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  1. An adult once told me that it was “bad luck” or makruh to share your dreams with someone else, unless it was necessary for some reason or you had reason to believe it should be shared with a person of knowledge (i.e. for interpretation). Was anyone else told this? Are there any ahadith out there that can corroborate this statement?
  2. alimr313

    Any apps for iOS like vAzadar?

    Came across vAzadar a few years ago and I loved it! You could download any audios, from nauhey to majalis onto your phone. But alas, seeing as how they never updated their app, I expected that they would one day go kaput. Tried contacting them but nobody replied. I assume that it was dropped years ago. Are there any other apps like vAzadar for iOS that I can download instead? I doubt it but it's worth a try.
  3. So I was reading through the Islamic Laws (again) for Ayatollah Sistani, and came across the section for vows (nazr), a topic that I don't usually need to focus on. But it seemed interesting, so I decided to read into it. From reading the laws regarding vows, it seems like taking a vow with Allah is pretty much for life unless you specifically set a time limit. So I was wondering, for example... A guy who has a habit of smoking (not necessarily addicted) has enough awareness of the harms of smoking and decides that enough is enough and swears to Allah that he will never smoke again. After some time, it proves really difficult for him to continue to commit to this vow, but he know that every time he needs to break the vow he would have to pay Kaffara. So now he regrets taking the vow, or at least regrets not setting more specific parameters at the beginning. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, is there any system for people to take back vows with Allah (as horrible as it sounds), or at the very least amend their original vow?
  4. alimr313

    Tell me something about you!

    Yep! I find it much easier to post those instead of having to describe my personality (which I'm not really good at). Those tests are pretty accurate! And then I can tell whether someone's like me easily!
  5. alimr313

    Tell me something about you!

    Salam! I am a Pakistani Khoja living in the States. I am a very reserved introvert, Myer's Briggs: INFJ, Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Enneagram: 6, and I am currently engaged in battle with the melting pot that is America to retain my identity and my religion. Dont have any hobbies that are worth mentioning and no talents that I know of as of yet. I really do love following International Politics though. My future is unknown at the moment, but I would very much like to go to Iran and study at the Hawza in my lifetime. I am a long time lurker here. I may have unpopular opinions, but please bear with me
  6. alimr313

    SERlOUSLY . . . Sick of :

    Shias who act very "Western", as in they swear profusely, act really promiscuously, do drugs, etc. It gives us all a bad name. It's not that I'm sick of them, I'm more frustrated with them and feel sad and betrayed that they chose this path. Especially Hijabi Shia girls for some reason I can't articulate without possibly sounding sexist. I don't mean to sound holier-than-thou because I'm for sure not. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who feels this way?
  7. alimr313

    Shortest possible way to do salat?

    I feel like the Qadha salat I have are a debt to Allah and I believe that any kind of debt should be repaid in full as soon as possible, in the Islamic sense and in the financial sense. Is this a wrong mentality to have? I do not want to have them hanging over me for a long time. Not only does it give me stress, I never know when I may die. Under normal circumstances I would read my Qadha salat in the way I do regular salat (i.e. slowly and carefully) but the amount of Qadha is so much that it would be a great burden to me, and from my understanding, Allah wouldn't want me to think of salat as a burden, even though I am at fault for making these salat Qadha.
  8. Salam, What is the shortest possible way to read salat, in case you have a lot (and I mean a lot) of Qadha to make up, or you have very limited time before the salat gets Qadha for any reason? I was thinking: Takbir Surah Fatiha+Short Surah Just 1 Subhanallah in Ruku (?) Qiyam Mutassil Just 1 Subhanallah in Sajdah (?) Skip Juloos Skip Qunoot entirely in 2nd rakat Tashahud Just 1 Tasbihat e Arba (?) in 3rd and 4th rakats Tashahud Only last part of Salam Is this correct?
  9. I'm not sure if there's already a thread for situations like these but I don't have time. My great-uncle just had a serious heart attack. If anybody would be so kind as to share a Dua or Salat of some sort to pray for his swift recovery. I can't seem to find one in the amount of time I have. Please and thanks.
  10. alimr313

    Why does US see Iran a threat to world peace?

    I agree with you @Christianlady. The USA and the UK have done awful things (and continue doing them), and I know Iran means well by protesting against them, but it shouldn't be done in this fashion. Just like how we shouldn't insult other religions' deities or religious figures, lest they insult Allah and our religious figures, Iranians shouldn't insult the countries as a whole (which it very much seems like to outsiders) because then Americans and Brits will feel hostile towards Iran. With this kind of protest, we are dividing, not uniting people against terrible, tyrannical, oppressive regimes. It gives good credence to the USA's and UK's demonization of Iran.
  11. alimr313

    Why does US see Iran a threat to world peace?

    My teacher just mentioned today that "knowledge coupled with wisdom is a very scary thing (for those who thrive upon the ignorance and inability to act of others)". He speaks the truth. For Imam Khomeini and Khamenai have vast amounts of knowledge, even knowledge of the unseen, and they practice it, and use that knowledge. And because of that, they are respected, and thats why the revolution was a success. If revolutions like that happened all around the world, all the rest of the tyrannical world powers would be toppled. They cannot let that happen. Which is why they demonize Iran and Imam Khamenai and Ahmadinejad.
  12. alimr313

    Were our souls created perfect?

    I heard from my teacher (very philosophical guy) that our souls were created by Allah long before our bodies were, and we each made a promise to Allah to serve Him (or something like that). First, are there any proofs of that in our ahadith? Second, I'll assume it's true, does that mean we were created perfect, and that's why we are referred to as the best of creation? When we were placed in our bodies, is it then when we were given free will and animalistic desires? Is it then when we were given diversity? Because the Hadith that talks about us needing to learn about our souls to know about Allah makes more sense. The ayat about Allah being closer to us than our jugular vein makes more sense. The goal of our life (according to Shia Islam) is "meeting" Allah, could this mean that all that we are doing is just trying to make our souls like when they are first created, because isn't that when we were nearest to Allah and "met" Him? I'm not sure if I'm making much sense, it sounds better in my head.
  13. Perhaps due to the sheer number of sins committed, one's faith is eroded to assume that of a mushrik's or kaffir's? By that time, maybe the person has placed his desires so much over Allah's that the person doesn't even believe in Allah anymore? This is pure conjecture. I'm hoping it was just a mistake in relaying the information, a error arisen from an innappropiately-concocted string of words.
  14. alimr313

    How High Can We Go?

    30 days until AP exam (If you don't know what that is, don't worry, you're not missing out)
  15. alimr313

    Meaning of life?

    True, but not only did he not reveal what he believes in, I don't want to lie. Plus I submitted an essay before talking all about my Islamic beliefs and so the two would end up contradictory. I want to give him just a little insight into Shia Islam. But that's okay, I guess this was too hard a question.