. None of these people are correct. Forgive me. I grew up LDS and my whole family is LDS. Mormonism is not a Christian religion, not in teaching but they are in practice. They are "henotheistic" which means they believe in the 1 true god but believe in other gods as well. Mormon teaching is that you existed in a "premortal" existence and that god gave you a body according to your deeds in heaven which you are sent here to prove your faith to god to make it back to heaven. If you live a good life and make it to heaven then you learn to become a god yourself and have your own heavenly children to
  17. Hey all, My name is Zachary, And a little about me. I was baptized into the Antiochian Orthodox church 3ish years ago and i love my faith i am always around Arab Christians mostly from Lebanon and Syria but i am always thinking of Shiite Islam and doing research on it and stuff. Because i will admit i struggle with my faith because of this. But funny thing last night i walked to the local gas station to grab a coffee since i couldn't sleep (its relaxing to me) and there were two guys that pulled up and i heard them speaking Arabic so i was like "Okay, cool their probably Muslims." And they w
  18. Hey everyone im new here this is my first post. But my name is Zachary and im really curious about Shia Islam. Some of my first questions: What makes Shia different some Sunni? (in terms of theology and practice) Are Alawites considered Shia muslims as well? Does Shia Islam worship or venerate saints? Those are just off the top of my head but i do have more. I am reading the Quran and it just seems to make so much sense and i dont have any trouble understanding it. But looking into theology of Islam i feel Shia Islam is the most correct, and was wondering if i could maybe get someones E-
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