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  1. nobody has caused more harm to Islam and muslims than the Bani Umayyads and their cousins the wahabis...
  2. I don't believe it's as black and white as u're putting it... they are many christians that don't even believe that Jesus is God or son of God or anything like that... they are purely monotheistic... and jews are monotheistic in general... one should not judge others... leave the judging to Allah SWT Aur Apne Khuda se Khud Daro....kisi ki upar kafir nahin keh...sab ke faisle sirf Allah pe chor de.. leikain jis shaksh Musalmaan ya Masum Non Muslim ko katal karthey hain .. unkay upar Khuda ke Lanat hain.... is mein ko shak nahin hain... ye dekho ... pehle insaan toh banjao .. phir acha musalmaan banjayega.... ye bhi dekho ...
  3. Why don't you think you will be asked about your stance on Yazeed.... we are not talking about anyone here we are talking about someone who killed a member of the progeny of the Holy Prophet (S) ....someone in whose veins flowed the blood of the nabi (S)..... anyone who thinks Yazeed was anything but a fasiq and evil person is sorely mistaken... Loving the Imams (AS) means hating their enemies lanat on Yazeed the killer of Imam Hussain (AS) . and Lanat on ISIS and Nusra and Lanat on all the takfiri groups who follow the sunnah of Yazeed (la).. how can you not curse such a person ... who would dare to even raise a sword against the Prophet's grandson... They were and are wrong ... plain and simple..
  4. I saw a video recently of ISIS beheading people one after one ... the men being beheaded were from the sheitat tribe in Syria... and the POS beheading them were laughing and making jokes.. wallahi they were making jokes during the beheadings.... one of the men was crying and screaming and kicking his legs but they didn't stop even for one second... they were violently grabbing and pulling the heads before they were even fully severed... and they made sure to cut all their heads off entirely and hold them up to the camera..... it was absolutely revolting.. all these takfiri groups are the same though... there is another video of nusra thugs doing the same thing to a dying soldier... he was still alive but was bleeding from his neck so he was about to die anyway... that didn't stop them....wahabis are from the spawn of satan
  5. this is a nice lecture on the infallibility of both the imams and the prophets (AS)
  6. I wish I could like your post ..but for some reason it won't let me... i agree with everything you said about those POS...actually death is too good for them.. they are subhuman creatures... i saw a video ( I wish I hadn't) of those pigs beheading sunni muslims from the sheitat tribe in Syria ... they were making jokes and laughing while doing it... sickening
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXY7IovAohY This is an emotional appeal to those who have legitimatized shia killing in Pakistan... for what crime did these poor innocent children lose their fathers. and for those who even after watching this still agree with the killers... I ask you one question... how will you answer on the Day of Judgment to Allah (SWT) for this... You are in the same camp as Yazeed (la) who killed the blessed Imam Hussain (as) Apne Khuda Se Daro, Khuda ke Lanat se Daro ... Allahuma Salli Aala Muhammad Wa Aali Muhammad ... Mashallah very nice speech by Sanam Baloch on this issue....
  8. Hopefully the Houthis will be able to topple Mansour Hadi's corrupt government soon.. they have been oppressed by these tyrants for long enough
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