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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam, bro

    can u plz tell me the correct method of MASSAH?

  2. Salaam un 'alaikum

  3. Our lodestar is animosity to the Ahle-Bayt. Any person who exhibited any animosity to the Ahle-Bayt is a mal'aoon in my book. Simple, and understandable, isn;t it?
  4. (salam) Rawshni Mayn bohat lambay arseh b'aad yahaan aaya hoon. Woh bhee kuchch zikr huwa thaa aaj shaam iss topic baaray mein. Baita yeh topic ziyadah hee lamba naheen ho gyaa? Kyaa yeh tumhaaree energies peh ziyadah baar naheen bann rahaa? Maana dilchasp hai, magar iss site pee aa baithnay kaa, yaa yoon kahoon keh iss site peh tumhein jaa bithaanay kaa maqsad tou Shia madhab baaray ziyadah say ziyadah ''llm haasil karrnaa thaa Zara sochchnaa Wassalaam Haazirmoula
  5. Baita you've captured the inhumanity and the insane cycnicism of tose with chilling effect. I myself did a few lines on the killing fields of Karachi inthose. If I find them somewhere I'll post them here . . . just to prove that I do not pen empty praise . . . jeetee raho ... aur Allah karey zore bayaan aur ziyadah
  6. Couldn't agree more with all the opinions expressed. May the One who is the subject of your poem look in benevolence upon you.
  7. Unity is always for something, and concuurently against something. What is your case? unity against what? For what?
  8. Invoking l'aanat upon those who rebel aganst Allah or those appointed by Allah is a clear requirement of Shi'i aqeedah. Unitists are free to draw their own conclusions. THat said, what is notable is how, from amongst the Shia, a fifth cplumn has been raised that open, flagrantly denounces all that differentiates the Shia from all tose profess Islam, either due to lack of guidance or sheer hypocricy. Those who come under the umbrella of lack of guidance are those born into "MUslim" families, brought up in teir ways, and have somegow not bee exposed to Sh'i dawah. The hyopcrites are folks who c
  9. (salam) Inna lillahe wa inna alaihe raj'eoon
  10. Liberation always has tw aspects. In the temporal world, it does lea to loneliness. On the spiritual plane it leads one into communion with one's Creator. Ponder this my young friend . . .
  11. (salam) I heartily endorse your mtion about thanking sister Zeinab for ruining the thread. I also thin, that like me, peole have time heavy on their hands . . .
  12. (salam) Lahore kee sabb say khaas baat uss kaa unique kirdaar hai. Lahore dil waaloun kaa sheher hai. Mayn nay bohat arsah pehlay, yahaan hee kuchch chotay chotay qissay Lahoryoun kee dildaaree baaray arz kiye thay. Waqt saath naheen day rahaa warnaa dohraa daytaa yaa link daal daytaa. Abb bhee, puraanay sheher say baahar, jo baagh saaray shehr kay gird ghoomtaa hai, wahaan Lahore kay makhsoos mizaaj kee kuchch jhalyaan daikhee jaa sakktee hain . . . Pata naheen kyaa keh rahay ho bhaee . . . apni janam bhoomee ko koyee kyuon naa yaad karay gaa, taa aankeh apni paidaaesh peh sharmsaar naaho
  13. (salam) I do wish you had had the time and freedom to complete whatever you had in mind. If what we have seen is any idea, we would certainly have been illmined by our Rawshni . . . Rawshan kartee rahee rahi hamaaray dil o damaagh baita . . . Allah taufeeq aur ajr day . .. Duaa gou Haazir
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