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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Theoretically, if the next khoemeini declares a fatwah saying that Sunnis are Kaffir because we dont follow Imamah, tell me how many Shia will go against it?Its that easy. I hate to say it but this is the truth. The proxy war on yemen was absolutely Unnecessary. If the Iranian gov. wanted "unity" they would not have supported the Houthis. The support of Houthis has started yet another sectarian war in the Middle East. It could have been avoided. To my surprise most shias completely supported the Iranian backed Houthis. Thing is....just one snap of the finger, just one fatwah and bam! The shia
  2. I hate to get to personal arguments....but you seriously need to reprogram your brain circuits
  3. Excellent comment Tawheed. Please i hope you will make a thread about it. If we muslims strive for it, its easy to take over most job sectors.Plus i think you are blaming atheists too much. Who is to blame? Remember Charlie Hebdo once fired a staff for doing something. It starts with the letter 'J'.
  4. That day might come because the grand majority of sunni dont care about shia. So creating a movement is very possible. I personally think problem is arab Sunni. In egypt a vast number of people are becoming atheists but the stupid ""prayer imams"" still blame shia for their problems. The one topic i will raise against shia- you are far, far too blind about the khoemeini.
  5. My advice to the shia: lie and keep a low profile on hajj
  6. I deleted my Facebook after the last Gaza genocide. Facebook is owned by Mark Suckerberg- a JEW. If you are using FB, know that you are lining the pocket of our Enemy. How to permanently delete your account? Get Chrome, access FB, get to the 'Help Section' where you can type your question. Type 'How can I permanently delete my Facebook account?' You should get an option then with this exact title. Then read. You will find a hyperlink 'Let us Know.' Click on the hyperlink and Wallah job done.
  7. As a secret FBI agent i hereby convict on charge of treason and sedition.
  8. I really don't want to invovle myself in Shia-Sunni sectarian 'nonsense' but here's my two cents. A. Ali himself didnt take Fadak and give it to his family(if memory recalls correctly). B. No you don't run an empire by cashing on a small piece of land-that is just absurd. And again if i remember correctly the Fadak was not cashed on. ***Abu Bakr was fairly rich before he was a muslim. Many of Muhammad(S)'s economic reforms hurt the rich Makkans(which is why they tried to kill him). If Abu Bakr wanted a cash cow, he would not have become a muslim in the first place.
  9. So many liverpool haters. Curse be on them(only joking of course).
  10. Nothing new here. When people think they are g-d's chosen people they develop several psychological issues. The info in this thread is true and it is normal for the jews to do these things.
  11. How is Ali's wilayah different from Aaron's priesthood?
  12. I was curious as to what is to happen to muslims who don't believe in Mahdi while he is not here. I mean Mahdi sounds like the jewish messiah.Doesnt anyone here think that belief in Mahdi is making muslims weak and complacent? Im sorry if my question offended anyone.
  13. Whats up with these gay threads that are popping up every now abd then. As a guy, i cant even think....the very thought of it is repusive.
  14. @andres- the white nationalists don't actually believe they exist but they idolise their barbarianism. As for Kaaba, some famous Hanufas even before Muhammad(S) prostrated there and believed it to be built by Ibrahim. I remember the story of one famous Hanufa who was neither Jew or Christian. Btw, the original Kaaba built by Ibrahim was a slightly elevevated wall covered by a tent. Yes, islam is influenced by Hanifiya as is evident in Quran. What's new? I have studying about South west Arabian history an learnt many interesting things. Dr. Salibi suggests that the lost ark of covenant could be
  15. Lol 'brother raging'. Thats the joke of the day. Hats off.On a more serious note, i said what i had said in a cool and composed manner. Tell me if you had a family problem would you tell every outsider on the streets about it? No you would solve it internally. I think its best to keep our problems indoors, rather than asking for foreigners. Its best that they dont see muslims in such a weak position. Besides she says shes evangelical and she dreams of the jews building what she refers to as King David's empire. You know what that means right? I immediately stopped discussing with her after i
  16. I have been silent on this but i have to comment. Look man, i am not a sunni or a shia. I am a non-sectarian Pan-Islamist. I have no interest in indulging in sectarian strife. But here is the thing. You made allegations that the poster 'peaceseeker 2' is childish. Yet you made remarks that amount from conspiracy theories to outright schizophrenia I am not saying Iran does not have its sectarian goals but to say that iran wants a persian hegemony is nonsensical. Do you know that iranians are not very religious? You are right that iran uses rhetoric.And yes it is the aggresor in Yemen. But to
  17. A very childish and kneejerk conclusion. Just because someone does not suscribe to your version of the story does not mean that he/she hates Fatima. I mean seriously.....
  18. Can you invite that man here so that we can have a gentleman's discussion?
  19. Kvetching helps no one. @Panzerwaffe- as for sensationalism, that threat about Yemen is becoming really heated.
  20. Your right but the wives are warned atleast in two occasions in Quran. Well, anyway the end result is with Allah. Although i am pro- Abu Bakr and also support(not everything tho) Umr, i have found it very hard-given the evidence at hand- to feel positively about the wives.
  21. May Allah(Swt) shower blessings on those who make this Nasrallah's statement their creed.
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