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  1. shia toolkit, shia hadith, really just type in shia on your search bar and tons of apps appear
  2. Well i heard he espoused it early on but ultimately betrayed the ideology.
  3. Hey guys so what is islamic socialism. Wikipedia and other sources have said gaddafi was a supporter of it. If so how could islamic socialism be matched with shia islam?
  4. Allah and Iran

    1. muddassir


      I have a question regarding muttah. Please guide me where can i post my question..

      my chat is also not accesble.

  5. My relative has been diagnosed with leukemia masallah she heals and lives her life. Please make dua for her
  6. Salaam, I need dua. My grandfather (a christian) has been hurting for years. He has RA, pinched nerves, and a twisted spine, He hurts so badly and we found a new doctor who may be able to help. Pray for him, pray that his pain goes away and that his new doctor soon can heal him permanately.
  7. Thanks I heard from a few sources that the use of the chips made it gambling but then common sense kicked in and I decided to ask shia chat
  8. Salaam brothers and sisters, My family has a long history of playing poker type games without gambling for money. Peas or "chips" are used to make the game tangible but no real gambling occurs. Is this sinful? I viewed other sources and they have said no and I personally have never felt compelled to truly gamble after playing. Is it haram?
  9. Mass effect 3: Beast, great graphics and story Skyrim: Awesome great graphics, DRAGONS, story Minecraft bc why not
  10. Salaam sister, There is no need to kill yourself. Allah is the most merciful, and he will forgive you of everything but shirk. You have much to live for, even though your parents are controlling. Do not fret about not having friends, because someone there will recognize the great person under the hijab and will accept you for who you are. If your teachers discriminate against you, you must file a report to get the teachers reprimanded and possibly fired. Mashallah you pull through sister.
  11. This is such a fail. Right-wingers hate mexico so bad that they will make up a terror attack. Im surprised their havent been huge terror attacks from mexico because of the US treatment of Mexicans not from ISIS.
  12. The best way to help us is through your words, finances, etc. If you know someone who is anti-shia knock their arguments to the ground, if theres a charity going to send humanitarien aid to shias finance them through donations, and push your political leaders to aid oppressed people.
  13. If one of our shia borthers and sisters changed to sunni it was most likely for protection. Sunnis in the Middle eastern areas are not known for being the most peaceful when it comes to shias especially now with ISIS on the move.
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