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  1. There are certainly many points on which one can take objection with Tawhidi. However, some of these points can easily be raised about many others. Some are calling him a fake scholar based on his lack of study, but at the same time long titles are being given to popular speakers who haven't studied much more than him. People are quick to label someone an agent as soon as they don’t like what they're saying. Did you ever consider that someone could have certain views, however strange they may be, without being on a payroll? Finally, I sometimes wonder if we attributed some of Tawhidis quotes that he is being criticized for to another speaker, would people still condemn it or would they start parroting it instead? Personally I don't care much for Tawhidi and I am certainly not defending him, but I do see some double standards in some of the arguments that are brought against him. Wallahu a'lam
  2. Mahdavist

    Migration of Imam Hussain (as)

    Walaikum as salam brother. I am not sure which post you are referring to exactly. I have only posted once in this thread. By all means, feel free to confront who you like. It doesn't upset me. Wallahu a'lam
  3. Mahdavist

    Which Sunni Madhab Is Closer To Shia Islam

    No, what the maraje and more importantly our aimmah have said is that one may stand in the congregation. However for your prayer to be valid you must either recite it on your own or behind an Imam who fulfills the criteria, one of which is to be a Twelver Shia. Wallahu a'lam
  4. Mahdavist

    Which Sunni Madhab Is Closer To Shia Islam

    Folding hands makes your prayer invalid and one of the conditions to lead prayer is to be Twelver Shia. You can verify this is in the risalah of any marja. Wallahu a'lam
  5. Mahdavist

    Migration of Imam Hussain (as)

    وَعِبادُ الرَّحمٰنِ الَّذينَ يَمشونَ عَلَى الأَرضِ هَونًا وَإِذا خاطَبَهُمُ الجاهِلونَ قالوا سَلامًا
  6. Mahdavist

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    I think the discussion is getting a little ridiculous now with due respect. You argued that al Jahiz couldn't have fabricated the sermon because it was too eloquently written (you made this claim without even having a basic understanding of Arabic grammar, let alone prose) When it was pointed out to you that his linguistic skills and study of the Qur'an were at a level that allowed him to potentially fabricate such a sermon, your reaction was to somehow portray people as being followers of al Jahiz. This point is not only completely irrelevant, it is also dishonest. At the end of the day you do yourself an injustice and lose credibility when you do something like this. Instead of insisting on debating points which are outside of your knowledge and capabilities it would perhaps be more adequate to simply admit that the discussion is out of your depth and to politely step aside. It is more honourable to simply admit that you don’t know, rather than to bluff. You don't have to agree with what the brothers are saying if it doesn't convince you, but you don't do yourself any favours when you try to debate topics for which you simply lack the basic and fundamental tools. I am not posting this just to single you out, but rather because there is an obsession among people in our religious community to rush into debates and polemics without always taking the time to develop the required skills and knowledge. This has resulted in people being destroyed in debates, not because their position was wrong but simply because they lacked the knowledge to prove their point correctly. Wallahu a'lam
  7. Mahdavist

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    Again, you seemed to have missed the point. None of these maraje are discussing or analyzing the chain of the narration, rather they are discussing the content. There is therefore no contradiction between the research carried out by Ibn al Hussain and others (pointing to discrepancies in the chain) and the maraje because as of yet nobody has presented their view on the chain or on the narrators. If indeed you bring forth the view of a scholar who says that the narrators in the chain were reliable then you have a basis to overrule the research presented earlier in this thread. Also keep in mind that the status of the narrators is not something that comes from the imagination of the brother who pointed out that they are unreliable and even admitted to fabricating the narration. Rather he has only pointed out what is already documented. Therefore this idea that we need to somehow 'rate Ibn al Hussain as narrator' makes no sense because he isn't transmitting something, rather he has stated what is already documented. Wallahu a'lam
  8. Mahdavist

    Sermon of Fadak - is it reliable?

    It would help to read what is behind the links rather than to just copy and paste. Ayatullah Golpaygani and others have not commented on the chain of the version of the sermon that is quoted from al Ihtijaj. To assume that they have authentified or verified the chain just because they are commenting on the matn (contents) of the narration is erroneous because often chains are not closely scrutinized when it comes to non-fiqhi matters. The fact is that there are different versions of this sermon recorded in various books, so to select one as the most authentic without having analyzed the sources and chains would be baseless. Brother Ibn al Hussain has shared what he has found through his own research. If there is another study that contradicts or corrects what he has claimed then by all means let it be shared and discussed. However, disliking the outcome of his research is not a credible basis to attack or criticize him. Furthermore , attributing views to major scholars without actually having their opinion on the said view available is dishonest and manipulative. Wallahu a'lam
  9. Mahdavist

    Popular - Unreliable - Accounts Related to Ashura

    I can't help but point out the irony of this post. I think some people are really getting the wrong end of the stick here and imagining some kind of conspiracy. The brother has translated an important article. I have no clue why one or two of the other brothers took offence to it. In your case your issue seemed to be the claim that some of the later narrations are lies/exaggerations rather than honest mistakes as well as the discussion around apostacy. To me it was quite obvious that the brother wasnt saying that hearing an unreliable narration leads to apostasy. What I have however observed is that if authenticity is disregarded from the pulpit, then people lose faith in the entire system and institution. This isn't something that happens overnight or instantly but it is a gradual process. Of course it is their own loss that they left religion because of the shortcomings of some of the speakers they came across, and this isnt the primary reason for why authenticity should be upheld but the brother isn't exaggerating when he points out this unfortunate phenomenon. Regarding the other statement about lies, deception and exaggeration I would have to go back and see in what context this was used (was it against al kashani, al kashifi or some of the sources that they used?) Either way, my humble suggestion would be to not rush to conclusions about the sincerity of the brother who has done this translation. It is a more valuable contribution than what most of us are doing on this particular forum. Wallahu a'lam
  10. Our faith can only truly be accepted and certified by Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى. Whether an ignorant person accepts you as a muslim or not is irrelevant and meaningless. These are not the people who can accept or reject your deeds and nor can they intercede for you in the grave. Wallahu a'lam
  11. Mahdavist

    Popular - Unreliable - Accounts Related to Ashura

    @Ibn al-Hussain Jazakallah dear brother for your time and effort in translating this important work and also for explaining some of the factors and methods in this thread in clear and simple terms which can be understood by the layman. This is very much appreciated. As aspiring followers of the ahlulbayt (as) it is quite obvious that we must continuously strive to uphold what is true and correct and distance ourselves from misrepresentations and misportrayals. May Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى guide us all
  12. Mahdavist

    any sayed/ sheikh to help me

    I think sayyed al kashmiri's contact details are available there. If not try sayed al musawi (www.wabil.com)
  13. Mahdavist

    is this normal in america

    People have to stop thinking that 'white' people are one single evil entity. Like any other race, each person is different. By the way, according to some reports the mothers of one or more imams may have been white. On that same note, most of their killers certainly weren't white. Wallahu a'lam
  14. Like @King mentioned, when it comes to politics its each man for himself. Showing anger at the cartoons might have gained him some points as a future candidate, but once you are actually in power its a different story. Many of these leaders have probably accepted that there isnt much they can do about it. China doesn't interfere in the domestic or foreign affairs of the countries it does business with and similarly doesn't care for anyone's interference in their affairs either. If there is any reaction at all it will have to come from the general public.
  15. Doesnt seem to have stopped Israel from taking you over
  16. Ok I understand a little better now. She has some natural concerns regarding the challenges of motherhood. However, rather than to avoid these challenges she should perhaps address them and work on a plan (the rest is in the hands of Allah swt) In our daily lives every activity we undertake has the potential of being sinful, even praying (risk of riya, or self-conceit). As muslims our daily struggle is to strengthen our faith, maintain piety and carry out these tasks, duties and acts with sincerity and faith in Allah سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى
  17. I don't think it would, because trust in Allah swt does not require one to reject medical findings or conditions.
  18. Firstly everything should be done for the sake of Allah swt. Of course, one can please or obey their partner for the sake of Allah swt as well, so this argument shouldn't be used as an excuse for refusals. The woman in question should firstly understand and evaluate why she doesn't want children and if these reasons are justified or not. If they are she can discuss and explain them to her partner because open communication is essential in marriage. It is possible that they will find a common solution that keeps everyone happy. Wallahu a'lam
  19. Mahdavist

    Which Marja' allows free mixing of gyms?

    These differences are not due to bias and generally they are quite minimal. Whether something is interpreted as haram or makrooh might come down to how strongly it was discouraged in a certain narration. The safe approach in such a situation is to practice ihtiyat (precaution). Regarding your other comment about using our own mind, this becomes relevant once the mind is equipped with the right basis and foundation. Indeed after quran, sunnah and ijma the fourth source of rulings is aql, but the aql must already be familiar with the quran, with the ahadith and with the ijma of the ulema for it to be a reliable guideline in matters of fiqh (assuming that the three previous sources have not provided a conclusion). When one is not well aware of the quran, the sunnah and the ijma of previous scholars then it is highly unlikely that their erroneous reasoning alone will yield the right conclusion in terms of jurisprudence. Wallahu a'lam
  20. Whether music is haram or halal depends not only on the content but also on the form. This is why many so called islamic songs (in arabic or other languages) are already quite questionable in terms of their permissibility. If the songs you are referring to sound different to music that is suitable for entertainment gatherings and if their content is acceptable from a religious point of view, then only is it permissible. Wallahu a'lam
  21. Mahdavist

    Which Marja' allows free mixing of gyms?

    This is misleading if you don't mind me saying so. The ruling has nothing to do with catcalling or with society/culture. The marja has categorically said that it is not permissible (based on obligatory precaution). @aaljibar in this case you can refer to another marja but you should already know which marja you will refer to in cases of obligatory precaution (as opposed to looking for one who allows a certain act and then deciding to follow their ruling). This is the marja who you consider to be the most knowledgeable after sayed al sistani. Wallahu a'lam
  22. I think the brother has already received answers and support. The thread started getting derailed from page 2 onwards. I would like to request the mods to either delete the irrelevant posts or to lock the thread (if the brother who opened it agrees) JazakumAllah
  23. Mahdavist

    The Issue of Slavery in Contemporary Islam

    Salaam alaikum dear brother. Thanks for sharing this much anticipated translation. May Allah swt reward you. Slightly off topic: I recently read a thread where you briefly discussed your muharram lectures from one or two years ago. I remember you mentioned that you wouldn't be able to share recordings. However, have you considered sharing write ups/blog entries (assuming your notes were already typed up?) I think there would be quite a lot of interest. Please do give it a thought. Jazakumallah
  24. Thank you dear brother. May Allah swt reward you.
  25. Ahsantum, dear brother. This is a very important point which we all need to retain inshaAllah. I don't want to derail the thread but I think at some point it would be interesting to open a new topic discussing when to speak out and when not to, where the line is between gheeba or fitnah and nahi anil munkar, how to do these things in an appropriate manner, etc...