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  1. Let this be a lesson to everyone that even if you do make compromises to try and fit in with the media and political establishment, it will never be enough.
  2. This wasn't the question though, brother. One can debate who does and doesn't follow the Ahlulbayt (عليه السلام), but the first logical step is to establish that they are indeed the sources of guidance after the Holy Quran and the Prophet ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)).
  3. Wa alaikum as salam brother. This isn't what is being disputed though. The author claims that his sources unanimously show that this attack indeed occured, but this is not true. In your post you then questioned if Sayyid Fadlullah, who according to you accepts that the threat was made but not that an attack occured, is aware of these sources. However, most of the sources are not showing anything other than what he already believes, and the few that mention an attack seem to come several centuries later. Which credible evidence has been provided to counter Sayyid Fadlullahs position?
  4. InshaAllah. In the meantime I have looked through what the author has quoted. From the 16 different quotations (the last 3 are poets or contemporary writers, but let's count them anyway), 11 of them are consistent with the position that a threat was made, but not actually acted upon (obviously this threat is problematic, but the claim is that an attack took place and 11 out of 16 references from the article do not show this). The 5 others are: - Fara'id al Simtayn, written around 700 years after the event -Al-Masudi al-Shafi’i (345 AH). The source is given as 'Proof of the Testament'. I don't know which of his works this is supposed to refer to. -Muqatil ibn Atiyyah (505 AH) -Al-Safadi (764 AH) -Ibn Hajar Asqalani (852 AH) -Abdul Fattah Abdul Maqsoud (contemporary) The only early work here is the one of Al Masudi (which can't be verified until the source is not properly provided) otherwise there appears to be nothing for 5 centuries. This is already the situation without even discussing authenticity.
  5. Considering that not a single one of those references is a primary Shi'i source, I don't think that he was unaware, rather that none of them was important enough to consider.
  6. The fact that you refrained from both these haram acts is already a big step, and if your family become accustomed to you never drinking or gambling then you will have eliminated these two haram acts from your lifestyle inshaAllah
  7. They certainly put a lot of effort into creating wiki pages, a brief history, political conflicts. Essentially it isn't far from writing the entire script for an entertainment series
  8. Perhaps you need to try a step wise approach, by focusing on eliminating haram acts one after the other until they are no longer part of your lifestyle. It would be unfortunate to abandon everything you believe in. Look at it as a journey of improvement rather than an abrupt overnight transformation. May Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَ تَعَالَى) help you
  9. In addition to what @root has said, there are in fact several narrations that discourage temporary marriage with virgin women.
  10. As salamu alaikum For those of you who might not have already seen this on social media, IqraOnline have now launched a membership system which grants access to additional content. It was launched only a few days ago, and the content already includes: -an Usul ul Fiqh series consisting of 6 sessions, based on Shahid al Sadrs work Al Halaqa Al Ula -9 hours of thematic analysis covering different topics of the seerah of Prophet Muhammed ((صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم)) -a 7 part series on Quranic sciences -10 presentations on the topic of Theology for Muslim Educators Anyone who is interested in joining can use the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_3z_R-TxdSLNIIXE-NADvQ/join I highly recommend this for anyone who is interested in high quality English language discussions and presentations on Islamic Sciences.
  11. Wa alaikum as salam Any chance of obtaining a ceasefire will be destroyed if anyone apart from Hamas claims to have been involved. The negotiations have been running for around 3 weeks now, possibly more. They shouldn't be jeopardized, especially if they're almost complete.
  12. The irony is that she probably enabled the protest to become even larger by trying to campaign against it
  13. Wa alaikum as salam I have never heard of this person or their credentials. Alhamdulillah we have ulama present so the opinion of an unknown person carries no weight. Anyway if he doesn't want to recite the Fatiha nobody is forcing him to, assuming he even knows how to recite it correctly.
  14. It’s funny how you guys complain about my contributions, and then when I decide to leave you to it for a few days, you guys feel the need to try to pull me back in again. I don't recall commenting on any of your posts, nor trying to pull you in on the previous posts. Your cheap accusation regarding prostitution and alcohol consumption was simply called out, and as usual you were unable to back up your claims with evidence.
  15. I never really expected insightful or intellectual input from your side to begin with, but even by your standards this is quite embarassing. As salamu alaikum
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