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  1. See, you didn't understand what I am saying. I don't believe in religious pluralism and I am not going to bother with explaining this to you because it is a waste of my time.
  2. I understand we have a obligation to the learn the basics and foundation of Islam but that's not the issue at hand. The issue is your claim that non -Muslim people must or have to search the truth that we hold to be Islam and your claim that it is fact. This is not true, people are not aware of nor compelled to seek the truth. Then how can you do dawah with people when you have an attitude that conceitedly says to the people "I don't care know about your beliefs but you must know about mine"? I don't think you would be received very well. It is an arrogant approach like Reza said. I am not saying that learning about different religions should be equal to learning about our religion, brother. Far from it. What I am getting at is the fact that you have no right to be dismissive of other faiths, especially at a time when people are growing more interested learning about Islam when they are bombarded with constant negative images about Muslims, Islam and the Middle East. You really need to be mindful about what you say to them,seriously. The last thing we need to be doing is driving away people who genuinely want to learn about Islam with arrogance and holding them by different standards. Being a born Muslim is a blessing and a great responsibility on your part, King. I converted, I wasn't born to Muslims but I tell you what, brother. If a Muslim behaved like way you did when I first became Muslim, I probably would be rethinking this decision. I don't think you understand or realise this but we can easily turn people away with our conduct and how we treat non-Muslims. I am glad to hear that you see value in inter-faith discussions and learning about various non-Muslim faith in terms of dawah and guidance but your approach to it absolutely sucks and you still have no idea what false equivalency is, sorry to say. If you still think I am confused, I don't know what to tell you. I tried, anything else I say would be a waste because you wouldn't understand me anyway.
  3. There is an obligation, no doubt, the obligation to either choose or reject the truth. Again, repeating what Reza said earlier, you are dealing with people who genuinely have no idea what they are rejecting or denying. Nor they are obligated accept it know about Islam and why would they if someone said "I don't need to know about your beliefs but you must know mine." This lack of tact and understanding is one of main reasons we have conflicts in the world. For a person who says that I am confused, you yourself seem pretty confused on the definition of equivalent fallacies, self-confidence and the importance and purpose of interfaith dialogues. I urge you to rethink about what you wrote here on this holy month.
  4. No that is only what you believe, brother. Your belief is not and never will be fact because it contradicts the Quran (2:256) There is no force for non-Muslims to seek out or accept Islam. This is a fact^
  5. Anybody else who is non-Muslim could say the same thing about us. Again, religious extremists say the same about us, we to have search for their "truth" when the truth is already with us. Besides it is helpful for learning about different communities and building interfaith dialogue between people like me and Reza said earlier. Then again for the Buddhist, Hindus, etc., "Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error" (2:256) There is no real duty for them to accept Islam. Allah is wise and most acquainted with us all.
  6. I would have to disagree with that statement because it contradicts the actual meaning of false equivalency. If I didn't bother to learn about Shia Islam, I would have been lost and never found SC. There would be no point whatsoever for me to seek the Jafari madhab because I would have been "contented"'with the "truth" I knew and afraid of being misguided by the Eternal Truth. Ignorance is evil, quite frankly. The statement above is a false equivalency^ ^I fail to see how this is a false equivalency. Interfaith discussions really do build bridges between communities and make one more understanding of others. I think you are taking a formal word and using it to sound more intelligent without understanding what it actually means.
  7. You're a basic member, basic members are now barred from the chat. When you have 25 posts,you'll be an advanced member and should be able to enter the chat again, bro.
  8. Not really, that's really irresponsible advice by the way and there is no proof that it actually works. Sidnaq is spiritually confused, not mentally ill, bro.
  9. Well, it was recorded during his NOI days, pretty aggressive in tone. A lot of these "Uncle Toms" he complains about are more remembered and talked about in school than he is. So clearly, they must have done something right. And the black supremacist ideology is as it sounds to me, nonsense like the white variety, Sidnaq. You would be better off watching Rajabali instead.
  10. Ah so I may ask where the confusion comes from? If you have avoided Sunni lectures for five years, why are you listening to them now? What were you doing last year with your threads about whether it is ok to listen to Sunnis. I am not trying to offend you in anyway whatsoever but there's a lot that I am failing to understand.
  11. You're welcome, but study until you are sure. It would be really foolish to jump into something that you are unsure. Why don't you take Islamic classes at a Shia mosque and learn about the Jafari madhab? From our discussions about your confusion and struggles, your problems are rooted in listening to Sunni speakers and not understanding Shia Islam like Qaim said. This isn't an accusation but I personally don't understand why you allow yourself to be this confused. Listening to Sunnis put me in a place that I decided was dangerously close to the Salafi/Wahhabi stuff. I'd hate to see you get mixed up with this stuff.
  12. Ah I see, but be careful with him as usual, sis. I don't really see him as a spiritual leader, his main thing was black rights which was a good thing but the way he did it was questionable. Just my opinion, I think he did more harm than good for the black people.
  13. You can be Shia and Sufi, but that's not what Allah wants from you. I don't know about Sunni Barelwi, but I know other Sunnis consider them misguided as well. I think before you decide on becoming either one, try actually study Shia Islam like reading books on the basics instead of get hung up and confused about lacking "spiritual happiness" . I considered joining a tariqa but decided against it after watching this: Whatever you do, there's no compulsion to be Shia, Sunni or Sufi because in the end we're all Muslims, sis but you should without a doubt strive for spiritual happiness through the truth. And the truth is with the Merciful who blessed Muhammad (saw) and His Household (as) Spiritual happiness by itself is vague, Sidnaq. It means different things to people, what does it mean for you? I wouldn't take this decision to be Sunni/Sufi very lightly. Think about it and maybe read some books on Al-Islam.org. Don't be scared, I am here for you.
  14. Humans in general? Everything. Malcolm X? He was a little bit milliant in his approach and did stroke the flames of racial tension, never really knew what Islam was about unfortunately. He may have repented of his previous views but the damage, from my perspective, was already done. Without him, there would have no Black Panthers or other various black power groups. Then read about him so you can see both sides of the man. Seeing strengths and weaknesses in someone who is not a masoom is not a sin, sis. Seeing only the strengths of someone is putting them on a pedestal, which you agree with me is wrong and willful ignorance. Willful ignorance should be considered a sin.
  15. Thanks for the warning, hopefully ACT doesn't show up at the Ocean State.
  16. Then you don't really know much about him if you don't think he is flawed.
  17. Nothing wrong with admiring him or listening to him, just understand that he is a flawed individual who is lionized and put on a pedestal which can skew your perspective of him as a man.
  18. He was racist towards white people in his NOI days, calling white people "blue eyed devils" and encouraging people in a speech to kill "whitey". This goes against the teachings of Islam, Sidnaq. Luckily,the Hajj made him realize the error of his ways.
  19. @sidnaq I am kind of iffy on Malcolm X,but I won't deny his influence on me. Learning about him opened the possibility of Islam for me but like Notme said, he was a work in progress. He was incredibly racist during his NOI days. @DigitalUmmah There's no evidence that I am aware of that's Malcolm was a Sufi and I have to disagree with Baradar Jackson, I don't think that Malcolm would have entertained the idea of WF nor do I do think that he would have been Shia.
  20. OP's mother should feel blessed that she has a daughter, instead of doing what was mentioned in the previous. We're here to support the OP, not shame or chastise her.
  21. Definitely,I would be interested in watching Arab\Iranian movies.
  22. I am sorry to hear that, Islands, I think that LCM gave you some good advice. Some people are just born miserable and don't like to see others succeed in living to the fullest. Don't internalize the hurtful things that your mother says and persist in making your own path. If she starts to threaten you again in order to grab your attention, remind her that it is Ramadan and she should be mindful of her akhlaq and speech towards you. If she insists and keeps it up, don't get riled up or confront her; She's merely trying to control you and getting you all emotional to make her feel better about herself. Instead show apathy to her when she criticizes or complain about you and your fiance. Apathy means that she no longer has no control over you. When she realizes that she is merely wasting her time in trying to upset you, insha'Allah, she will stop and rethink about how she treats you as an adult. I know that my advice is probably going to be very controversial to some, but all of this is easier said than done.
  23. Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ali Muhammadin wa ajjil faraja hum. Astaghfirillah.
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