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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Assalam Alaykum beloved Brothers and Sisters of Islam Glory be to Allah, the most Merciful, the most Beneficient, who gave humanity free will and does not need anything. It is he who is the provider, the source of all compassion, and the most just. My question involves the revelation of Islam and the nature of Allah. Allah is incomprehensible. Allah is infinite. Why then, does Allah care about mankind, when we are zero to him? With his infinite power and wisdom, why then does he wish to guide us? Why bring down Islam for mankind? Why guide mankind? Most importantly. why does God test mankind?
  2. Assalam Alaykum a Few things firstly, why does Allah never explicitely talk in the Quran about the wilayat of Imam Ali (as)? It's always implied or hidden in verses with different percieved meanings. Why did Allah never reveal a verse which straight up said "Ali is the next Imam"? Second, In Surah Azhab Aya 33, Allah speaks of the Ahlulbayt at the end of the Aya. In the ayat, Allah was talking about the Wives of the prophet. He also said he WANTS to purify the ahlulbayt through an extensive purification. Can't I say that this Aya proves that the ahlul bayt is the wives of the prophet? We say the AhlulBayt are Masoom, why would Allah want to purify them if they're already clean? Why wouldn't Allah say this (we wish to purify you) outside of the aya which already talks about the wife?Why does he suddenly change the topic of th Aya and speak about the Ahlul Bayt? It seems a bit like we shia stretch the ayas of the Quran to fit our own purposes regarding the Ahlul Bayt If you wish to answer, answer only with the Quran please, please refrain from using hadith in your replies. NONE! I only want quranic answers.
  3. Assalam Alaykum What is your opinion regarding this blog? https://youpuncturedtheark.wordpress.com/ what are your arguments supporting and refuting its claims about ibn saba? https://youpuncturedtheark.wordpress.com/2014/09/21/abdullah-ibn-saba-the-father-of-rafidism-doubts-over-his-existence-and-his-influence-put-to-rest/
  4. salam alaykum How are we sure that Imam Jaafar Al Sadiq is our 6th Imam? He had a lot of freedom in his time to spread knowledge which the other Imams did not have. There are also various hadith from him that are just straight up false, completely disproven by the Quran and science.
  5. Okay My arguments for god are nothing more than personal experiences. When I recieve them my faith strengthens for a while, but soon afterwards it falls off again. Philosophically I'm not convinced yet Why is it that the most top scholars and scientists of today deny the existence of God? they are men who live in the most advanced countries and use science in their arguments. Why is it that they go far to deny the existence of God? I understand the concept. God is infinite, god is this, so he can't be seen physically. But how can we be sure of anything in this world? We are born with no memories and gather everything from our surroundings. If we can't see an evidence for something in our surroundings, how can we know it exists? Philosophical reasoning is not enough. People used to attribute god to the creation of cosmos, etc, and that was their proof, but more and more they're being discounted. How can I be SURE that god exists? How can I have ABSOLUTE CONVICTION of the existence of God? I am very well acquainted with most Shia Islamic concepts, adaalat, Qiyamat, but I just can't see it. Before I could see clearly but now I can't. Maybe Allah sealed my heart like he said he would to the unbelievers? Someone told me that if I refrain from doing Sins for a while, more and more my heart will be open and accepting for the truth. I hear some of the best arguments for God, but no matter what I can't fathom his existence. Ayatullah Bahjat said "pray on time", and eventually your Iman and mental capacity increase. are there any duas or phrases I can say repeatedly to help? somthing else, I was born an Ithna Ashari muslim and raised as one. Doesn't it seem a bit coincidental that the religion I was born in is the correct one? I bet they say the same to their kids in every other religion. "we are the only rightly guided ones!"
  6. I don't have any questions about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), nor any skepticism. I might in the future, but not as of now. Right now, I have blank opinions about him. Here's a question, how are you sure that Prophet Muhammad didn't steal the message and stories of the Quran from the Jews or Christians? What are some groundbreaking things that Allah's final message have to offer that the other Deens don't? Another question is about ahadith. If the system of hadith that we have currently is good, then how come most western scholars and historians say that it's a bad system? From my understanding it has to do with chains of narration and comparison with the Quran. That's great, but how do we know whether it's historically accurate? If it is, how come nobody other than us believes them? Does god exist? Idk, I have no idea.
  7. not necessarily. It's hard to explain I can't make up my mind about anything. i hear arguments for and against Imamat, and the only thing that remains in my head are questions and skepticism about it. not just this but everything. For example why are there barely any sunni hadith or historians who write about the immense knowledge of the imams and why does no sunni talk about them to the extent that we do? If the Imams were really that great, for example Imam Jawad had full knowledge age 8, then you'd expect some sunni historians to write about them. How do I know the Imams really had these traits? They could be Shia fabrications. Another example, if Imamat really is real, and it is Allah's will, why are there no surahs of the Quran which explicitely say Ali is the succesor of Muhammad? the arguments us shia use are just vague surahs of the Quran. If Imamat is one of the Usool O Din, you'd expect there to be an entire Surah about it. Besides, isn't Islam Allah's religion? If Imamat was an essential part of Islam, then Allah would protect it just like he protected the message of Islam at the time of the prophets. many more questions which I can't choose sides spring up, about Islam itself. What has Islam got to offer that Judaism doesn't?
  8. Assalam Alaykum About last year, I grew increasingly distant from Islam and attracted more and more to film and literature and other western forms of media, until a doubt began to manifest in me. I felt like the questions western scholars/ scientists raised against Islam could not be answered by the Quran or Ahaditg,In order to get rid of the doubt, I closed off my mind to gaining/seeking knowledge or thinking. I thought that if I researched into Islam I would not find any answers agianst these accusations. i also thought that if I researched more western literature and sciences they would bring up more and more evidence against Islam. Because of this, I closed my mind to all knowledge and began practicing blind faith. Whenever a question was brought up, I convinced myself that Islam had an anwer for it. Whenever I was in trouble before this I would pray to Allah and he would give me what I wanted. I was afraid that if I left Islam then this comfort would be taken from me and I would be depressed and son on. Also I was a shia my whole life, it would be terrifying to think there's anything other than shia Islam as the truth. Basically a few months ago I spoke with an Aalim and he told me I'm already astray, because it is the obligation of every muslim to seek knowlege. He told me that if I listened to both sides and read all books from both sides, I would be guided back toward Islam. But the long stretch last year crippled my ability of mental thinking and intuitive reasoning. Whenever someone brings up an argument about something I'm opinionless, I can't figure out whether he's making sense or not. I have no emotions or opinions about anything anymore. I lost the will to live. Please help, what do I do? How do I know god exists or not? How do I know Islam is the right religion?
  9. Assalam Alaykum, I have a question regarding the historical authenticity of hadith regarding the Imams. Many times I hear hadith that Imam this said this and Imam that did that and all the sunnis stayed quiet. For example with Imam Ridha and his debate against the minions of mamoon. We hear such "beautiful" responses from the Imam, written in nearly every Shia book, but why don't we ever hear of any of these noble actions of the Imam in Sunni books? I'm skeptical because Shia leaders could have bias toward the Imams and command writers to start writing these hadith, but if it's written in sunni books (tha ction of the imams) then it should be alright. Tl;dr How do we know if the Imam's actions were really like this if all the evidence is in Shia books and shias already have biases toward the Imams?
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