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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Bismillah for the third time tonight), I - your European "infidel friend" - read and read and read and read! Though I learnt quite a few new things and name I read that blame is spread in all four directions of the wind. What I did not read a single (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), not a single time is the word "AMERICA"! Was I wrong when saying this is an impressive forum with civil and intellegent folks discussing important issues? Was I really so wrong? It seems you are in the middle of a vast forest - and do not see the trees! Of course we can blame "IS" or "ASSAD" - the Shiates, the Sunnis or the Allaouites. We all have our arguments and reasons, don't we? Still - that I did not read the name "AMERICA" a single time on the bloody banner of truth is MORE THAN STUNNING! And VERY DISAPPOINTING on top of it! I will now go to bed wondering - "what the heck is wrong with otherwise intellegent Muslims"....? your brother in arms, your brother at heart! Muraqad
  2. Bismillah, yes, I can very much identify with what you say, brother! My position is quite simelar. I simply do not have enough facts to say "Assad is bad" or "Assad is good". Still, I have more facts that he is not bad, than vice versa. Why? 1.) The Sarin-gas attack was not launched by Assad - that is already history and fact! Instead there are US "Whistle blowers" who insist that USA was ultimately behind this to get an argument to invade Syria. A clear "False Flag", as this is called! 2.) Assad appears to be very civil, when I hear him in various interviews. I heard about 4-5 hours of interviews with him in total and each time I leave with the idea "Wooow - I did not know this guy is so straight, so civil, so logic and ultimately, yes, so sympathetic!" 3.) Syria was a peaceful country till USA turned the whole Middle East into the mess they wanted to see it in. All religions were able to live peacefully next to each other. All of that is over now. Assads mistake? No - Washington did this and they did it on purpose and with a long-time plan. Soooo evil! And the world...? Even the Muslim world....? They blame Assad, they blame Maliki, they blame anybody, but that America is ALONE (!!!!!) responsible for this mess I do not hear enough - if at all. Already forgotton? Unbelievable! Still - I am not saying Assad is good. That I find him sympatheic in interviews means absolutely nothing. That Assad did not attack his own folks with poison-gas is also not enough reason to like him. And that Syria was peaceful is also not everything! Still - all three are good points in favour of Assad (also that he was a Doctor - not an Idiot like so many other presidents (...!) - is a plus-point for him. At least for me). I would like to hear serious, believable and proofable arguments that put Assad into the bad light, some folks want to see him in. What is it, that he did? What REALLY is it or was it? Mention facts - the obligatory Sunni/Shia/Allaouite argument is not acceptable alone. Post links to literature or articles, post photos or clips - make the outsider I am to this, understand There is so much (brain-)potential on this site - as I could already read - that I think I should get a little more from you than just prejudices. Facts count - please share some! My wishes to all of you, Muraqad
  3. 14.10.2014 Hello Muslim friends - Bismillah, you might call me an "infidel", since I am neither a Muslim, nor of any other religion. I am a German Muslim-sympathizer, since I travelled in many Muslim countries. Morocco, Algeria, Afghanistan, Tunesia, Egypt, Mauretania, Pakistan, India, Mali and other Muslim countries in West-Africa. I have lots of respect for you and your culture - your religion included. Actually a friend of mine from Mauretania want me to convert to Islam and I will possibly do it, when in the country next time (Mauretania is the country, where I have the word "MURAQAD" from). I came to this site, because I was googling why Assad is so much hated by Sunni's (for the most part). Then I was surprised how civil and how educated and social people are posting here. Really impressive! I read the first 10-15 posts and I must admit, that I did not read any serious argument, why Assad is the dictator his enemies say he is. It's funny - I like the guy, when I hear him in interviews, not that this means really too much. But he too, like you, is very educated, civil. logic and I got the impression that it is not difficult for me to "trust him", to believe it is true, what he says. Take the "poison-gas" attacks. As far as I know, it is already proven history that it was not Assad, but the "rebels" who did this in order to blame it on Assad. And who organized it? The BIGGEST ENEMY of all of us - you and me together - America. They helped the rebels to cause this horrible atrocity, in order to blame it on Assad and then wage war on Syria and Assad, followed by hunder-thousands of dead Syrians - innocent father, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and elders. You guys are fighting (with acceptable words, though) here the Sunni/Shia fight. That is very-very disappointing for me to see. Are you not all Muslims? Is it really sooooo important, what school you are belonging too? That happened 1400 years ago - how can you give it sooo much weight today? That is my main Muslim-critique and the moment when I wonder: "Are they "stupid" this Muslims? Why are they doing that to each other and if they really do this already to each other, what will they to to real "infedels" like me and others...?" Instead of fighting each other - with words and sharp blades - you should all unit and fight the TRUE ENEMY. The enemy of the world. The enemy of all civilized people - USA! But do not get me wrong. Americans are as good and bad as I am or you are. Just normal people. A bit naive, a bit stupid even at times and VEEEEERY religious - possibly more than you are. I been there quite a few times and never knew before my first time, that every little town of 5000 people has 5,6,7 (little) churches! Amazing!!! What we should all despise and fight is American politics - foreign politics. All educated Europe - where I come from - knows that 9/11 was an "inside job", as it is called here. Also most educated and progressive Americans know that - and even say it! Just the the masses are dumb and tend to believe in the LYING-LYING US TV, not knowing they are in bed with Washington to an extend, normally can really understand and believe! Back to my original subject - why Assad is really hated! To tell you the truth...? I was disappointed that nobody here could explain this to me. A few people tried, argued with the long time he is in power etc. But this is not a valid reason to me. Germany had a chancellor who was a long time in power too - was he a dictator? No - he was not! The length of time somebody is in power alone is no valid argument - sorry guys! Not that you get me wrong! I do not know if Assad is a dictator or not. I am not arguing he is not, Thats why I came here - in hope to find out. One thing must also be mentioned! Under Assad was peace. Under Assad all religions - even Christians and Jews - could live in peace side by side. Is this not a great value? Look what you got now. HATRED and "everybody" fighting "everybody". A horrible situation. I follow the news every day - mainly on youtube - and have seen dozends of clips from Iraq and Syria! And watch them in sadness, seeing Muslims slaughter Muslims for very very stupid reasons, if you ask me! ISIS? Or ISIL? Or IS? Are you guys aware that they are another CIA-trained group doing the "dirty work" for the Americans? The CIA trained the fighters in Georgia and other places - gave them money and weapons only to do the dirty job and take out the Assad regime - same in Iraq. That makes me wonder how clever Muslims (or their leaders) really are. As soon as all this killing is over, USA will go against "IS" and will kill them all. You bet! Next they go against you - as sure as light of day. What do you think you can gain from their presence? All they want is your oil, your gas, your raw-materials and full control of the Middle East! I feel I sound like Che Guevarra here! Actually I was not interested in politics at all before 9/11. Then I saw how my friends in Afghanistan were bombed, how innocent families died by the hundred-thousands. Same in Iraq. Not long ago SADDAM was the best friend of Rumsfeld and the other criminals - remember? When USA fought against Iran? And now...? Saddam was murdered and now - hahahahaha - USA is secretly working together with Iran against the same "IS" they have created, trained and funded! You must understand that trillions of Dollars are earned with the US war-machine. The old enemy Russia is gone - now they created a new one - Muslims. Only to be able to continue to produce and sell war-machines worth trillions (not billions!!!) of Dollars. A few rich families - Bush and Cheney among them - are the ones that take all the profits, while the dumb-naive American tax-payer is paying the price. While they pay with Dollars, you pay with blood! How long you want to continue, before you see and realize this? And work against it...? OK - I stop preaching. I did not come here to tell you what to do and think. In my heart I am with you - more than you think. The infidel! Isn't that an irony in itself? Talk later, if you want, Allah u Akbar, MURAQAD
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