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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. How exactly is dream interpretation practiced in Islam? Where does it come from? What is the reasoning behind it? In Christianity (Orthodox) we stay away from this because it can be used by demons and we see it as tarot card reading, astrology, etc. things you should stay away from. How do you know your dreams are actually from god and not just demonic deception?
  2. Is there a study bible out there that has footnotes and commentary on the verses from an Islamic point if view?
  3. The top 25 people that push the "White privilege" agenda are all Jewish should give you an idea that its a massive lie. I'm not wanting to make this political but focus on God. Nothing else.
  4. . . . The problem with Islam is that Whabbism is becoming very mainstream for Sunni's. Which is spread by the wealth of Saudi Arabia which has the financial means to do so because of the USA. Terrorism exists because of the British and US. Its that simple.
  5. Is there a good site for converts? Or how many here converted to Islam from a christian background and/or do any of you personally know someone who converted from Christianity?
  6. BOOM. Nailed it. It's part of "cultural Marxism" in the west. How do you remove national, ethnic, racial, religious pride and make all of these different people adhere to the secular state? Immigration and integration. I dont mean to sound like a racist ethnocentrist but being a "melting pot" of a secular society and having forced "diversity" is one of the main problems. I'm all for everyone being Americans with a proud national identity (outside of the Zionist NWO) but peoples need to have their own areas to thrive and experience their own heritage and culture.
  7. Muslim succession! Invade the west then break off creating mini caliphates! KIDDING. But on the serious side this wouldn't be a bad idea. I wish the US did this on a lot of different scales, own ethnicity, religions, races had their own neighborhoods, business, etc. not segregation but simply separation.
  8. Is there any Utah Shi'a? I have posted about this in the past and didn't get very far. I would like to have some Shi'a friends, you know. In person? and when i muster enough courage to go to the masjid i want to have someone with me lol can anyone help me out?
  9. Already have. The US regime targets minorities like Muslim's (1% of the US population) to justify their Zio-corporate wars serving the anti-Christ. I do believe Shi'ism NEEDS to create and maintain a larger online presence to combat this kind of thing. Shi'a scholars need to inform their nations respective youth to start a cyber JiHad!
  10. I looked at all of their profiles, their all ex-Muslim atheists. Secularists/Atheists spend more time hating religion than anything else if they put that energy into God they would all be saints..
  11. Hasbara. Also, many are brainwashed by MSM especially Faux News type of media.
  12. Salaam everyone, I have an issue with learning Arabic. I was being tutored by a Syrian woman from my church but its getting too expensive to pay for. I am in school and don't work, for now living off the wife's income until I'm finished with school in a year. Is there any good free or moderately priced program, tutor service, etc. I can use? I still am learning the alphabet and am starting with modern standard but for speaking want to learn the levantine dialect.
  13. Bashar is not even remotely close to being in the same boat as the House of Saud. Nice try though. Arab Baathism is a good ideology and it worked great for the countries it was in. (excluding Iraq and Saddam's crimes against Shi'a) And Assad had stability until Israel/US tried to destroy Syria. The entire Middle east was FINE until Israel and the US appeared in it.
  14. Yeah.. If your source for the Syrian "Civil war" is CNN.. Al-Assad is a good man. He stands against Israel/USA Zionist hegemony and defends minority's. Its not a civil war, its a foreign lead forced regime change using CIA mercenary's as proxies like what the US/NATO did to Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine, etc. Syria was one of the few places a mosque and church are on the same street with no problem. Hafiz and Bashar built that Syria. No one else.
  15. The KSA is just a US owned territory. Richard Nixon in 1973 met with King Faisal to fully take the dollar off the gold standard and tying it to foreign oil, paper went in and oil came out which was the largest scam in human history. Our oil money spreads Whabbist terror and technically all terrorism is tied to the KSA and the US. Performing the Hajj i have been told by other Muslims refuse to do it. Its overpriced and compared to Shi'i pilgrimages its a whole different world. People are kind and care for others going to Karbala or Najjaf. And also its costs nothing other than just getting there. Hajj in the KSA is just a racket plus Saudi Arabia destroys Islamic holy sites because the House of Saud is a Zionist Illuminati Jewish family so should be removed from power. Israel and the House of Saud are interchangeable.
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