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  1. Sisters In Islam

    Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal

    Here in Malaysia we heard news about a headmaster of an islamic school sexually abuse some children at school...i think this is a result of pornography which pollutes the mind of anyone regardless of his religious or cultural background.. porn is total evil. but it is everywhere silently killing the soul and morality of our children through gadget, novel, movie etc. Beware all parents.
  2. Well Said. Ignorance and Arrogance are the main causes of evil, oppression, and bully within marital relationship. Sometimes the husband knows that women are not obligated to perform household chores yet they never show gratitude towards the wife. The wife feels so hurt because she feels like a slave in the house working 24 hours taking care of children and doing multiple tasks without appreciation. And suddenly at night shes's expected to be sexually ready to serve the so call arrogant and ignorant master. A total abuse and oppression. Men should really fear God in terms of how they treat women in the house, be it their mother, wife, daughters and sisters. Only a truly pious, knowledgeable man can provide true physical, emotional, mental, spiritual safety for the women. Otherwise they are all bullies. Of course women should educate themselves about the rights and status of women in Islam. So that they are fully equipped with knowledge that can empower them to voice out against oppression of any kind from anywhere. Otherwise women tend to choose to be patient and let the abuse continue. And thats how the abusers gain freedom to keep abusing. While the religion of Islam teaches us not to oppress others and dont let ourselves to be oppressed.
  3. Abuse should be met with zero tolerance. Whether it happens in Muslim marriage or non-Muslim marriage. We heard a lot of cases involving domestic abuse done towards the wife. Pornography which is so accessible nowadays can influence the men to be violent towards his wife without he realizes it. Lets be realistic that this kind of thing happens in any family who are exposed to evil of pornography and many more. Lets invite our friends to like this page to spread the true teaching of Islam regarding women. Lets empower our women together. Women spread love within family and society. If they are oppressed or physically mentally emotionally tortured , they cant perform this role effectively. And no family and society can survive without love. https://www.facebook.com/Sisters-In-Islam-Ahlulbayt-School-of-Thought-385767358246015/
  4. Sisters In Islam

    Islamic Animated Movies

    Thank you for sharing the link of Princess of Rome. I have watched it. Its very interesting. its very hard to find iranian animation in english. Plz share if you have more
  5. Sisters In Islam

    Benefits of torqouise (FEROZA)

    Salam, there are some benefits of feroza stated in this book written by one of the followers of Ahlulbayt. http://www.ziyaraat.net/books/IslamTheAbsoluteTruth.pdf
  6. Sisters In Islam


    Physical hard labour means the one like working in construction etc Islam does not oppose women working outside the house as long as it does not threaten women's health, security, and her main tasks which is nurturing children and family. because this role no one can take her place. "only mothers can take care of their children who have delicate and sensitive emotion ." - Imam Ali Khamenei
  7. Sisters In Islam


    Salam Men and Women are Equal in terms of Humanity and their Spiritual Potential. But they are of different moulds. Thus they have some differences so that they may complete each other
  8. Sisters In Islam


    "The roles of women in society is more important than men" ~ Imam Khomeini "Women is stronger emotionally than men . Women can tame men through wisdom and her delicacy " ~ Imam Ali Khamenei "In our revolution our women have more credits than men. Bcoz not only they displayed bravery, they too give birth and nurture brave human being ~ Imam Khomeini "Women are the Premier Cause & the Basic Agent for bringing Civilisation into Being" ~ Allama Tabatabai
  9. Sisters In Islam


    Women and Men are Equal Yet they are not Identical Each has special Task Together they create Wonder Gender Equality Forum Ahlulbayt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyLbmMVTujk
  10. Sisters In Islam


    When women feel proud to be a woman, they will not try to imitate men, they will not feel inferior to men, and they will feel empowered to defend their rights and stand against oppression. Feeling proud in a positive sense is not something prohibited in Islam. We are proud to be human and we try our best to preserve the dignity of a human being by avoiding sins because sins tarnish our dignity. Self-respect in Islam is about this too. Fathers and brothers should try their best to empower the women around them. So that they will not easily bullied by others especially ignorant men, and ignorant cultures.
  11. Sisters In Islam


  12. Sisters In Islam


    In Islam. no one is superior except through piety and moral conduct. men and women are equal but not identical. each has their own special task and abilities together, they create wonder Imam Ali Khamenei - "If the culture of respecting women is firmly established, many problems of our society will be solved and women will not be oppressed" Lets empower our women by liking and sharing this page: https://www.facebook.com/Sisters-In-Islam-Ahlulbayt-School-of-Thought-385767358246015/
  13. Sisters In Islam

    Women are Stronger Than Men - Imam Ali Khamenei

    Higher degree in terms of their responsibility to protect and maintain women. This task is an obligation for men, not women, because women have other important roles to carry on that men cannot perform. Men and women are equal in terms of their human, intellect and spiritual qualities. Rahbar said that men and women are equal on this.
  14. Sisters In Islam

    Women are Stronger Than Men - Imam Ali Khamenei

    No one can say men are superior than women, or women are superior than man. Because superiority is based on piety regardless of gender. Both men and women have important roles in life. They are made to be complementary to each other.
  15. Sisters In Islam

    Women are Stronger Than Men - Imam Ali Khamenei

    *This speech doesn't mean that women are superior than men, Rahbar just wants to highlight the role of women in family and society which is very important for us women to learn and be confident of ourselves despite of cultures everywhere looking down at women