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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. No they're not, we're not takfiri.
  2. No, I never praised him. Didn't even put ® next to his name. I said I don't want to sound too controversial on the thread. He murdered Sayyidina Fatima (AS), and stole Fadak. Of course. But there isn't denying he was a good administrator. That wasn't the point of the thread though. This article explains the point of this thread, read carefully. There are quite a few subtle but extremely pertinent points that I hope you don't miss out: Analysis: The Fifth Caliph And ISIS: Looking To History To Understand The PresentCould ISIS be the carriers of black flags and people with “hearts of iron”
  3. I am Shia. Why? Because of my username? Shias keep the name Bilal as well you know, Bilal (RA) was a sahabi
  4. This is an extremely important topic, and I don't want to be controversial; but it is important to discuss in my opinion, and the reasons why we are seeing a plague in Muslim societies today. I won't go into the specifics of what happened right after the death of the Prophet(S) to avoid sounding controversial. Let us say that Hazrat Umar was a good administrator of the Islamic empire, and kept a tight lid/control over affairs. The empire grew very rapidly after the death of Prophet(S), in fact, too rapidly, which caused a lot of problems. However, after the death of Hazrat Umar, rifts b
  5. What is the current situation in Baghdad, Najaf and Karbala right now?
  6. Al-Saud regime reportedly executed a prominent Shia cleric. However, the report was not confirmed, and was believed to be planted on a fake duplicate “look-alike” international website of world media, ostensibly to check reactions and play havoc within ranks of his loyalists. Shia leaders had warned Saudi Arabia will pay a heavy price if its crucifixion death sentence was carried out against Shaikh Nimr. BEIRUT, 20 Oct: A series of suspected ISIS bombings killed around 43 Shias in a Baghdad mosque, blasted four car bombs in holy Karbala city, and captured two districts of Nineveh province i
  7. No, we do not do takfir. It is unfortunate that the takfiris give majority of the Sunni Muslims, who are peaceful and peace loving, a bad name.
  8. It is extremely frustrating to watch ISIS make gains in Iraq everyday. I fear for that country, I think Iran and Hezbollah should play a more active role in defeating ISIS in Iraq. It is extremely distressing to see the land of Imam Hussain (AS) so divided, having so much local support for Khawarij like ISIS.
  9. I have never had too many Shia friends in my life, in Pakistan or in the US, so I also joined this community to make more Shia friends here.
  10. No, I am a practicing Shia, pretty well read in both Shia and Sunni literature. I reject Takfirism, but I have some objections with political Islam everywhere. I am currently in the taqleed of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (HA), but I am looking to change to Grand Ayatollah Saanei (HA).
  11. Salam everyone on Shiachat! I have been following certain topics of shiachat.com for a long time, but I never registered. I have registered today. My name is Bilal Haider (my full name is Syed Bilal Haider Naqvi), and I am Shia from Pakistan; but living in the US. I am a moderate Shia (in terms of religious/political leanings), but am a firm believer in Shia-Sunni unity. I am pretty well read in Shia and Sunni literature, and I joined this forum so I could have good discussions with members here on interesting, theological subjects.
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