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  1. I really like that, I would love to visit the National Museum in Riyadh.
  2. I was expecting an explosion to be honest. It did make an evil sounding hiss though. I don't know but I am almost certain that it is a decent amount and nothing to sneeze at. I wish I had come up with the idea first. I could really use some money.
  3. I can't explain but makes a lot of hissing noises. ^Watch at 4:54, warning has music in it but you can mute it like the way I do.
  4. Making money, every time someone clicks on his videos, he gets paid and the more videos he makes, the fatter the paycheck. Don't think of it as wasting food, he is doing us a favor, ever wondered what would happen if you cut a bottle of Coke with a thousand degree knife? That's the guy to watch. At least it prevents stupid people from doing it at home, in theory of course. Besides that pineapple probably had GMO's in it.
  5. I see, I'll need some time to think about I've read. It is quite interesting in my opinion. Makes sense to me.
  6. Because either option prevents the media from the vilification of our communities. Living separated from the rest of society is exactly what the media wants so they can rile people up about the "decay" of "Western/Christian/American, etc." It puts a big target on our backs, it gives the far-right an enemy and someone to blame for society's ills. This language is exactly what you don't want the media saying. People have been enough lies to fear "Sharia Zones ", they are afraid of them because the media tells them to be afraid. You have no idea what I see or hear about Muslims from my friends and family who are Christian or right wing. It's really scary and a ticking time bomb. I don't know how I can make it any clearer for you. Why do you think Europe has Pegida or Golden Dawn? Where do you think Britain First or the English Defence League popped up from? They are all opposed to the so-called "Islamification" of Europe. It's an big societal issue when the media which is more powerful than it has ever been, gives them a reason or justification to attack, spray paint and vandalize mosques, antagonize hijabis and burn Qurans as a political statement. If we are separate from society,we make ourselves easy pickings for these people. And if we remain isolationist, it sends a message of "Go ahead, we're not going to fight back" and then it will get worse from here. You might not agree with me, but you have to admit, these are all pretty valid concerns and that we are at a point where we cannot afford to isolate ourselves any longer. We have to speak out.
  7. This is what troubling me, bro: ^I hate to see this insular attitude amongst the Ummah.
  8. Thanks, that was very inspirational. I been feeling a bit down lately.
  9. This is why I am a bit wary of Sunni-Shia unity, it's best to just strive for harmony instead of unity. Other than that, I am sickened and saddened to hear about this. Okay, what to look for if I choose to go a Sunni mosque to pray. What is the difference between the traditional Sunni mosque and a Salafi mosque? By the way,this Sheikh Feiz fellow is the same guy who inspired the Boston Marathon bombers. Absolutely sickens me that he basically got away with it, now he is filling youth's heads with more trash. This "sheikh" should be rotting in a super maximum security prison instead of preaching.
  10. No, I mean in general and not just New Year's resolutions.
  11. I see, well I am sorry to say this but there are only two feasible options that I see. 1.) Intergration while keeping the deen,it will save a lot of heartache and frustration and 2.) Hijrah, although not everyone can go or willing to adapt to Iran, Lebanon, Iraq or Kuwait. Can't go to Qatar or Saudi Arabia obviously or really any Sunni majority country. Heck, I read a post saying that Western converts are not really wanted in the Middle East. If there's any truth to it, where will we go now? So that would just leave intergration and we can do it while remaining true to Islam. I really don't see separation working too well for us unfortunately @E.L King
  12. 1. Not to be an idiot and make new goals I can't fulfill 2. Make no new years resolution as they never get fulfilled, especially on Shiachat. 3.Be a better Muslim and more observant
  13. Why and how would isolation work I fail to see how it makes sense or how it would work out. Please explain it to me.
  14. No, not really but you should have mentioned that earlier in your comment to prevent people like me from misunderstanding you. It's common sense. If we want a decent life in the West, we must speak up and not let liberals or conservatives use us or oppress us. Does that make sense to you? You understand where I'm coming from with this? All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing, brother.
  15. So I guess we can forget about dawah and spreading the message of Islam; The only way you can accept the prophethood of Muhammad (saws), the wilayah of Ali (as) and the sacrifices of the Ahlulbayt (as) is to be born into it. No more reverts either, we can't be troubled by people who take the time to explore and accept our deen. No more speaking out against far-right clowns, Islamophobia and Zionist politicians and their policies. After all, we can't be bothered according to you. Isolation is the best policy, right. I'm sorry to say but I am offended by what you said. This is nothing more than a slap in the face to me as a revert. I might make a personal struggle to get rid of ignorant thinking like yours in the Ummah because I didn't convert to Judaism 2.0, I converted to Islam which rejects such nonsense like a chosen race and being born into religion through and through. Before you accuse me of twisting your words out of their context, reread what you wrote and understand what I wrote above is exactly how I perceived it. Wording is everything if you don't want to want to be misunderstood, brother. I'm very disappointed in you, that's all I can say.
  16. Harun Yahya is questionable to both traditional Sunnis and Shias, you'd be better off with Hamza Yusuf or Jonathan Brown but even then, you have to be very careful. What do you like about Sunni speakers and books exactly?
  17. Not all of them are useless but I agree with you a hundred and ten percent. We should be careful with them, how much of content is actually questionable in the "Sahih" books, how do we know that we're not reading Umayyad and Abbasid propaganda? @sidnaq What did I tell you about Sunni sources, sis? Please be extremely careful with them, especially since the recent rise of Salafis has essentially tainted and distorted Sunni sources.
  18. @ema Check out this video: ^ This might help you with your question, I found it very helpful and enlightening and it talks about your question as well.
  19. Salaam alaikum, Bakir, how are you doing? 

    1. Bakir


      Been terribly busy but I am on vacations now heheh. And you?

    2. Gaius I. Caesar

      Gaius I. Caesar

      Almost about to go to college. Miss talking to you, bro. Hope your vacation is a good one.

  20. That's weird as hell. Kind of reminds me of Mr. Bean or something.
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