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  1. No because I know that the ignorants who know nothing about Islam or know Islam very superficially will not be punished but only those who know what Islam is and reject it will be punished for that.
  2. Do you know where we could find a list of all these recommandations?
  3. I know but what about non Muslim Arabs?
  4. If a non Muslim can't touch an Arabic Qur'an how is he supposed to read it?
  5. Well that shows at least that "freedom of exrpession"seems to have some limits everywhere even in some countries which criticize other for "human rights" reasons.
  6. alidu78

    Analysis Of Chechen Jihadi Groups In Syria

    It looks that in general chechens seemed to had always been hard warriors during their histories.
  7. They probably believe in nothing in particular.
  8. Thank you very much and sorry I didn't see it.
  9. I know very well that Muslim fighters are not supposed to kill civilians. However imagine that for exemple for liberate a city you have no other choice to bombe violently many part of the city and you know very well there are many civilians (Muslims or non muslims) among them what you will do?
  10. Salam aleykoum, I wanted to ask a question i wanted to ask since a long time about muslims who kill muslim civilians during a war. We read in the quran this verse : For those who kill a faithful intentionally, their punishment is hell wherein they shall ever abide and Divine wrath to boot and his curse andintense punishment is for them. surah 4: 93 So here i would like to know something. Let imagine that we are in a war against a country (muslim or non muslim whatever) and we perfectly know that there are muslims among the civilians or the soldiers of the ennemies and we know very well that if we do an offensive against them we will forcely killed some muslims (even some civilians unfortunately) do we must refrain to do an offensive according to these verse ? Or we must interpret these verse differently in these particular situation ?
  11. alidu78

    Conversion to Shi'ism

    I will inshallah let other people of this website give to you good books about such topics.
  12. alidu78

    Conversion to Shi'ism

    Allah loves Ahl hul bayts (as) and gave them many powers and abilities. It is a good thing to go to ziyarat and ask help from people that Allah blessed and gave huge powers and knowledges.
  13. @Ashvazdanghe if other Adams existed before prophet Adam (as) could we also have ancestors from humans who existed before Adam (as)?
  14. alidu78

    Conversion to Shi'ism

    Sorry I make a mistake. I wanted to say that yes imams (as) used Taqiya.
  15. alidu78

    Conversion to Shi'ism

    What an argument I am littéraly speechless.