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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I cant anymore. Let me be.

  2. My heart is breaking and I don't have the patience anymore. Whats the point anymore?

    1. Laayla


      Bismehe Ta3ala 

      Assalam Alikum sister 

      Insh'Allah after time has passed you are doing better.

      How is your mom feeling now?  I hope she is better.  Do you have access to turbat al Imam al Hussain 3la salam?

      M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah 

  3. Another bad day for her and I lost my faith. Let me be!

    1. Laayla


      Bismehe Ta3ala,

      Assalam Alikum sister

      Insh'Allah you are well and in good health.

      Are you okay sister?

      What's going on?  Are you bothered at something?

      Anything I can do to help make your situation better?

      M3 Salamah, FE AMIN Allah 

    2. LadyNadine


      Nothing anyone can do. I'm dealing with a lot. Mom is sick.

    3. Laayla


      Bismehe Ta3ala,

      Assalam Alikum dear sister.

      It must be very difficult, I can only imagine.  I know you are doing your best.  Take it one day at a time sister.  God give you strength and have mercy on your mother.

      M3 Salamah, Fe Amin Allah 

  4. I don't want to complain of how sad I am

    I don't want to complain of how lost I am

    I don't want to complain of insecured I am,

    because you would't care, you wouldn't change, you wouldn't listen.

    I don't want to complain of how I lost faith

    because it doesn't matter,

    not anymore....

  5. Some days are harder than others.

  6. Are you Really fasting???

    A few young men saw an old man eating a sandwich in a secluded place.

    They went near him and asked, "Mr, why aren't you fasting?"

    The old man replied, "What do you mean? I am fasting! I just eat and drink water."

    The young lads laughed and asked, "How can you fast in such a manner?"

    The old man replied, "Its simple, I don't lie, I don't abuse or slander anyone, I don't backbite, I don't hurt anybody, I am not jealous of anyone, I protect my eyes from watching haraam, I do my duties and fulfill my responsibilities honestly and I refrain from eating haraam. But because of a disease, I'm not allowed to refrain from food and water."

    The old man then asked the youth, "Are you fasting too?"

    With heads hanging down, one of them replied in a barely audible voice, "No, we just don't eat food."

    "Are we really fasting this Ramadan?"

    - Sh. Jehad Ismail

  7. I'm not going to pretend,

    I am who I am,

    I am not going to pretend,

    to be someone I am not.

    I am not going to pretend,

    that your opinion matter,

    because who I am is what I am,

    and who I am is what I like being.

  8. Looking for a job is hard. I will keep doing what I'm doing and study while I keep applying.

  9. Job interview tomorrow. Pray for me.

  10. I got a new laptop. Now I can be more active and work on fighting a job more.

    1. SeekingHeaven


      Nothing can be solved with violence :grin:

    2. Hameedeh


      @LadyNadine Typo? Finding not fighting. :) 

    3. LadyNadine


      Yes typo. Still trying to get used to it.

  11. Allah works in mysterious ways. Sometimes the people we meet in our lives are the people Allah send us to better ourselves. Al-ḥamdu li-llāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn 

  12. Love helping ppl with New Years resolution 

  13. Lower back is killing me. I guess that’s what I get for lifting too heavy. It was the wrong form

  14. I’m so done going to mosques and Islamic events. It is just pointless now. I’m done!

    1. starlight


      Pointless? How so?

    2. LadyNadine


      No one helping anyone in my community. I go to the mosque and I get looked at from head to toe. I get looks. No one will say hi to me. I feel judged all the time. When I ask for help on certain issues, no one takes me seriously. 

      I’m just done with the mosques, going to lectures. Everyone seem to know more than you do. Yet, they are being sinful for judging me and backbiting.

  15. Merry Christmas

    1. amr


      Merry Christmas

  16. Happy Christmas Eve

  17. Not completely back, but hey I got internet now.

  18. Moving day

    1. Hameedeh


      @LadyNadine Are you moving or this is another way to say exercising. :) 

    2. LadyNadine


      We moved to another home.

    3. Hameedeh


      @LadyNadine May Allah bless your new place, Sister. 

  19. I now know why I'm not married. LOL. Yea gonna stay single.

  20. I sell plexus on the side. It is a home business. It is a dietary supplements that helps the health. If anyone interested, pm me. There is a promotion going on for Canada/USA/New Zealand.


  21. Registered my first class.

    1. Hameedeh


      @LadyNadine Good luck, Sister! 

    2. A Muslim Artist

      A Muslim Artist

      I didn't know there was a dork class, but I'm pretty sure you'll do good


  22. Thinking of going back to school...

    1. Heavenly_Silk


      "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave" ~ Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.s). Best of luck in all your endeavours.

  23. I Hope your doing well.

    1. Hameedeh


      Thanks, Sis. I'm good. Hope you are well. :cuddle:

  24. Salam! Inshallah everything well.

    1. Hameedeh


      Salam, Sister. I'm good, alhamdulillah. How are you doing? Post in the Women's Club or send me a PM. I am praying for your dear mother. 

  25. Where are you brother? The project is lost?

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