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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you are a woman right? do you believe ali ra the great warrior and husband would let his beloved wife who shia alleged was abused, beaten up until her rib was broken, got miscarriaged, house burnt to go to abu bakr about a piece of land? Do you know ali ra at all or how chivalrious an arab is towards his wife? This is ali ra the great warrior and husband remember? as for shia muharram, why should we be frustrated looking at shia mud bathing, crawling, slapping, cutting themselves up etc? You are the one who should be frustrated not us
  2. no answer? OK, here's my reply. Qur'an mainly talked about prophets who were selected by Allah, while non-prophets may or may not be selected by Him. There is no proof at all that it is haram to choose your own leader. Where is dalil qat'i there were other infallibles for several hundred years between Isa as & Rasulullah saaw? You probably will come up with some random names, but who was the hujja just before the last nubuwa? Or look at your condition, who has been guiding you for the last 1000 years? Non infallible people!! No need to come up with philosophy sun behind the cloud thin
  3. no need to derail the discussion. Do you belief umm kulthum ra & ruqayya ra were Rasulullah saaw daughters or you "love" ahlulbayt so much that you deny them due to your hate for uthman ra?
  4. no sunni belief fatima ra was not special, this is more of a question for shias who try to deny 2 of Rasulullah saaw daughters were not his. Are you one of them?
  5. i wasn't even referring to you, but shia in general. It was a comment for ahlussunah post. Maybe i should've quoted that
  6. no sane sunni will say sahih tirmidzi, sahih abu dawood etc. My point still stands, when shia don't like a particular hadith, it's always "not all ahadith in al kafi are authentic", but won't say which one which. Get it amigo?
  7. oh no, is this going to be one of those thread where shia say "not all in al kafi are authentic", but won't actually say if the hadith mentioned is authentic or not?
  8. well fatima ra went to abu bakr ra to ask for it which means she believe she has rights to it (which is true since she is ahlulbayt & fadak is to be used for them, poor people, travellers etc), but why ask abu bakr ra in the first place if it was an inheritance? What happen to other inheritors? If it was a gift, why wait until someone passed away? Not to mention shia said this was done after she was abused & her rib was broken etc. Your rib was alledegly broken, got miscarriaged, house burnt, husband right's taken away and you think only about a piece of land? See the holes whichever s
  9. I mentioned umm kulthum bint ali marriage to umar, because it's basically the same scenario. Some shia try to deny ali ra married off his daughter because shia believe umar ra was disbelievers, same goes with uthman case when it comes to marriage to rasulullah saaw daughters
  10. asnwer my question then i'll answer yours. Discussion is a two way street
  11. of course not, how can i believe abu bakr ra usurped it when ali ra and then hasan ra also followed what abu bakr ra did with fadak. Back to my question, can you stick which version of history you want to believe? Choose gift or inheritance and stick with it.
  12. Read the previous ones, with this it is a clear ayat about those who went to jihad, Allah informed them that shaitan will try to prevent them from fighting in the path of Allah. How does this ayat apply to shia mahdi who was never involved in any jihad and yet imam said he feared for his life. How do you reconcile that?
  13. it does matter, because if it was an inheritance then it is not all fatima's ra right. What happen with other inheritors? If it was a gift, why wait until someone passed away to say it was a gift? Get it? So again, make up your mind which version shia want to take and stick with it, otherwise one shia says this another says that all the time.
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