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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Do you have an email? My laptop will not let me upload to this format. I can send it email inshallah Mine is same publisher as yours but second edition, also includes sharh of Karbala Iraq, Like for instance, does your opening chapter have a discourse on Tahreef?? Mine has that, and its a big black volume that contains, like yours, two volumes
  2. Tafsir Qummi page 442In regards to Surah Hajj Ayah 52 My Qummi was published in Beirut on 1435. If this isn't sufficient for you, then I will take a picture and post it...
  3. Have you read the version of it in Tafsir Qummi? I'm assuming you have not... The story is very similar to Tabri version, except it wasn't the Holy Prophet that heard whispers, it was a Mushrik that manipulated the people into thinking the Holy Prophet praised Manat, and Uzza. That's Qummis opinion anyway
  4. Why take everything he says with a grain of salt now?? I stopped listening to him the moment he denied that the "satanic verses" weren't in ANY of our sources.. that incident is clear as day in Tafsir Qummi. He uses taqiyyah on his audience, and he isn't the only one
  5. The cave incident is mentioned in the Quran because its the turning point of Abu Bakrs belief, The God does not mention incidents in His scripture if it is of little significance.. And yes, I believe that he was a muslim and became an infidel, satan clearly seduced him, the hadiths and tarikh explain this well..
  6. Nothing or noone can touch the feet of Ibn Rushd(Averroes) Tahafut al Tahafut best argumentation I have ever read!
  7. Dajjal is already here and I still have my head http://pakalertpress.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/CELEBRITIES-EXPOSED-Satanism-in-the-Hollywood-Music-Industry-Illuminati-Masons.jpg
  8. O Where did you come up with this nonsense??
  9. I accept the fact that its completley sahih in regards to the "hadith" he collected, but certainly not his opinions..Especially since his student Mufid corrected him on both issues...
  10. That's fine, I am starting to doubt your understanding of the English language, because I never once commented about the Athan, I talked about the 3rd testimony in tashahhud before salams. My arabic is very good, I was paraphrasing on the first point, the second is from Tusi. And next time don't tell me what my beliefs are, especially Saduq and his close connection nawbahkti who are the fathers of Muqassir.
  11. On the thread or in pm? And yes its in bihar al anwar
  12. I just read the reference and you quoted half of it, He clearly explains that those who feel it is wajib in usool have introduced something new into religion, He then further explains that there is "No Harm" in reciting this out of love for ahlulbayt and as long as its not recognized as a rukn in religion.. Please after you did this, I now half zero interest in reading your other half quoted references.. Masalam, Aziz Your funny man... "True Sunni" is even more entertaining
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