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  1. The exact number of shias and sunnis in Lebanon is unknown and no one had never really agreed of who was the most numerous between shias and sunnis. If we count Syrian and Palestinian refugees so then yes sunnis are more but they are not Lebanese.
  2. What do you mean by "more open minded". You think being secular is similar to open minded?
  3. I never said that. I always found people who said "religion cause war" as stupid and uneducated. However there are really to much religious communities in Lebanon. At the end i feel like a more secular Lebanon would be maybe better. But maybe I am wrong and people could contradict me.
  4. Recently Lebanese president Michel aoun said that the country would probably become secular. Even if I am not fan of secularism I think it is probably a good thing for Lebanon because there are just too much communities and the actual system look to be litteraly bankrupt. Do you think that could be good for Shia Lebanese or even for hezbollah? I would be curious to have the opinion of Shia Lebanese.
  5. Yeah I know but they allow some sectarian cult like scientology for exemple or allow Christian cults where people do their offices with snakes, some don't do medicines so many dies because of that (even children), they even allow the most sectarian Islamic cults and so on.
  6. @iCenozoic I will maybe look harsh. But this is not because America allow every kind of religion that everyone must do that also.
  7. If you like bahais we could send them with pleasure in America.
  8. I don't criticize so much such "salafi wahabi regime" and when I do that it is not so much about their treatment of Shia Muslims. By the way I am not particularly for what you call "religious toleration" or at least not in the western sense.
  9. Islam (both sunni and Shia) is against complete freedom of religion and this is a good thing.
  10. Since when voltaire which was a kafir should be a source for Muslims?
  11. Khomeini never hide his intention to create an Islamic state. Some people didn't 100% understood what he meant by that but most were agree with it. There were also communists or nationalists groups but they were in minorities in comparison to Khomeini popularity. Your analysis of Islamic revolution is just completely wrong. As for political dissent I also completely disagree with you. There are different legal political groups in Iran but they must obey Islamic principles. It is logic that anti-Islamic groups can't be authorized. You talked about the life of the Prophet (saws) then did you forget what happened to those who commited blasphemy or commited unlawful acts against Islam?
  12. You will always find hypocrites and stupid people in every places and every times. If you refuse to apply religion because some people don't like that you will never apply religion then.
  13. Yeah I didn't want to say we must boycott Netflix. Maybe that should be the case I don't know but personnaly i would not go so far. I remember when I took Netflix account of some relatives there were many interesting and good programs (I remember they put many Chaplin movies for exemple). But I was also impressed of many garbages present in this channel. So boycott all Netflix I would not say that but many of their programs really have bad influence according to me and should be avoided.
  14. I don't know I just said that when I see all the garbages in such platform (which is very popular worldwide) I am not surprise to see that many people become irreligious. I remember reading not a long time ago that because GOT had many incest sex scenes there are also now reports that incestuous relations are now becoming more popular so such series really have some influences on people.
  15. I think in few years probably only Algeria and countries close to Iran (excepted Lebanon maybe when I read this article) will have open relations with Israel.
  16. I don't deny that. But there are also many programs with homosexuals, nudity, blasphemous contents, vulgarity etc.
  17. We live in world nowadays where everyone is connected. When everyone has access of anti-Islamic cultures like Netflix (just for quoting one of the most famous exemple) and such thing becoming culturally popular we must not be surprised that those who watch such things are becoming people very far from religion. As for Sweden I don't really know. I just read that was one of the most secular country in the world. So it is not surprising that Muslims here become very secularized.
  18. It looks like Lebanese president would also not be against making peace with Israel finally. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.france24.com/en/20200816-lebanon-president-hedges-over-eventual-peace-with-israel-in-interview
  19. Well that dépend in reality. There are now countries where farrights justify their hatred toward Muslims because of their hostilities toward homosexuals (it is the case in Netherlands).
  20. With this logic should we not removed turks from Anatolia for the Greeks? Should we not give American countries to native Americans and put back people of European descent in Europe?
  21. @Cherub786 in the name of what jews must have a state and not others? Also why in Palestine?
  22. The problem is that UAE is one of the most important trade partner of Iran.... With the actual situation you imagine what would happen if Iran decide to boycott them?
  23. Sorry indeed I was not clear enough. However I am asking myself if many gulf Arabs (even Muslims) would at the end not finish by accept the idea of normalizing relations with Israel.
  24. Quite ridiculous when we remember that turkey has diplomatic relations with Israel since years.
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