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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I keep coming across things like these and it makes me wonder why would such evil forces continue to move against Shia Islam? The CIA is the most evil organization imaginable, who most likely take their orders from devil Israel.
  2. I said reenacting, not actual crucifixion so please don't make assumptions. Things like this - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/worldnews/11514158/Reenacting-the-crucifixion-In-pictures.html?image=1
  3. These dehumanizing rituals of the "lion shiite", acting like dogs, blood letting, are a mockery. This is not how you honor and mourn Imam Hussain. I'm a Christian, this is no different than Protestants reenacting the crucifixion which makes me sick. And even I can see this is not Islam and not true Shi'a Islam. Inshallah, Shias can end these practices.
  4. US airstrikes against ISIL are a huge lie. America needs ISIL because they are the CIA/Mossad proxy army achieving everything the west wants. Russia will obliterate these dogs.
  5. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
  6. How would Islam dwindle to a small amount of followers? It has over 1 billion?
  7. The world is changing and shifting east with a new multi polar world being led by the BRICS/SCO countries and being led away from Zio-Corporate America and their lap dogs. I personally see the west in their death throes. The EU cannot maintain their neo-liberal secular policies as Great Britain, France, and Germany are the only countries keeping the system afloat. Far-right political parties and social trends are on a rapid rise over much of Europe, a new era of European nationalism is making a come back with newly elected political parties whose main platform is anti-EU and separation from th
  8. Islam 55% - Christianity 45% #Progress

  9. Islam 55%Christianity 45%

  10. What about incense? Lol sorry I'm not trying to justify anything just asking.
  11. Do people within Islam ever use candles? Like during prayer to light them?
  12. In Orthodox Christianity using prayer beads or prayer ropes are a common occurrence and part of our faith in drawing ourselves closer to God saying the Jesus prayer, as well as prayers to our saints. I've been using the prayer beads I have (their is 100 beads) using them to count and say "Allahu-Akbar", "Subhanallah", and "alhamdulillah". I'd this wrong to do? I thought Muslims used prayer breads as well. I'm making an effort to study Islam and to learn of Allah and know for sure if I should become Muslim since it is something I cannot any longer ignore.
  13. Other than the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? I find it odd Gabriel would appear to him and not others, if I'm wrong about this forgive me and please let me know. As a Christian I don't know if Gabriel appeared to others.
  14. The Arabic Alphabet: How to read and write it by Nicholas Awde and Putros Samano. Like any language learning the alphabet is a first must. I've been using this little book and it is easy to understand and learn :)
  15. It's similar to Orthodox belief that any who get baptized into the church become an adopted son of Christ. Or is it not similar?
  16. Was digging around to listen to Azan's and I found this one in another "Imam Ali in Shia Azan thread?" The part at 1:40 - 1:55ish is it referring to Imam Ali? Because I thought I heard his name and I don't understand Arabic but whatever was being said it made my heart melt. It felt very spiritual, like I actually feel close to God. It was amazing.
  17. I want to go to a mosque but too nervous to go alone, title says it all. Is there any Muslims on here in Utah?
  18. Salt Lake City. And this forum is not big enough for someone to be in my city I don't think :(
  19. There are 2 Shia mosques in my area both close to me but I am too nervous to go.. What should I do? Call and schedule a visit to Meet with the Imam? What are they (the local Imam in mosques) called? What do I do when I walk into a mosque without looking like an idiot? And I know no Muslims in person to take me there. :(
  20. Is there any Muslim scholar that has translated/written the Bible with Islamic commentary?
  21. A vast majority of anyone non-Muslim in the west will say it's using an ak-47 to fight non-Muslim infidels or something along these lines in any style of language. Some say it means just a spiritual sense of an "inner struggle" or also including this, but adding the "lesser struggle" of waging physical war. This topic title is self explanatory I don't think I need to really explain my question. How do Shi'a see Jihad? Doesn't the Quran say that we should only fight a war in self defense and once hostilities are over that we too stop fighting and not pursue revenge?
  22. I'm sorry forgive me if I'm being offensive but I thought the prophet (pbuh) was lifted into heaven? Why does the prophet (pbuh) have a tomb?
  23. I had a friend who we we had met several months ago, we would spend time together and talk about Islam and discuss. Then all of a sudden my texts were never answered anymore and then I started getting replies again but only to be answered back with messages about how my number is being blocked. OK then.. I have also emailed probably 3 or 4 local or somewhat local imam's and I never get a reply.. Why is it so hard to find someone to sit down with me and talk about Islam? I want to know more. I have had this urge for years now to read the Quran to talk to someone knowledgeable about Islam to u
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