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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, thank you very much creating this posting. Sheikh Shomali's lectures on Youtube really open the gate of knowledge especially to those who has no access to Hawza but are thirsty for seeking knowledge and understanding of God's religion. Im one of those people who has no way to study in Hawza but feeling truly grateful to find such beautiful Islamic lectures available online, easily accessible for common people like me. Really love him as teacher, a role model, a kind father, who patiently sincerely trying his best to guide others towards Allah. May Allah reward him infinitely. And we thank everyone who work with him to make his lectures readily available online. May Allah bless all of you.
  2. Islam : BEING A HOMEMAKER IS A PRIDE FOR WOMEN. THAT'S THEIR BEST TALENT AND ABILITY. TO CULTIVATE HUMAN BEING BY BEING A HOMEMAKER. THIS JOB CANNOT BE DONE BY MEN. -->" Women are the heads of their household: they are the center of the family. The most important job that a woman can have is motherhood, wifehood, and the being at the center of tranquility and calm in the family: "And made his mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her in love" [The Holy Qur'an, 7: 189]. Thus, women are a great source of tranquility and calm: this is the greatest characteristic of women in Islam" Imam Ali Khamenei --> The most important responsibility of the woman is her role in the family; not in the sense that they must serve others at home; it means that the woman should make the family environment a safe and peaceful environment for the children and for her spouse, with her kindness and with the dignity that is assumed for her at home. Imam Ali Khamenei -->Fatima Zahra was a homemaker. This is not a source of humiliation for her. Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her) was an Islamic woman, a woman at the highest level of Islamic standards and at the level of a leader, but the same woman who could have been a Prophet in terms of spirituality and virtue used to carry out her motherly and wifely duties and she used to do housework. Women’s housework means cultivating individuals and producing the best and loftiest product of the universe – humanity. Housework means this. One of the aspects and duties of that greatness was being a spouse, a mother and a homemaker. We should look at these concepts with such an outlook. Imam Ali Khamenei Read More here : http://english.Khamenei.ir/Opinions/IslamWestWomen Do invite all your friends to like this page, lets spread the true view of Islam on women, so that we can spread love and peace again in family and society. may Allah bless you all https://www.facebook.com/Sisters-In-Islam-Ahlul Bayt-School-of-Thought-385767358246015/?ref=bookmarks
  3. “Men and women are no different when it comes to achieving spiritual positions, the power of leadership, and the capability to guide humanity.” Allah the Exalted has made men and women similar to one another in some aspects. In terms of achieving spiritual positions, they are not different: an example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). In terms of the power to lead, they are not different either: an example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). In terms of having the capability to guide humanity, they are not different either: an example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). But they are different in terms of the responsibilities and duties when it comes to managing life; again, an example of this is Fatima Zahra (God’s greetings be upon her). Imam Ali Khamenei http://english.Khamenei.ir/news/5589/Gender-equality-or-gender-justice-What-is-the-viewpoint-of-Islam
  4. WOMEN MAJORITY IN PARADISE "And let me tell you one thing. We have a hadith saying the majority of people of Paradise are women. And thats natural. Because they gave birth to us," ~ Sheikh Saeed Bahmanpour, Muharram Day 3 https://youtu.be/OTWC1YD_xr8 *For all this while we keep hearing scholars saying that women are majority inhabitants in Hell. Alhamdulillah, now it is clear that its just empty words to bring down the status of women.. Kindly share this page with your friends, May Allah reward you. Lets work together to empower our women "If the culture of respecting women is firmly established, many problems of our society will be solved and women will not be oppressed," -Imam Ali Khamenei https://www.facebook.com/Sisters-In-Islam-Ahlul Bayt-School-of-Thought-385767358246015/?fref=ts
  5. Salam sister First have a check up with a good doctor. To find out the real cause. They may ask you to undergo multiple of tests and it can be very challenging especially in your weak state. Seek help from relatives or friends to accompany you throughout the procedures. Just to let you know there is an invisible illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which may contribute to this type of weakness. If you experience prolong weakness more than 6 months which does not go away with resting or sleeping or with healthy habits, and it get worse whenever you push yourself or when you face emotional, physical mental stress, then there might be a possibility of having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Lets spread awareness on Invisible Illness. They are rare but they do exist.
  6. http://english.Khamenei.ir/news/5986/10-facts-by-Ayatollah-Khamenei-Can-hijab-save-Western-women Domestic Violence is on increase. Feminism keeps emphasizing the rights of women and the need of everyone to respect women. But do they really know what is the root cause of this tragedy of humanity? It is caused by lack of respect towards Women. In this article (click the link above), we can see how Hijab helps to maintain women's honour and dignity. Pornography multi-billionare industry is one of the major cause which leads to the increase of violence towards women. Pornography strips human being from his humanity by humiliating women in the highest degree. Today our society are affected by the drug of pornography which leads to many evils including child and women sexual, mental, physical, emotional abuse. Today, as a result of pornography, prostitution and human trafficking are becoming a huge tragedy of human being. Women and children are constantly being violated and suffered a huge suffering. No place is safe for them. The risk of being violated are everywhere. This is the result when modesty and decency in human society is abandoned and women are pushed towards displaying themselves and make themselves cheap in the eyes of perverted men. Hijab is the key to empower women and save them from all types of slavery imposes by perverted culture of human being. Lets empower our sisters throughout the world Women and Family cannot be separated Strengthening Women , Strengthening the Whole Society https://www.facebook.com/Sisters-In-Islam-Ahlul Bayt-School-of-Thought-385767358246015/ (Share this Page to spread awareness on this issue)
  7. Here in Malaysia we heard news about a headmaster of an islamic school sexually abuse some children at school...i think this is a result of pornography which pollutes the mind of anyone regardless of his religious or cultural background.. porn is total evil. but it is everywhere silently killing the soul and morality of our children through gadget, novel, movie etc. Beware all parents.
  8. Well Said. Ignorance and Arrogance are the main causes of evil, oppression, and bully within marital relationship. Sometimes the husband knows that women are not obligated to perform household chores yet they never show gratitude towards the wife. The wife feels so hurt because she feels like a slave in the house working 24 hours taking care of children and doing multiple tasks without appreciation. And suddenly at night shes's expected to be sexually ready to serve the so call arrogant and ignorant master. A total abuse and oppression. Men should really fear God in terms of how they treat women in the house, be it their mother, wife, daughters and sisters. Only a truly pious, knowledgeable man can provide true physical, emotional, mental, spiritual safety for the women. Otherwise they are all bullies. Of course women should educate themselves about the rights and status of women in Islam. So that they are fully equipped with knowledge that can empower them to voice out against oppression of any kind from anywhere. Otherwise women tend to choose to be patient and let the abuse continue. And thats how the abusers gain freedom to keep abusing. While the religion of Islam teaches us not to oppress others and dont let ourselves to be oppressed.
  9. Abuse should be met with zero tolerance. Whether it happens in Muslim marriage or non-Muslim marriage. We heard a lot of cases involving domestic abuse done towards the wife. Pornography which is so accessible nowadays can influence the men to be violent towards his wife without he realizes it. Lets be realistic that this kind of thing happens in any family who are exposed to evil of pornography and many more. Lets invite our friends to like this page to spread the true teaching of Islam regarding women. Lets empower our women together. Women spread love within family and society. If they are oppressed or physically mentally emotionally tortured , they cant perform this role effectively. And no family and society can survive without love. https://www.facebook.com/Sisters-In-Islam-Ahlulbayt-School-of-Thought-385767358246015/
  10. Thank you for sharing the link of Princess of Rome. I have watched it. Its very interesting. its very hard to find iranian animation in english. Plz share if you have more
  11. Salam, there are some benefits of feroza stated in this book written by one of the followers of Ahlulbayt. http://www.ziyaraat.net/books/IslamTheAbsoluteTruth.pdf
  12. Physical hard labour means the one like working in construction etc Islam does not oppose women working outside the house as long as it does not threaten women's health, security, and her main tasks which is nurturing children and family. because this role no one can take her place. "only mothers can take care of their children who have delicate and sensitive emotion ." - Imam Ali Khamenei
  13. Salam Men and Women are Equal in terms of Humanity and their Spiritual Potential. But they are of different moulds. Thus they have some differences so that they may complete each other
  14. "The roles of women in society is more important than men" ~ Imam Khomeini "Women is stronger emotionally than men . Women can tame men through wisdom and her delicacy " ~ Imam Ali Khamenei "In our revolution our women have more credits than men. Bcoz not only they displayed bravery, they too give birth and nurture brave human being ~ Imam Khomeini "Women are the Premier Cause & the Basic Agent for bringing Civilisation into Being" ~ Allama Tabatabai
  15. Women and Men are Equal Yet they are not Identical Each has special Task Together they create Wonder Gender Equality Forum Ahlulbayt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyLbmMVTujk
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