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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. as salam alaykum my dear brothers and sisters. Shias and Sunnis. Indeed I spend good time talking with you at this forum. I met some good personalities like brother Abbas, sister hameedeh and many others. But unfortunately, like everywhere in the life. Here also we see some crazy fanatics, lunatics, animals. And they deserve to be treated like animals. I don't think so. In contrast to you, I know who is my father.
  2. Thanks bro. My new keypad is awesome. Now c/p is much easier than before. Sorry I forgot to invent something new by myself, and used materials from my brothers. Other forms of Ijtihad? I posted those 3 examples from many more, to show that in accordance to you guys, man can do taqiyyah (not telling truth) even when there is no fear for his life. I don't think you guys are so insane that you believe that your Imam would be crucified in case of he wouldn't say: Yahya (alaihi salam) was the son of Mariam’s Aunt (from her Mother’s side)”. ! You can't be shia till such level, that you believ
  3. So now, you are following only living scholars? Why then you do follow passed Imams? And Khoei was from 20th century.
  4. Another shia giant, great scholar, virtous Imam, better known as Mufid, said in his "Awail al-Maqalat" (Farsi edition, bab 16): Translation: 16 – Speech about Innovators and the titles and the rules they deserve. Imamiyah agree that all innovators are Kafir. It is necessary for the Imam, when in power, to make them do repentance, after inviting(dawah) them(to reject biddah) and reasoning with them and providing them evidence. If they repent and return to the straight path, they will be freed, otherwise, on the ground of turning back from the faith, they will be
  5. Just another example how shia scholars behaved with ahlesunnah. First let me introduce the hero of this post. "Mawlana Haydar Ali ibn Al-Mawla Mirza [Muhammad] Al-Shirwani, he was Revered Noble, and a Grand Scholar" this his description from the book of Muhadith Noori. Book entitled "Fayd Al-Qudsi fee Tarjamat Al-‘Alamah Al-Majlisi " (p 251), and Noori said regarding this Shirwani: “And it has been verified about him that he used to invite Ahl Al-Sunnah to his house, and remains patient with them until he gets an opportunity and is able to accomplish what he wants, s
  6. as salam alaykum. Really? Really my brother? 1) كان يحيى عليه السلام إبن خالة مريم، قال المجلسي: لعل الخبر محمول على التقية.[83] وفي بعض الروايات أن مريم كانت أخت أم يحيى ، ولعل أحدهما محمول على التقية. “Al Baqir (r) said: Yahya (alaihi salam) was the son of Mariam’s Aunt (from her Mother’s side)”. Majlisi said: Maybe this is Taqqiyah. Source: Bihar al Anwar 14/202. 2) يوم عاشوراء هو اليوم الذي ولد فيه عيسى بن مريم عليه السلام، قال المجلسي: لعل الخبر محمول على التقية Al Baqir (r) said: The Day of Ashoura is the day when Isa bin Mariam (alaihi salam) was born. Al
  7. What is so funny my brother? Your scholars? Your preachers? O yeah. Indeed they are funny. Funny that someone trusting his religion and hereafter to such people.
  8. Could you consider yourself becoming adult one day? Or at least teenager?
  9. I don't think that you need to make an attempts to object my words with such silly question.I know that in accordance to you guys, whoever is not shia he is from people of innovation. So yes, IN YOUR view, we are people of innovation. Problem for you are: 1) In the fatwa talk is about a moment of argumentation. And I don't think ISIS will bother themselves in the argumentation or debates with such people like we. They simply will shot you. Question : Is lying to an innovator or a promoter of deviance permissible during the time of argumentation against him? If that li
  10. as salam alaykum wa rahmatullah my dear friend. I have been graded as nasibi, wahabi and etc. People mocked and abused me here. But such good people like you helps us to continue our debates in the civil form.
  11. Honestly speaking my friend. Shias have no merits in my stance on Yazid. I came to conclusion by reading the books of our own classical scholars.
  12. as salam alaykum to all. I didn't manage to answer all people in this thread. Praise to Allah, I have some free time to answer notes of my brothers. You can't even imagine my friend how "much" I care if someone from 12-ers would proclaim me his enemy. Yes, MAY Allah BE PLEASED with Muawiyah! And let you blood continue to boil due to this.
  13. I asked for his own words, words where he rejected Islam. Not opinion of others on his intentions.
  14. as Salam Alaykum. Could you please be so kind to share with your thoughts on this incident? https://www.alaraby.co.uk/english/news/2016/10/28/yemeni-rebel-rocket-shot-down-near-mecca
  15. When we are trying to give a ruling on someone's Islam, we have to be 101% sure. Please don't forward me to secondary sources. Quote report with full chain of narrators till the eye witness of incident, where Yazid uttered words that put him out from the Islam. After please provide proofs from Quran and Sunnah that owner of such words would not be a Muslim.
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