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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. http://www.maaref-foundation.com/english/library/quran/light/index_s.htm this website currently does not work( the one i am providing) but it used to give not only the explanation but also asbab al nusool (reasons of revelation) are there any other websites like this?
  2. Can anybody provide me a website with the explanation of each sura in the quran in different languages?
  3. a person who is born from a a lady who was not married to a man would be NOt of a legitimate birth. In other words a person born from fornication. what do you mean by give salat? lead prayer or just pray alone?
  4. so he does not necessary have to be a mullah or an islamic scholor right?
  5. Another question. For a person to lead salat, does he have to be a scolor or a mula ?
  6. I have always prayed 4 raka in dhuhur friday prayer in my country. When i travelled to another country it seems that they prayed dhuhur 2 raka! then they pray asr 4 raka. Why do they pray it 2 raka?
  7. what other parts of the salat do you say out loud (of asr and thuhur) other than bismillah? that is when leading the salat
  8. but on friday , the leader recites the quran loud...
  9. I wanted to know if a person will lead salat for example for maghrab and isha together, should it be said loud? and what if the isha is prayed before its time could it be said loud? does this apply when you pray it alone and when leading a prayer in a same way? I have read some of sistany and khamenai rules on leading salat, but it does not say anything about leading salat of a combined prayer.Can anyone please clarify this? And how many people does it take to form a group prayer (minimum)?
  10. Shaikh Muhammad Abu Zahrah in his book "al-Imam al-Sadiq", p27 Malik (the other Sunni Imam) said: "I used to come to Ja'far Ibn Muhammad and went to him for a long time. Whenever I visited him, I found him praying, fasting, or reading the Quran. Whenever he reported a statement of the Messenger of God, he was with ablution. He was a distinguished worshipper who was unconcerned with the material world. He was of the God fearing people." Sunni reference: Shaikh Muhammad Abu Zahrah in his book "al-Imam al-Sadiq", p66 I want to understand how come if imam malik saw imam jafar(as) pray, why di
  11. I have searched alot and i couldnt find a hadith on keeping a beard. Can anybody provide me with a hadith of the prophet on keeping a beard?
  12. What does the green, red and yellow colour in muharram (flags, head bands etc) indicate, meaning what do they mean. eg black is saddness
  13. the tite says it. khamenei. Just every thing
  14. I thought you had to be a mullah to lead prayer. then why is it when i go to some masajids people are all praying alone?? And what about saying aloud or quite??
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