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  1. Salwan al-Taee, a young army conscript from the bomb disposal unit died just days before his wedding. His family and friends decided to sing wedding songs at his funeral. Extremely heartbreaking, I couldn't go past when his mom brings a white wedding shirt. RIP P. S. Also for the squeamish ones, the videos contains dancing music... https://facebook.com/saif.alkhayat.9/posts/10152750674438716 From the tittle of the video by his best friend: O bridegroom we just had your wedding, but you haven't shown up. Brother, didn't we agree to dance together at your wedding? Where are you, come back my brother...
  2. I hope Israel got the message: meddling in Syria will be costly.
  3. @Khalilallah well, I don't think it's OK to shout death to America either. Issues are between Iranian and American administrations, wishing the death of the whole country is very problematic imo. I'm still wondering why would the Houthis have a beef with Zionists, assuming the confuse the with Jews? Are you saying that Muslims justify their hatred of Jews by this Quranic verse? I'm sure there are some historical contexts for this verse. Do you seriously thinks Houthis and Sadrists are created by Zionists?
  4. @revolving ace, I like your enthusiasm. @baradar_jackson, I'm not trying to justify the red card, but being more than just football rivals, the referee expected a violent game between Iraq and Iran. He sought to show control by spamming yellow cards. I guess he didn't realise Pooladi was booked once when he gave the the second yellow. Anyhow, he was much more lenient on Iran for the rest of the match, Iranian players could only trip themselves to get the closest Iraqi a yellow card. At the end of the day Iran went down with a raised head. They have a young promising squad and lots of years ahead ti gain experience. You should be proud of how they performed. As for Iraq, well our country is being torn apart as we speak, can't you have it in your heart to just let us just have this one.
  5. Iran played very well in all their previous matches. They would have been unbeatable if they didn't get one player sent off. But it's a game of luck partially. Iraqis really need something to give them a sense of unity in these days so it would have been very unfair if they lost after dominating the match and getting to the penalties. I was born in Iraq but after living half my life elsewhere I kind of lost my "Iraqiness". I got it back watching this match, GO IRAQ, and good luck next time Iran.
  6. These are just the tip of the iceberg. Probably more than 5000 Yazidis died at the hands of ISIS, figures of Shias is probably double that. Places like Tel Afar were basically cleansed from Shias who formed around half of the population, and unlike the Yazidis had no place to flee. I still have family in Iraq and the stories they hear are hard to believe but probably not exaggerated. Here is one account: https://mosuleye.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/tel-afars-genocide/ I believe the government tried to hide some events from media to prevent another wave of Sunni-Shiite mass killing and retaliation in Baghdad like the one of 2006.
  7. I know many would say Israel /= Jews but they are pretty much indistinguishable in Middle Eastern societies today. Many Shiite organisations list Israel and/or Jews as their main enemies: Hizbullah in Lebanon, yes there is a long history but Israel gave up in Lebanon decades ago, while Hizb still considers Israel their number one enemy. Houthis official slogan literally says "death to Israel, damnations upon the Jews" (http://www.yementimes.com/get_img?ImageId=2497). Sadrists in Iraq used to hold "anti-Zionist" parades not long ago pretty regularly, off course Israel and Jews didn't go unmentioned. Thousands upon thousands of innocent Shias are getting killed every year by radical Sunni Islamist organisations in places like Iraq and Pakistan, yet even there the blame always goes to the Jews who AFAIK haven't attacked Shia civilians since the Lebanon war.
  8. I have recently watched a debate between David Wood and Osama Abdallah on the topic of the relation between ISIS and Islam, link bellow. I must say that Wood's arguments were shockingly powerful. Abdallah's replies were very weak as he put his whole defence behind conspiracy theories, just like many moderate Muslims do in my experience. Now I know that Wood mostly relied on Sunni Sahih's and Tafasir, but how would Shias respond to his arguments? Is there any way Muslims can divorce centuries-old politically motivated understanding of Islam from contemporary Muslim societies?
  9. I watched a debate between David Wood and Ali Araie... I would say Ataie performed pretty well and managed to turn the table on Wood with his humorous comments and extensive use of the tu quoque argument.
  10. If you check the shooting clip you would see how the attackers articulated the "ḥāʾ" (ح) in "Muhammad" in a very distinctive north african way, no "western Zionist" would be able to reproduce it. They spoke perfect French because they were born there obviously. Anyway why is it so hard to imagine that some Muslims are so radicalised that they are willing to commit such atrocities? Nearly all Muslims killed in the MENA are victims of extremist groups and not Western aggression, well at least not directly. You are a Shia I presume and you should aknowledge that the vast majority of victims in a turbulent country like Iraq in the past decade were Shias killed by Sunni extremists. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_bombings_during_the_Second_Iraq_War)
  11. Exactly my thought. France was one of the first countries that worked hand in hand with gulf states to oust Assad and bring democracy to the Syrians. The result being the complete destruction of Syria. It is quite ironic that those "freedom fighters" went back to spread "democracy" in Paris. Feel sorry for the victims but this should be a lesson to the French administration to stop meddling in Syria.
  12. I don't think Baathism has much to do with ISIS, they also have millions of sympathisers from Indonesia to Nigeria who have no Idea what Baath is. Maybe there are only a few hundreds of fighters from each countries but on top of that they have many more supporters, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to create their own state. ISIS have in their ranks many intelligent people who hold high degrees and know exactly what they want to achieve, their caliph himself has holds a degree in Islamic studies. What is more revealing is that they base every single abhorrent act they perform to Quran and the Hadith. One of the latest ones is Q&A on their sexual slaves. [twitter link removed] They basically kidnapped someone's wife/daughter/sister and are using them as items bought and sold for their own sexual gratification, all being justified by Islamic jurisprudence. I don't think you need western media to add more salt to the injury after this.
  13. This is my point exactly, The Quran appeared within a certain context. The first believers were Arab desert-dwellers who lived in tribal communities that constantly raided each other, it is not surprising that their lifestyle is not outrightly rejected in 7th-century Islam. There are certainly some nice values in the Quran but on the other hand you have verses that call upon the killing of the non-believers wherever found. You have some very graphical descriptions in al-Tawba and al-Anfal for instance.Now there are similar verses in the Bible were God orders the Israilites to kill their enemies. The difference is that in Islam violent verses are still very much alive. They are still taught as an integral part of Islam, and you can find them in the rhetorics of countless Islamic organizations all over the Islamic world.
  14. Calling ISIS a few brainwashed youths is a gross underestimation imo. They have an immense appeal among, I dare say, the majority of Sunni in the ME. If you don't believe me check he comments sections in any Arabic-speaking news agency, just look at a headline at al-Jazeera regarding ISIS and check the highest rated comments. I have seen a couple of videos circulating on the internet showing Shia militias beheading Sunni fighters. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/iraq/11087584/Iraqi-Shia-militia-who-fought-Isil-condemned-for-revenge-beheadings.html)
  15. I read her first book A History of God, I was open-minded at first but her mysticism is so overwhelming that it doesn't help her credibility in faithfully transmitting the tradition she discusses. For her Jesus and Muhammad were visionary tree-huggers with a mission to rescue the human race, and basically no one except her understands them.
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