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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. We are not talking about wahabis but about Shia marjas.
  2. I was in fact sarcastic and talking about people coming from nowhere and saying in internet that they have probably more knowledges that some marjas who studed Islam all their lifes.
  3. The main problem of our time is the raising of ayatollah made in google.
  4. We could however think they do less mistakes than us.
  5. "I have sex even if I am not married does that make me a bad Muslim ?" Just woah just this sentence say a lot about this "show".
  6. I remember having read that a majority of young American Muslims were in favor of same sex marriage. So I don’t have so much hope anymore for American Muslims honnestly.
  7. Even if we don’t consider you as real Muslims at least we always have some similarities and common goals so we could always collaborate for some circumstances. In general you don’t need to be very similar with someone for being allied with him and achieve some works. Guardian is not at all a paper I take seriously and this is the kind of newspaper which love to do "buzz" and love to do "scandal" but publishing such works and again from my experience from Middle East I just can’t intellectually take seriously such non sense. Also alawites are not at all an homogenous group, some of them claim to be Shias while in the next villages some of them not at all. In general when we analyze their beliefs and their practices most Shias will hardly consider them as Shias or even Muslims. If many Shia armed groups came to Syria it is because the tiny Shia minority living here was threatened by radical groups and the holy shrines also and Assad was the only person who was not a danger for them and have also the force to take power so they don’t really have other choices. By the way there had been not only Shia foreign fighters who came to Syria. Many palestinians and Arab nationalist fighters (seculars or mainly Sunnis) came to Syria for fight with Assad but strangely we don’t hear so much about them. Now you are just speaking without proofs even the most anti assad opponents admit that most of his soldiers are Sunnis. In fact most "secular Sunnis" prefer Assad to the opposition and if you just see a little the composition of the government you would observe that most of the ministers are Sunnis.
  8. Well on principles I could agree with you but I prefer that when people murder 300 innocents they don't revendicate it in the name of my religion.
  9. I suspect that those who commit that are buddisht extremists and I have really difficulties to believe what the Sri Lankan government said about the suspect perpetrators. At least for the moment.
  10. As an iranian I would with a lot of pleasure encourage such things. But absolutely not now. Currently Iran face many social and economic problems and have a lot of difficulties to help all iranian citizens so this is not at all the moment to welcome other immigrants. If these problems are resolved I would be among the first ones to welcome non iranian Shias to do their hijras to Iran and help to build a better Islamic society.
  11. Didnt they have big divergences about the place religion must have with politics ?
  12. I don't like him and his family and I also think he is one of the most responsible of the actual chaos in Syria and I also don't like the ideology of his government (secular pan Arab government). However those in front of him are even worst and could be even dangerous for Shia Muslims so by default I support him without loving him at all in reality.
  13. What is the link between ismaili and Alawites brother? These two groups are very different. About the Alawites they are very misguided and their beliefs are wrong in many ways. It is really difficult to recognize them as Shia.
  14. If you have some interrested links about such research I would be very interrested.
  15. I watched a little more the video and I have two other points to say. 1) about the scholars saying that people who don’t follow the Imams (عليه السلام) are not real Muslims. Well YEAH THIS IS TRUE. If you don’t follow them according to Shia Muslim theology you don’t follow Allah and Prophet orders so you reject some parts of the religion so you are de facto not a real Muslim. However some "Sunni" Muslims are very ignorant about that so we can’t blame them. By the way we have a lot of similarities with "Sunni" Muslims so we could always collaborate even if their faith is not valid in many points and I think even ayatollah Khamenei don’t think differently of what I said. 2) about the "proofs" of tentative of changing demographics of Syria for changing Syria to a Sunni country to a Shia country. First it is good to remember that the sources used for that are some anti Iran stuffs (like guardian) or excuse me for the term very stupid medias (again like I said previously how could we seriously take breibart as a reliable source ? It is even worst when we remember that the persons who did these stupid propaganda video present themselves as good Muslims) so here there is already many suspicions to have toward such claimings. Secondly it is good to remember that alawites are not Shias according to most Shias so again it is nothing less that stupid to portray what is happening in Syria as a "Shia Sunni conflicts" when alawites are not even considered as Shias and most of syrian soldiers are Sunnis ! Thirdly "real Shias" in Syria are something like 0,5 or let say 1% of the population ! Seriously how do you expect that 0,5 % percent of a population become the majority of the population of a country ?? Even if we take millions of Shias that would never happened like that. Fourthly it is more anecdotical than anything alse but I lived a little to Lebanon close to Syria where I met some syrians and I even met during a conference a syrian which was part of anti-government group and had an important position on his group. Believe me or not but I asked him already at this time if that was true that such "demographic changes" really happen in Syria. Well again believe me or not but even if he was really anti-assad and anti-Iran he said that that was stupid and this is even the opposite which is happening (alawite regions becoming in majority Sunnis even if again we don’t really consider alawites as Shia Muslims). So this is for such reasons I really don’t take seriously at all such propaganda videos and I don’t really want to lose my time with such nonsense.
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