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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam alaykum, I saw this latam recently and was wondering if anyone has Farsi and English words for it:
  2. Salam, A couple questions regarding the Dhuhr and Asr nawafil prayers... 1) Sayyid Sistani mentions the timing of the Dhuhr nawafil is “The Zuhr Nafilah is offered before Zuhr prayers. Its time is fromthe commencement of the time of Zuhr, up to the time when the shadow of indicatorequals 2/7th of its length. For example, if an indicator is 7 yards long, andthe shadow appearing after Zuhr reaches 2 yards, the Nafilah time would end.He should now offer Zuhr prayers.” Question: What is a simple way of knowing when the shadow of the indicator equals 2/7th of its length? Maybe a way to calculate it based on Asr timing? 2) Fajr, Dhuhr, and Asr nawafil are offered before their respective prayers. Question: Why is a mustahab prayer offered before a wajib prayer, given that the timing of the wajib prayer has already commenced? Don’t wajib prayers hold priority? Appreciate the help and insight! Wa’salam.
  3. Salam alaykum, I'm trying to find a store online that sells the cloak that the scholars/marjiya wear. Specially a black cloak, the summer version (transparent and not thick - I can show a picture example if it helps). Does anyone know a site online that sells this? Or a store that I can send money to and they can mail it? It would be sent to Texas, USA. Thanks and wa'salam.
  4. Salam all, I heard this dua recently and wanted to ensure I understood it correctly, can someone please translate it accurately into English? إلهي هذه صلاتي صليتها لا لحاجةٍ منك إليها، ولا رغبة منك فيها، إلا تعظيماً وطاعة وإجابةً لك إلى ما أمرتني به، إلهي إن كان فيها خللٌ أو نقصٌ من ركوعها أو سجودها فلا تؤاخذني، وتفضل علي بالقبول والغفران Thank you :) Wa'Salam
  5. (salam) I recently read 2 beautiful / sad quotes from Imam Ali (as) : "By the Lord of the Kaaba I have succeeded" - after being struck by Ibn Muljam "A flower nipped in the bud, it came from heaven, and it went to Heaven, and left its fragrance in my mind." - after the death of Fatima Al-Zahra (as) Can anyone point me to the source of theses quotes? I read a few places online that attribute the second one to Nahjul Balagha Sermon 200, but I didn't find it in that sermon. Also does anyone know the original Arabic text for the second one? (wasalam)
  6. Salam - check out: http://shiamasjid.com/books/Almanac/index.htm And go to page 515 for Eid Amal. The instructions for Eid prayer begins on page 517.
  7. Salam, I was watching a documentary on youtube and there was an Iranian latimiya I liked. It plays around 2:30: Does anyone know it? Can you send me a better video and maybe even a translation if possible? Thanks! Wa'Salam
  8. Yes it does account for the earth's roundness - qiblalocator is actually a great website to easily get the correct qibla location from anywhere.
  9. Salam, So I was looking around on qiblalocator.com and decided to look at all the Imam Masjids in Iraq and noticed that the Qibla direction is not perfect at a couple of them. I know the rule is you're allowed +/- 45 degrees from your left and right side, but I figured these Masjids should be perfect? I've attahced a few screens. In order: Masjid Imam Ali off quite a bit Masjid Kufa is good Imam Hussien and Abbas is good Kadhimiya is off Samarra is off slighty Any comments?
  10. Thank you very much dear brother, I really appreciate it! :) Wa'salam
  11. Salam, I recently heard a new qunoot while praying jam'aa. I looked for it online and think I found it: áÇ Çáå ÇáÇ Çááå ÇáÍáíã ÇáßÑíã áÇ Çáå ÇáÇ Çááå ÇáÚáí ÇáÚÙíã ÓÈÍÇä Çááå ÑÈ ÇáÓãæÇÊ ÇáÓÈÚ æÑÈ ÇáÇÑÖíä ÇáÓÈÚ æãÇÝíåä æãÇ Èíäåä æÑÈ ÇáÚÑÔ ÇáÚÙíã æÇáÍãÏ ááå ÑÈ ÇáÚÇáãíä Can someone please: 1) Let me know if this is an actual qunoot 2) My Arabic isn't great, so while I can read it I might be pronouncing a few of the words wrong. Does anyone know if there's an audio or video clip with it recited? I looked on youtube with no luck... Thanks! Wa'Salam
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