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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I work as a professional tutor, so if anyone is stuck on a question or two, you can post here. If you have something really long, I can offer help for a fee. I've sent detailed homework solutions to my students via kik before, and i can also help with online homework in Psychology, Algebra, Physics, English, and Chemistry.
  2. I live in the US and it is not like that at all! I literally don't know anyone armed. School shootings are very rare; that's why they make headlines. And I am not sure what the problems with Mexicans are; sure, many of them are illegal, but once you get to know them, they are generally nice and hardworking people. And you may even be identified as a Mexican or Hispanic by some people, so no point in hating on them. The income opportunities here are awesome and you can have a big home at a low price. Pakistanis here have much more respect than they do in England. In England, it seems that the majority of families are working class Punjabi/Mirpuri people and they have brought those type of customs with them (i.e., one always hears about forced marriages, low education rates, etc) in the UK Pakistani community. However, in the US, the immigration policies are much more strict, so the Pakistanis here are generally more educated and respected by the mainstream society. For example, people generally assume my father is a physician just because he is Pakistani. The main negatives here are that the public transportation sucks so you will spend a lot of time in your car, and there are minimal welfare type services. I have never experienced anti-Muslim sentiment here; we are only 1% of the population so many people are not even familiar with Islam.
  3. Dude...do you think the Ruler of the World is really so cruel to discard the sincere prayers of all these people He created just on the basis of their arm position?? I hope God is more merciful than that.
  4. if the guy cares so much about a 9 year old kid (literally, like, a fourth grader), why doesn't he just give her money instead of offering to have sex with her? :mellow:
  5. Honestly, you seem like a total narcissist. You are marrying these girls for your sexual pleasure, and then ditching them when you feel like. You conveniently bring up Islam or some "personality flaws" in the girl as an excuse to dump them whenever you feel like it. If your mom's opinion is so important to you, and these girls are not worthy of marriage, then don't emotionally mess with them in the first place. I feel bad for this girl; she changed herself so much for you, desperately seeking your approval, but all you see is someone to screw and dispose of. Please break up with her because she does not deserve to suffer with a selfish guy like you. You should just go and marry a super religious girl your mom approves of to show the world. Just don't come back here and complain that you don't have sexual compatibility or that she doesn't love you.
  6. It is hard to define romance, but I can give some examples of things I find romantic: -bringing me lunch at work -holding my hand randomly -giving me his jacket when he sees that i'm cold -helping me out of the blue, for example, making my graphs for assignments or updating my resume -picking me up during a hug -being cool with me having my own life and going out with my sister and girlfriends -always waiting until the train comes before kissing my forehead goodbye -him taking interests in my interests and learning about them just because they are associated with me I think married guys can totally do all these things. However, Islamic marriages do sometimes lack romance just because of the way they start. The slow buildup of friendship based on shared interests is considered haram. So, basically, guys go for illicit sex (like hookers, or having one night stands) since it does not affect their reputation. Even if they go for a proper Islamic marriage (meet the girl once, send proposal), it is not that romantic because instead of having a getting to know period, you basically have a nikah, and then you are sleeping together the next night. It is encouraged to consummate the marriage before the walima, and going from being from basically no contact with males to full devirginization in one night is almost traumatic, no matter how nice the guy is. I really don't like the Western culture of hi/hello/let's get drunk and hookup....nor am I a fan of oh she's nice and wears a hijab/send rishta/nikah/sleeping together.
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